potty training checklist

potty training checklist

Our child is 2.5. He is able and willing to go both #1 and #2 on the potty. He can tell us when he has to go potty. In fact he likes to go #2 in public restrooms (?!). Truth told, thanks to our amazing babysitter, he has been in this state for a good eight months.

And yet, he is not potty trained.

This is mostly because his mother and father just weren’t ready. Call us naive, call us lazy, call us sentimental. (Sentimental about diapers? Yes. About the changing table? Sure.)

But we’ve finally decided to step up to the plate. We’ve decided to try and hit this potty training ball over the fence. We are planning to go big later this week with The Big Potty Training Sit-in. (Unless, of course, we chicken out.)

big boy undies

We’ve been told by people from the other side of this situation that we shouldn’t leave the house, that if we do this right and he truly is ready, we can get the job done in two or three days. We’ve been told to expect a mess and a few accidents. So here’s what we’ve got in place, or we will soon:

  • Tiny potty
  • Potty seat to place on top of regular sized toilet so that child does not fall in.
  • 850 pairs of “big boy” undies featuring helicopters, airplanes, and other exciting forms of transportation.
  • Sticker Chart
  • Stickers for sticker chart. Dinosaurs, obviously.
  • Prizes (books) for the end of each row.
  • Ambivalence: Bribery is weird / Bribery works. Maybe let’s just call these prizes “incentives”…
  • Toddler-centric books and videos celebrating potties, toilet paper, and the like.
  • Patience.
  • Confidence. (Well, we don’t have this yet, but we’re working on it.)
  • Sense of humor (We have a whole house of white furniture. HAHAHAHAHA!)
  • Trillions of at-home activities for toddlers to entertain us during sit-in.
  • Invitations for friends to come visit (PLEASE?)
  • Edible provisions.
  • Tarp, in case of accidents.
  • Galoshes, for the same reason.

So what else do we need? Please advise!


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9 replies

    • ha! well, you can never be too prepared 😉 – Actually we have 11 I and just ordered 7 more pairs (Thomas the Tank Engine) just. in. case. 🙂 Hope you are well!

  1. You seem pretty well prepared. Put a waterproof cover on the couch under a kid-friendly blanket, for sure. Also, if a Skittle or an M&M or a marshmallow or a crappy plastic toy from the dollar rack at Target is more compelling incentive than a book at any point in time…GO FOR IT. You can make up for it later. Good luck! You got this!

    • Ha ha! Yes, we may have to up the ante at some point…As in Hey Husband, I need to head out to Target for some more potty training incentives…you stay here in case there’s any potty action. (*gone for 4 hours) hee hee. Good suggestion for our poor poor couch. This couch doesn’t know what he’s in for…;)

    • Ah yes, Febreeze, will put that on Le List. Yeah, I need to get a bag o candy on deck in case this ship starts to sink – As in, I’m drowning! In pee! Here’s some cand-ee!

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