The Best Crepe Makers 2022: Best Pans For Your Crepes

What pan is the best for crêpes? With so many crepe makers out there, knowing which to go for can be a bit confusing. A crepe pan is needed for you to create beautiful crepes and if you are looking for a more professional crepe maker in terms of power and style, you do need a guide on the features you should look out for.

Especially with so ma many crepe makers in the market.

Crepes originated from France and it’s been around for centuries. Different countries have their specific ways of and tools for making crepes. However, there is a fascinating history behind how crepes were made which also explains French love for this dish.

With a crepe maker, you can make your perfect crepes at home and it gives you a chance to experiment with recipes as well. Crepes sure make an amazing breakfast option and you can enjoy them filled and rolled or folded.

The traditional and authentic French crepe sure looks a lot like American pancakes but they are larger, thinner and you don’t have to lather them in syrup to enjoy them.

So, if you’re looking to create and enjoy delicious restaurants like crepes, you need a pan and in this article, we have rounded up some of the best pans for your crepes.

Types Of Crepe Makers

Crepe makers allow you to make the most out of your crepes. However, before getting a crepe pan, you should know there are 4 types of it out there and while they are all used in making crepes, it’s often the design that is different and they are not limited to crepe making alone.

Every crepe maker has its strength and what makes it stand out.

1. Crepe Pans

The crepe pan is one of the most recognized crepe makers. These types of crepe makers are thin and short which makes them easier to store. This type of crepe maker comes in different sizes and the material used can vary from non-stick, cast iron, to enameled cast iron.

This is a basic type of crepe maker but the cast iron crepe pan can use a much higher temperature hence It’s not so basic. However, the handles can get hot and it is more substantial too. A crepe pan allows you to control the temperature better and it’s easy to store.

2. Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

The cordless electric crepe maker does not require flipping but can be used to make great thin crepes so if you have no flipping skills or your batter spreading is rusty then this is the one you might want to consider.

A cordless electric crepe maker is a handheld type of crepe maker and has amazing temperature control. Although this is harder to clean compared to other types, it happens to be the fastest crepe maker.

3. Gas Crepe Maker

The gas crepe maker is not just for making perfectly thin crepes but is ideal for making traditional pancakes as well. This type of crepe maker is light and affordable since the frying plates are made of nonstick aluminum. However, this requires 2-3 minutes for the machine to be ready for making crepes.

4. Electric Crepe Maker

The electric crepe maker is one of the most common types of crepe makers to go for if you will be making numerous crepes. The electric crepe maker is similar to the cordless electric crepe maker but this is faster.

The surfaces of electric crepe makers are made from nonstick aluminum plates just like gas crepe makers. This tends to be lightweight and very affordable too. Another reason this is one of the best crepe makers to go for is that it is easy to clean.

9 Best Crepe Makers 2022: Best Pans For Your Crepes

To make beautiful thin crepes, a crepe is definitely what you need. Also, crepe pans are quite versatile and they allow you to make other dishes such as pancakes. After exploring the types of crepe makers out there, then it’s time to check out the best type of crepe makers in 2022.

So, to ensure you are making the best decision, We’ve analyzed tons of crepe makers, handpicked these nine options, and listed everything you need to choose the best pans for your crepe. Here are the best crepe makers according to TheHomeTome’s editors.

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1. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan- Best Overall

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan might be exactly what you need to change your crepe game entirely. This crepe maker comes with a tapered rim that can help eliminate drips while pouring and it is made with other essentials that help you produce better crepes.

The patented nonstick cooking surface is also easy to clean and this means healthy crepes as well.

Sweet and savory crepes are not the only thing this pan is designed for, it can be used in making grilled sandwiches and pancakes as well. It is designed with basically all that you need to aid you in creating the best crepes.

One way to choose a crepe pan is to find one that is stress-free. According to reviews, this crepe pan is made with stainless steel makes it highly resistant to wear, and the anodized feature which heats quickly and spreads it evenly as well. All these can make your crepe making faster.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Sturdy pan with hard anodized construction
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean up
  • Grip handle stays cool on the stovetop.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Quite expensive for non-stick
  • May get scratched if metal utensil is used.


Cuisinart is one of the most popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. This pan also happens to be one of the highly recommended ones. It is made with an anodized exterior which provides it with high resistance to tear and durability. Looking for a crepe pan easy to clean? This is one you should consider. The patented nonstick cooking surface makes cleaning easy.

2. Lodge Cast Iron Crepe Pan- Best Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Cast Iron crepe pans can save you lots of stress in the kitchen. Lodge Cast Iron Crepe Pan is a round griddle pan and it can be used on all cooking surfaces. There are lots of reasons this pan can be a worthy investment and one of them is the fact that it is versatile and quite easy to use. This crepe pan is oven saves and delivers professional performance every time.

This is designed to suit your kitchen needs when it comes to baking, broiling, searing, and even frying. Lots of people have this on the top of their shopping list for a crepe pan. You can easily have it cleaned with soap and water too.

Lodge Cast Iron crepe pan has been around for quite a while. Seasoning it is considered easy too and most importantly, you can use it on any heat source. All this needs to stay in shape is proper maintenance and seasoning.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Can be used on any heat source including oven and induction
  • Highly durable and resistant to wear
  • Even heat distribution
  • Used for heavy-duty performance
  • No chemical added.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not dishwasher safe.


The durability and versatility are why this is recommended. Lots of chefs find this crepe maker to e efficient when it comes to delivering great crepes. The constant and evenly distribution of heat is another reason this is regarded as a worthy investment. The smooth cooking surface is another excellent reason to add it to your kitchen cooking tool.

3. Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle- Best Electric Crepe Maker

Looking for an electric crepe maker with the perfect temperature? Chefman Electric Crepe Maker is a 12-inch nonstick grill pan that will enable you to make perfect crepes and other dishes like pancakes, eggs, bacon, Blintzes, omelets, and many others.

This is another crepe maker that has been designed for convenience.

This crepe maker is an electric griddle hence considered affordable for the price it offers. It can help you make perfect cripes and this is ideal for beginners as well. The large cooking area will not only save you time but you simply have to preheat the crepe maker for you to make restaurant type of crepes.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Multi-functional crepe pan
  • Temperature can be controlled easily
  • Large cooking area and saves time
  • Cooks crepe faster
  • Excellent stability.

What We Don’t Like:

  • None we can find.


Quality and its ease of use are on the top of the list of why we recommended this. If you are on the lookout for a crepe maker that attends to all your breakfast needs then this is one you should consider. This crepe maker is designed not just for crepes and with the precise temperature setting, you can’t go wrong with your crepes.

4. Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan- Best For Gas Stove

Another awesome crepe maker on the list is the Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan. This is simply one of those crepe makers that pan that offers you quality at a great price.

This crepe maker has a cooking surface larger than the traditional crepe maker and also a superior non-stick interior. With the aluminized steel structure, it distributes heat evenly and after.

Your French crepes can only get better with this crepe maker. It can be used safely on a gas stove, unlike other traditional crepe makers. The pan is also easy to clean and the brand has been around since the year 1946.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Can be used for all kinds of dishes
  • Excellent non-stick interior
  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and clean.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not dishwasher safe.


This is a multifunctional crepe pan you will enjoy having in your kitchen. The designs make it lightweight enough and it is made with a superior non-stick interior that allows you to slide the crepes onto the pan easily. This is easy to clean and also an ergonomic pan for omelets too. It’s the ideal pan to go for if you need to create perfectly thin crepes with ease.

5. Tibos Electric Single Crepe Maker- Best Value Crepe Maker

The Tibos Electric Single Crepe maker is another interesting crepe maker on the list of the ones you should buy.

This is regarded as the original crepe-making machine for making perfect French crepes. It is designed to provide you with thin perfect crepes that can just compete with restaurant French crepes.

This crepe machine is not meant for making crepes alone but can come in handy for making other foods like a blintz, pancakes, tortillas, eggs, and bacon. Your breakfast can only get better with this crepe machine.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Made with built-in thermostat and light indicator
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes with recipes and direction for beginners
  • Easy to use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heat takes time to get evenly dsitributed.


This is one of the highly-rated crepe makers. It is easier to use and if you are looking for a crepe maker to get you started then this might be the perfect one to go for. This can take 30 minutes to heat up however it makes it easier to control the temperature and also lets you control the setting as well.

6. Neoflam Crepe, Ceramic, Nonstick- Best Ceramic Crepe Maker

Here is another crepe maker you need to carefully put into consideration. Neoflam Crepe nonstick crepe maker can be your ideal go-to for making pancakes, omelets, tortilla, Roti, Dosa, and Naan.

Your French crepes deserve the best maker and this efficient pan has high heat conductivity hence you can ensure to create perfect thin crepes every time even with less flipping skill.

Neoflam crepe maker is made with a smooth flat surface that enables you to flip efficiently. It is coated with Ecolon which is considered a healthy alternative to the nonstick coating. It reduces energy consumption and works fast.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Energy efficient
  • High heat conductivity
  • Cleaning and maintaining is very easy
  • Lightweight
  • Protects your health from harmful chemicals.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not induction Ready.


Neoflam Crepe maker is another efficient pan that can liven up your kitchen. It is designed to highly heat conductive and distribute it evenly as well. The innovative design of this crepe maker is another reason why it’s on the list.

7. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker- Best Cordless Crepe Maker

A good cordless crepe maker will ensure you get restaurant-like crepes at all times. CucinaPro Cordless crepe maker is one of the best crepe makers out there, it is efficient and comes with an on/off switch light that makes it easy to control and lets you know when it is hot enough to start cooking.

It is a great option to consider if you want something affordable with easy-to-operate features. The electric base also has a corp wrap so you can easily have it stored when not in use. This comes with a dripping plate and a batter spatula.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • On/off switch to control temperature
  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cooks a little too slow


According to the makers, this is designed to inspire creativity and upgrade your crepe-making experience. Hence, it’s hard not to find this worth investing in for this culinary experience. This comes with a spreader and a dip plate so you can create perfect thin crepes easily.

8. Proctor Silex Electric Crepe Maker- Best Nonstick Crepe Maker

Looking for a large crepe maker for your family? Proctor Silex electric crepe maker is one of the most valued crepe makers in the market and chefs find it efficient for entertaining a large crowd too.

This crepe maker is versatile so you won’t be making only crepes with it. In addition, it comes with a measuring cup to ensure you are scooping the right amount of batter.

Proctor Silex crepe maker comes with 8 heat levels to make controlling its settings very easy. This crepe maker can make it easier to achieve thin crepes and the extra-large spatula makes flipping and folding easy as well.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Easy to use and control
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Comes with batter cup, spatula and spreader
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed with 8 heat levels.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Energy consumption.


The high performance is enough reason to have you shopping for this. The surface of the crepe maker is specifically designed to provide you with French traditional thin crepes. Reviews clean cleanup is really easy too which is something we all prefer. The cup can be hooked onto your matter bowl neatly, this way you can avoid making any mess or spill.

9. Saflon Titanium Nonstick Crepe Pan- Best Non-Toxic Crepe Pan

The next crepe pan on the list you do not want to miss out on is the Saflon Titanium Nonstick pan.

This crepe pan contains no harmful chemicals hence it’s a good choice to go for when it comes to keeping your environment and you healthy. Saflon crepe pan can be used on basically any surface but induction should be avoided.

When it comes to choosing a crepe pan, you need to consider the material and how healthy it is. This crepe pan has all the features of an excellent crepe maker and it is designed with 3 layers of non-stick titanium coating.

What We Like About This Crepe Pan:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch resistant
  • Gives natural taste with minimum oil
  • Long lasting
  • Dishwasher safe.


Saflon Crepe Pan is another high-quality crepe pan that deserves a space on your shopping list. This crepe pan is highly recommended e chefs, it is coated with 3 layers of nonstick titanium coating which makes it scratch-resistant and durable. With this easy-to-use crepe pan, you can cook like a pro. Furthermore, it’s one of the latest crepe pans out there.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Crepe Maker

If you are buying a crepe pan or any type of crepe maker for the first time then there are certain features you need to put into consideration. There are a few important features that will not only ensure you are choosing the best crepe maker but are also the ultimate guides needed for a beginner. So, pay attention to their features below while shopping.

1. Material

The material tends to come in first no matter the appliance you are buying.

Most crepe makers in the market are made from enamel-coated cast iron, ceramic, carbon steel, aluminum, and even blue steel. Choosing a material for a crepe maker shouldn’t be complicated provided you know what you’re looking for.

Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum is considered great but can’t be used for induction stovetops. Cast iron is heavy but efficient too. Ceramic is environmentally friendly as well.

2. Temperature Control

The ability to control your crepe maker and how it can distribute heat evenly is important. Choose a crepe maker that offers you temperature control and also one that features automatic cool down when it’s too hot to prevent burning your crepes.

3. Versatility

Your crepe maker shouldn’t have to be for crepes alone. While the main motive for getting crepe makers is for crepes their models are versatile. These crepe pans are designed to cook other dishes such as pancakes, pizza, omelets, fries, and many more.

4. Size And Weight

You want to put the size and weight into consideration as you don’t want something too heavy to lift. Crepe pans come in different sizes ad materials tend to determine how heavy they will be. With 11 inches you can make more crepes at once hence choose one that can provide the number of crepes you want.

Crepe Maker FAQs

Got questions? We have answers.

Are crepe pans worth it?

Yes, crepe pans are multifunctional kitchens too hence they are considered worth the investment. With a crepe maker, you can make practically anything a skillet can make, and it’s not exactly a special pan meant for crepes.

Do you flip a crepe?

Crepes need to be flipped and there are claims special skill is required for this. However, you just need to be aware of basic rules like not flipping too soon and waiting till the edges are starting to brown before flipping.

Why do crepes stick to the pan?

Crepes will stick o the pan if the temperature is too low. If the temperature of your crepe is too high then it is certain to burn and it’s going to take trial and error to get the correct temperature to prevent sticking.

Do I need a nonstick pan for crepes?

While you necessarily don’t need to go for a nonstick pan, it happens to be the best option since it guarantees your crepes won’t stick to the pan and flipping is easier too.

What is the difference between a crepe pan and a regular pan?

Crepes require a special type of pan like the crepe pan which is much easier to put a spatula under. Crepe pans also have fluted edges instead of fluted sides like regular pans.

What can I use if I don’t have a crepe pan?

While crepe pans are suitable for making crepes, it doesn’t mean you can’t use any type of pan. If you can’t get your hands on a crepe pan then a medium, non-stick well-seasoned cast iron frying pan will do just fine.

Final Thoughts

Your lovely kitchen needs a crepe pan to complement it. Crepe pans are quite versatile so you don’t have to worry on days you are not so into crepes, you can also make some omelets, pancakes, or fries. This efficient kitchen tool also makes some healthy recipes easier.

Shopping for a crepe maker should seem minor after going through the list above. So, with any of the crepe makers listed above, you can certainly make French-style crepes effortlessly in any home.

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