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the home tome

Home-n-humor from Nyack, NY. Owning a home is terrifying and exhilarating: best to laugh to keep from crying.

Art Café

Ten good reasons to leave the house…and head to Nyack’s Art Café: 1.Because they recently expanded by taking over the space next door, so you no longer have to sit on a stranger’s lap in order to eat one of their excellent salads. 2. Because many of the menu items […]

cracking up

Oops: I guess you’re supposed to bring these kinds of flower pots inside for the winter. Sadly, we have three others in a similar state. Science has never been my forte, but I presume this has something to do with freezing/melting/expansion. Home-ownership certainly does have a learning curve.

march of the worms

There was a crazy storm last night including, but not limited to: thunder, lightning, and boatloads of rain. Today, the driveway is covered with more worms than I’ve ever seen congregating in one place. I am wondering if this is a displacement situation and if so, should I escort them […]

video: real banana muffins

Nothing saddens me more than a fake banana muffin. Why must they insult these baked goods by injecting them with so much artificial flavoring, when the real fruit makes them so much better? Whatever “their” reasons, I stopped buying this breakfast treat long ago and decided to take matters into […]

our library / book nook

It seems pretentious to call this Our Library (and especially obnoxious when pronounced with a British accent whilst wearing an ascot) but some things just can’t be resisted. Actually, Rob and I referred to this part of our living room as The Book Nook until we realized we had to […]

spring is sprung

Since this is the first Spring in our house, it has been exciting to see what perennials have been lurking underground all season. I know next to nothing about gardening or lawn care, but I’ve heard that the best thing you can do for your plants is talk to them. […]