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the home tome

Home-n-humor from Nyack, NY. Owning a home is terrifying and exhilarating: best to laugh to keep from crying.

guide to garbage picking

There is no shame in garbage picking. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture are items I plucked straight off the street on garbage day. For example, I recently picked up a great yellow table in Tarrytown, NY. And years ago, […]

happy b-day America

Well, U S of A, we didn’t bake you a cake or sing you a song, but we engaged in many other activities in your honor this weekend. First of all, we purchased round flags (actually, lanterns) at the local dollar store and hung them from our pergola. Next, we […]

a place called cape cod…

Recently, the staff here at the home tome experienced an odd and somewhat rare phenomenon called a vacation (pronounced vay-kay-shun). If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s an interesting way of spending a few days away from home and involves all kinds of bizarre activities. The result is an […]

memo to the ants in our mailbox:

to: ants from: jocelyn and rob This is just to let you know that tampering with other people’s mail is a federal offense. It is a crime to walk, dance, or hold raves on mail intended for anyone but yourself. It is furthermore uncool for you to sneak into other […]

three cheers for chia

First it was our friend Ed, when we visited the Dorseys in Puerto Rico. Then it was another friend, Omar. Both of them were raving about these chia seeds. As in: ch-ch-ch-chia, the very same seeds that grow such lovely green fur on Chia Pets. Apparently, these tiny seeds are […]

found: little yellow table

We were recently on our way to Sunday brunch at The Castle. Yes, the Castle – how pretentious does that sound? I’m talking about Castle on the Hudson, a hotel and restaurant located in nearby Tarrytown. Its medieval-style tower can be seen up on the hill while crossing the Tappan […]

spookiest seedpods. ever.

(Images courtesy of the super talented Sara Weiss.) So there we were – taking a lovely Sunday stroll along the picturesque Nyack Beach, showing our Brooklyn friends Josie and Steve that the suburbs aren’t so scary after all. (More accurately, we were proving this to ourselves long after it was […]

what’s in a gnome?

Did I fib when I recently claimed that our new mushroom would be our only lawn ornament? Apparently. (I just purchased/adopted the garden gnome pictured above in the seasonal aisle of the local Rite Aid while picking up contact lens solution. How could I resist? He’s obviously a skilled mushroom […]

lily of the valley

I am not really superstitious (lie) but there have been many signs that my husband and I were meant to buy our house. For example: the slate entryway identical to the one in my childhood home in Wisconsin, all the white walls like our apartment in SoBro, and the slammin’ […]


Thank you to my husband: his collaboration with Betty Crocker resulted in the above magnificence. And thank you to WordPress: freshly pressing my couch riff resulted in my highest site hits ever…on my birthday. Smiley face.

Jaded: a botanical thriller

Shannon and Jocelyn meet. Jocelyn admires Shannon’s magnificent and wonderfully-lopsided jade plant. Shannon announces that she is moving away from Nyack, all the way to Colorado. Jocelyn is disappointed, since they only just met. Shannon kindly offers to leave her jade plant behind in Jocelyn’s care. Jocelyn is thrilled, but […]

jewelry trunk show

One of the things I love about living in Nyack is meeting interesting, multi-faceted people. One of those people is Sara Weiss: a talented writer, teacher, yoga instructor and….(drum roll) a fabulous jewelry designer. What’s great about Sara’s pieces is that they are both delicate and bold and she uses […]

egg on yard

What should you do if you find a perfect little egg in your yard the day before Easter? Marvel at the wonders of the natural world. Decide it looks a little too perfect to be real and assume it had to have been manufactured in a factory. Perhaps it blew […]