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the home tome

Home-n-humor from Nyack, NY. Owning a home is terrifying and exhilarating: best to laugh to keep from crying.

leaf removal 101

Well, it’s late fall and here in the Northeast that means everything is a complete mess. Isn’t it a bit disrespectful the way the trees just let their leaves fall to the ground for others to pick up? I, for one, was taught to not drop my clothes all over […]

soup solves everything

Has life got you down? Has the impending gloom of winter taken the “spring” out of your step? I would like to hereby suggest that you have some soup. Did the Dow Jones just plummet and with it, all your hopes and dreams for the future? (Namely, retiring by the […]

hats off to bye bye brooklyn

Look what we got from a fellow blogger! Last May, I discovered an excellent blog called, Bye Bye brooklyn, written by Brooklynites Leena and Bradley, who bought a 130 year old house in rural Pennsylvania. They are in the process of fixing it up themselves and documenting it every step […]

Snowy Halloween in Nyack

Gather ’round and I’ll tell ye a terrifying Halloween tale… The sun was shining and the leaves were still on the trees, sporting their Autumnal shades of red, yellow and mostly green. Suddenly, snow began to fall from the sky at an alarming speed. These were big, boulder-sized flakes. With […]

mushrooms around town

In case I haven’t already convinced you that the Nyack area is a hotbed of mushroom activity (shroomtivity?) (sorry), I hereby present you with more evidence. For example, this outcropping, above, appears every so often on the ugly stump in our front yard. Of course, they’re not lemons and this […]

thrift store score: nice jug

I recently promised myself that every time I passed by a thrift store I would go inside and quickly scan for treasures. (After all, how else am I going to get my 15 minutes of fame on Antiques Road Show?) I also recently promised myself that I would not become […]

fall-oween decorations

I’d like to take this moment to congratulate the citizens of Nyack on their excellent Fall/Halloween = Fall-oween decorations. I am truly inspired by what I have seen while driving around town, especially at night – we’re talking glow in the dark eyeballs, twinkling orange lights, lots of tombstones (some […]

mushrooms. are. weird.

Since The Home Tome went live last April, I have been trying to figure out my fascination with mushrooms. All I have been able to come up with is the fact that I am drawn to how weird they are. Quirky. Strange. Odd. Cute. But mostly: weird. For example, these […]