the sticker report


Sticker use is at an all-time high here at home tome headquarters. This is good news for sticker manufacturers and those who hold futures in adhesives. All indications point toward a steady rise in profits as we round out the fourth quarter and head into the new year. While this industry can be a bit “sticky,” reports indicate that record-breaking amounts of disposable income have been spent on sticker sheets, especially at one particular Dollar Store in one specific suburb north of NY City. As sales promise to be strong in this market, here is what you can expect throughout this holiday season:

Stickers, stickers everywhere,
Stickers on the wall, stickers in your hair.

Stickers ripped in half,

Now there’s a sticker on your calf.

Doesn’t matter if they’re right-side up,

As long as they’re not in your coffee cup.

They’re on, they’re off, they’re on again,

Stick them on the shirt of a friend.

Up and down your arm like a full-sleeve tattoo,

Lots of fun and fine motor skills, too.

When the sticker page is done, put it in the trash bin,

As long as there are more sheets, everyone wins.


Here is our little guy (23 months today) focusing on the serious business of stickers with his new BFF, Laura:

stickers in action

Why sleep? Why eat? Why put on a jacket and go outside if you could instead do this? If you haven’t invested in the sticker market yet, I suggest that now is the time to jump in!

Do you know any toddlers who are similarly stuck on this activity? Hey, at least it’s easy to know what to stuff in the stocking…If you have any other gift suggestions for kids around 2 years old please leave a comment!

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