carousel bwAre we having fun yet?


(And by “frequently” I mean “every once in a while” and by “every once in a while” I mean maybe “once”…but hey, keep those questions coming.)

Um, what’s with the mushrooms? The first year we moved from New York City to the ‘burbs, mushrooms sprouted up on our lawn and our neighbor’s lawns with delightful regularity. Mushrooms have come to signify creativity to me, as if unexpected, unique ideas are popping up everywhere. Now I see every blog post, every Aha! moment, every spontaneous DIY and funny thing our kid says as [insert swelling orchestral music]…a mushrooming of PURE MAGIC. When I started knocking on neighbors’ doors and asking if I could take a photo of their mushrooms, yes, I knew I had a problem. Exhibits A-F:

Mushroom collageNo mushrooms were harmed in this photo shoot.

Why “tome”? Well, it’s such a lofty word, and I get a thrill pretending that this little slice of the internet is actually a large, scholarly volume. Besides, it rhymes so well with…home.

Rumor has it you’re a figure skating coach and you were once a competitor. Can you confirm this? Yes, I am lucky to have a part-time career I love: it is great to work with kids. This was the focus of my first blog, Current Skate of Mind and the subject of an essay that appeared on Slate during the Winter Olympic Games: Cold Reality.

Have you ever written an Amazon Bestseller by any chance? As a matter of fact, I have. My humor book, Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness, is over-flowing with “””excellent””” advice. (Note extra quotes.) It has changed many lives, some of them for the better. Forget plants – this is the best house warming gift you could ever possibly give: who doesn’t need a laugh about the biggest, scariest, craziest financial decision of their lives?

Is this the life you envisioned for yourself the day you hitched your wagon to the handsome, creative, hilarious star that is Rob Strati? Yes, only it’s even better.

Ah, leaner times, when the waistline was tight, I had time to write, and all of life’s decisions seemed so…black and white.

Do you have any other writing accolades you’d like to mention? I was hoping you’d ask that. My humor and other writing has appeared on:

Should readers feel free to call themselves fans? Oh yes. And also groupies. And also: the coolest humans on Planet Earth.

Should your readers/fans feel free to contact you? You bet. Please get in touch if you’d like to tell me how to parent my child, offer lucrative partnership opportunities, or provide any secrets to alleviating the psychological weight of a 30 year 25 year mortgage.

And finally, if this website doesn’t fully scratch your home tome itch you can follow me on:



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