gingerbread on a shelf

Hallmark Tis the Season ornamentsource: Hallmark

We don’t have that little elf on the shelf yet, but don’t feel bad for us, because we have… GINGERBREAD. My aunt sent this Hallmark keepsake ornament called “’tis the seasoning” and it has certainly caught our toddler’s imagination. As soon as we opened the box, he started feeding the cookie the milk, complete with slurping sounds. Turns out this was just the beginning…

It wasn’t long before Gingerbread was up on our son’s bookshelf. It may look as if he’s waiting in an annoying line behind an overzealous zebra and two eager astronauts for that bottle of milk (hey, it’s his milk, you guys) but according to our son, this was in fact “A Party!”

hallmark tis the season ornament 1 Here’s his ride:

hallmark tis the season ornament 2His slide:

hallmark tis the season ornament 3

And, finally, who doesn’t love plastic cauliflower? Lightly sauteed, of course:

hallmark tis the season ornament 4

What I like about Gingerbread is that he’s a pretty easy-going guy: just look at that smile. And he’s obviously too busy chugging his milk to keep tabs on anyone or report back to Santa.

In fact, Gingerbread is having so much fun all over our house, I don’t have the heart to hang him up on the tree quite yet…Do you or your kids have any favorite ornaments this year? Leave a comment below.


Thank you Aunt Margaret – sending you our love (and cookies) across many states!

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