Bread Improver Substitutes: What to Use Instead Of Bread Improver

What can I use instead of bread improver? While bread improver has been used in baking for years, many are now speaking of alternative since bread improvers don’t provide your bread with any taste. Bread improver is an unflavored acidic substance hence it’s not the one for you if you need a bread softener with flavor.

Bread improver works as a dough enhancer and it’s quite popular in commercial bakeries but if you need something to enhance your dough pretty fast at home then it’s best to be aware of substitutes that work just as well as bread improvers.

There aren’t many ingredients that work just as awesome as a bread improver but if you want to make a fresh loaf of bread at home and don’t have a bread improver, not to worry, we have found some substitutes that can be found at home and it will make your dough rise just as bread improver would.

How Does Bread Improver Work?

There are certain ingredients that help improve the texture and taste of your bread and they also make sure the dough rises faster and has a better without going stale or molding.

Bread improver is simply using combining these ingredients and using them in your dough.

Bread improver consists of various acids and enzymes that work by activating the gluten in your flour. Bread improver does have lots of advantage and are manufactured specifically for the different styles of dough and tend to make the whole process of making bread a lot easier.

Bread improver might have been around for years but you don’t actually need it if you are making a large batter and need smooth skin fluffy bread then it does come in handy. The amylase in bread improver can also reduce the sugar content thereby making your bread color better.

Bread Improver Substitutes: What to Use Instead Of Bread Improver

Bread improver is an enhancer and it can do quite a lot of things in your dough but it might not always be available which is why knowing a substitute can help save the day. So, below are ingredients you can combine or pick from to enhance your bread instead of bread improver.

1. Citric Acid

Citric acid is a bread enhancer you shouldn’t have any issues getting your hands on.

The acidity helps keep your bread soft and it also prevents stale and molds too. Citric acid adds a little sourness to it unlike bread improver so if you need a bread enhancer that mimics sourdough flavor then citric acid is the perfect substitute.

Adding citric acid to any yeast dough will be giving it a helping hand as it breads out the dough really fast. It’s the ideal substitute for controlling dough fermentation and reducing spoilage.

Image: @MPstockart via Twenty20.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another bread improver substitute and it can be used in commercial bakeries as well. Ginger is an amazing spice that can help boost the taste of your bread, It helps the yeast get more active quickly and you don’t need much to soften your bread. To help your bread rise higher, add ginger in with the water when proofing.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is another substitute for bread improver and you can be found conveniently at home.

Vinegar has mild acid that can help break down the starch and protein in your loaf. Another reason vinegar will be a great substitute for bread improver is that it helps enhance the flavor.

4. Wheat Gluten

If you can’t find a bread improver, wheat gluten is a substitute that works just the same way.

Wheat gluten is a protein that can help produce a stronger gluten network, it holds the gas bubble produced by the yeast thereby producing a fuller and smoother loaf. Wheat gluten works for all kinds of flour.

Wrapping Up

Bread improver can be made at home yourself, you just need to combine ingredients that can activate the gluten in the flour and feed the yeast.

Any of the ingredients listed above can be substituted for bread improver and you can also combine them but ensure the required amount is used.