Can You Smoke A Frozen Pork Roast?

The juiciness of pork roast would make you eager to smoke it even while it is frozen. I can bet you have found yourself in a situation where you are running out of time and can’t wait for it to defrost or it skipped your mind to thaw the pork roast overnight.

Whatever the case may be, plans are subject to change, and mistakes are bound to happen. And at this point, it is safe to ask questions to be sure smoking pork roast is not a bad idea. So can frozen pork roast be smoked?

QUICK ANSWER: No, you can not smoke frozen pork roast as it is absolutely a terrible idea to smoke it as well as any frozen meat. The rapid change in temperature increases the risk of bacteria contamination and there’s a high chance that you won’t like the end product.

Pork roast is no doubt one perfect meat to smoke and it takes approximately 5 hours to slow roast, but smoking it while it is completely frozen is a different ball game. Thawing or defrosting it before smoking remains the best and recommended way.

Is It Safe To Smoke Frozen Pork Roast?

Smoking frozen pork roast is not ideal or safe. According to the USDA, meats left between 40°F and 140°F which is considered the “Danger Zone” are at very high risk of getting contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Asides from being unsafe for consumption there are other reasons why smoking frozen pork roast is a big no-no and they are;

1. Loss Of Flavor

In the process of smoking frozen pork roast, the extreme there water retention in the pork roast will cause the meat to not have the desired taste and flavor due to the fact that the seasoning wasn’t enough for the meat. The flavor of a thawed or fresh smoked pork roast may the different from that of a frozen pork roast.

2. Longer Cook Time

Pork roast is tender and can maintain a nice texture even when it is smoked. However, when it is smoked frozen the process will take a longer time as the cellular structure of the meat contain more water than it should. There is also a possibility of the pork roast drying out.

3. Uneven Cooking

There is a high chance that the pork roast won’t cook properly and evenly due to the fact that it was smoked while still frozen. And eating such meat could lead to food-borne illnesses.

Should You Thaw Pork Roast Before Smoking It?

Absolutely, yes! If your pork roast is frozen it is best to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator.

Thawing pork roast will definitely bring the meat to a better temperature or state suitable for smoking. By thawing the pork roast you do not have to worry about bacterial contamination or uneven cooking or it having an undesirable taste and texture.

Although so many people still go ahead with smoking frozen pork roast or meat and may still have good reviews about it, it’s best to know that the pork roast didn’t smoke to its full potential and would have had a lot more flavor if smoked defrosted or fresh.

How To Quickly Thaw Frozen Pork Roast

There are just those days when time is really not on our side, and the frozen pork roast has to be ready before dinner.

Since smoking a frozen pork roast is really not a good idea, you may get worried that the pork toast might not make it before time. Well, do not fret or get all panicky, there is surely a way you can speed up the defrosting process. And here are steps to take;

  • Take out the pork roast from the freezer.
  • Put the frozen pork roast into a sizable plastic bowl or better still a kitchen sink.
  • Add water into the bowl or sink; make sure the water is enough to cover the whole meat.
  • Drain out the water every 30 minutes and add a fresh amount of water after draining until the meat is perfectly thawed.

Pro Tip: If you are thawing the pork roast in a kitchen sink, it’s best to leave the tap running throughout the process. It is less time-consuming and very effortless as you don’t really have to always drain the water.

How Long Does It Take Frozen Pork Toast To Defrost Completely?

The method at which the meat is being thawed determines how long it will take.

That being said, Frozen pork roast when kept in the refrigerator to defrost, will require about 12 hours but it is a different case when you are thawing it in fresh tap water.

This usually takes 2-3 hours (depending on the size) for the pork roast to thaw completely, and this method is way faster than thawing it in the fridge overnight and it buys you enough time to smoke up a perfectly juicy and tasty pork toast that everyone will enjoy.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Thawing Pork Roast

You can get it all wrong even when thawing frozen pork roast. You will find the following do’s and don’ts very helpful;

Pork roast can be thawed on the lower shelf of the fridge or in cold tap water. Do not thaw pork roast at room temperature.
Disinfect the bowl or sink after thawing is complete.If the kitchen is being used to thaw the pork roast, make sure not to use the sink for anything till after thawing is complete.
Smoke the meat immediately after it is thawed to avoid bacterial contamination.Do not thaw pork roast in hot or lukewarm water.

Can You Smoke Partially Frozen Pork Roast?

Yes, partially thawed and frozen pork roast have a better shot at tasting good and delicious than when it is completely frozen.

While frozen pork roast is freezing the meat expands and the water turns to ice, thereby breaking the cell structure of the meat.

However, thawing or defrosting the pork roast gives the meat a chance to purge out all the liquid in it. Thawing the meat halfway is okay but it doesn’t still beat the fact that thawing it completely will help bring the meat to its initial, preferred state.

Wrapping up

Smoking frozen pork roast is definitely not a good idea. Not only does it give room for bacterial growth, but it also makes the pork roast less enjoyable and doesn’t allow it to cook evenly.

It is best to drop the thought of smoking frozen pork roast as this article contains a quicker and faster way to thaw or defrost your meat even if you are out of time.