10.5 things I’ve learned this year: a birthday post


Well, here we go again: another year down, and hopefully a lot more to go. As I sneak up on my next birthday, I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ve actually gotten any wiser this year…and the answer is that, yes, I have definitely grown as a person. [And I’m not just referring to my waistline.]

Anyway, here are some things I’ve learned:

1. Relinquishing some control is essential (and inevitable) as a parent, and maybe as a human. Which is the fancy way of saying, yes, yes my child, you can wear that shirt with those pants. Yes, yes, you can eat that salsa with your spoon (?) instead of a chip. Yes, yes, my child, I understand that you don’t think you have to go to the bathroom before we embark on this long car trip but will you please try? Please?

2. Three-year-olds are funny. Funny ha-ha and also Funny-I’m-gonna-file-this-away-and-laugh-about-it-in-8-years.

3. I discovered there is something called memes like the one below. And I am trying to practice what I preach in this one.

Perfect meme

4. I learned that I can’t keep the gray at bay. Well, I could but…[here is an essay I wrote about this.]

5. Pizza gives me puffy Carb Face. (Shout out to my girl Tempeh for introducing me to the extremely useful term ‘Carb Face’ this year.) But Pizza Margherita with lots of fresh basil from our local place is WORTH IT.

6. I have a lot of great mommy friends, writing friends, and old friends who are helping me laugh my way through all this. You know who you are. Not to mention a kind family. You know who you are. And a cool husband who gets gets funnier and even more supportive every year we’re together. You know who you are.

7. The ^ above adds up to a community I feel lucky to have.

8. There are worse addictions than striped socks. Even if you’re wearing other clashing stripes, and so are all members of your little nuclear family. Stripes.


9. The opportunity to work with kids and witness them become more and more of themselves is a joy and an honor and one that never ceases to amaze.

10. And finally, change is good. But so is consistency. And these two opposing concepts often conspire to create…insomnia. Womp wommmp. [Pouring another cup of coffee right now.]

10.5 Squirrels can’t be trusted. In truth, I have known this for a while, but it has been re-confirmed this year.


So here’s to more change and more consistency and more pizza…while wearing striped socks. Squirrels not invited.

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4 replies

  1. Mannn, just had carb face this morning, wonder women bubble eye glasses come our of fridge, (cool mommy) says 6 yr old. Dunk face in ice cold water in tiny sink. Pray swelling goes down to no avail. Hot shower for some relief. I swear never to eat pizza again, until our next pizza night♡
    Love the white cake, did you make it?
    Happiest of birthday wishes to an old and dear friend! WW

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