a day in the life: today’s checklist

libraryA Checklist:

  • wake up to discover that you didn’t clean out milk bottle from last night, check
  • make the mistake of sniffing it to see how nasty it smells, check
  • scrub it with all your strength and the hottest water you can stand, check
  • discover that a local website has published your love letter to the local library, check
  • leave child singing and chatting to himself in his crib way too long while sharing piece on twitter and facebook, check
  • choose a sweater that is extremely wrinkly and hope that it will magically flatten out on its own throughout the day, check
  • while making toast with the new bread you got last night, teach child the word pumpernickle and wonder why he doesn’t think it’s as funny as you do, check
  • run out to warm up your car, but only notice that dial was set to ‘AC’ instead of ‘heat’ once you come back out 10 minutes later, check
  • rush to music class to sing, shake booty and bang on instruments, check
  • watch your child develop insta-crush on an adorable “older woman” wearing a sparkly shirt and fast forward in your mind to high school with a pang, check
  • get several pieces of pepper stuck in teeth while at lunch with besties, check
  • get latte at your favorite local coffee place and take joy in the personalization, check

art cafe latte

  • visit the library referenced in your piece about libraries and don’t correct son when he thinks that the computer mouse is a telephone because it’s just too entertaining, check
  • take a picture, check
  • make this checklist during naptime and therefore seriously doubt you’ll get around to making that butternut soup you got all the ingredients for, check


Hope you’re having a great day too –  Thanks to Nyack News and Views for posting this piece and thanks to the Nyack Library for providing such fun…


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