ugh, pregnancy heartburn: 8 alternative terms


Sometimes my husband and I talk about having a second child. Then I remember: Pregnancy. This, in turn, leads me to remember, among other physical discomforts: Heartburn.

I had a bad case of this when I was pregnant with my son. Of course, “heartburn” is the perfect descriptor for that burning sensation in your chest. Still, I spent about ten months or so coming up with other ways to describe this particular pain…so if you are similarly afflicted and want to change it up between rounds of complaining, I present the following:

  1. There’s a Sparkler in my Throat
  2. HELP I’m Choking on a Serrated Knife
  3. Digestion in Reverse, Now With Flames!
  4. Candle Chest
  5. Desperately Seeking Snow Cone
  6. I’m Carrying a Fire-Breathing Dragonchild
  7. Sweet Jesus, this Saliva Stings
  8. Esophagus of Eternal Pain

Did you/do you have pregnancy-induced heart burn? Did you feel like you were going to vomit lava? I got some relief from drinking milk (which I otherwise hate to drink) and good ol’ TUMS (which I tried to limit for fear they were poisoning my child… but I was paranoid that way.) Did any remedies work for you?

CONTEST: Would you like to submit your own pet name for preggo heartburn? The best submissions from comment section below and my blog facebook page will win an excellent mushroom-themed PRIZE, no kidding. (Contest closes 8am 6/20/15)

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pregnancy humor heartburn

16 replies

  1. Ugh, yes, I had this too. Hated having to sit up to sleep and I was also nervous about taking the prescription my doctor said was safe to take. I called it Backup City.

  2. Haha. Had pretty bad heartburn with my first and am now 33 weeks along with my 2nd. I am burning from the inside out most of the time. On particularly bad heartburn days I refer to it as The Hellfire.

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