our house, embroidered

house embroidered by Stephanie K. Clark

Imagine your house. Imagine your house embroidered. As in: depicted in a piece of embroidery.

This is what we did when we discovered the work of Stephanie K. Clark, an amazing artist based in Utah who, among other things, “paints with thread.”

We sent her a photo of our house and basically “commissioned” this piece of art. (And yes, it makes me feel fancy to say that we “commissioned” something. In fact, I might start over-using this term. As in, “Last night, we commissioned a pepperoni pizza.” How about, “I’d like to commission a skim latte?” Okay, maybe not…)

house embroidered by Stephanie K. Clark 2

Seriously, seeing our house in her handwork has been a true honor. Visitors to our home stop in front of it in awe. As in, “Hey! That’s your house, wow!” (Lean in closer.) “Wow.”

Our son, now 2 years old, gestures toward it in the front hall, and says, proudly to us, or friends, or to himself (or to no one in particular), “That’s our house.”

Here is a close-up: look at the detail, the use of color. It really is like a painting. One of my favorite aspects is how the windows are actually cut out.

house embroidered by Stephanie K. Clark 3

In describing her work, she says:

My work blurs the lines between fine art and craft. I’d like to think I can reclaim the word “craft” which  contains the idea of an unusual frame of knowledge and skill passed on from generation to generation.  My art is what I make, my craft is the skills I have learned in order to make it brilliant. The use of craft such as embroidery fits my concept of domesticity, therefore my process and material becomes involved in the concept of my work.  The idea of using embroidery permeates the feelings of my grandma’s home and the embroidery skills she has passed down to me.  With that, I use embroidery to create the domestic feel to tell the story of life in the home and family.

Here are some more of her wonderful dwelling pieces:

skc 2skc 3skc 4skc 5


Check out more of her work on her website…http://stephart.blogspot.com/

Thank you Stephanie!

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  1. What a awesome idea and so clever! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to check out her website straight away!

    • there is just something about this, isn’t there? My parents had a hand-painted ornament of their house…and I think it is a wonderful thing – Hope you are well!

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