Around Town

taxi, please!

So the theme of Ian’s nursery has turned out to be Nature and City: this wasn’t intentional but this is how it evolved. And I suppose it’s not that surprising… For those of you who don’t know, Rob and I met when I was living in Manhattan and he was […]

scenes from THE BOOK TOUR

THE BOOK TOUR (caps intended to create a sense of gravitas) for The Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness is well underway and I have been having a blast. Here’s what’s happened so far… First stop was The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio. This independent bookstore is located in the historic, cobble-stoned […]

questions asked this weekend

To the lone crocus that just poked up through the rock path by the side of our house: Are you a bit early for the party? Will your friends be meeting you here? Regarding The Hunger Games, which I discovered to be an addictive page-turner: Is the fact that so […]

9W Market in Palisades

I recently wrote about one of my favorite roads in this area, the Palisades Parkway, and did not mention one of my favorite parts of it: the 9W Market, right off exit 4, in Palisades, NY. This was on purpose because I knew I wanted to do a whole post […]

props to the palisades parkway

It wasn’t until living in Nyack that I had the pleasure of driving on the Palisades Parkway. This 38 mile stretch leads north from the George Washington Bridge in NYC, through part of New Jersey, and back into New York through Rockland and Orange Counties, up to the Bear Mountain […]

the problem with relaxation

Wow, I have just come off some serious R&R&R&R. (Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, and Ridiculous amounts of food.) And while it has been one of the more wonderful experiences of my life, and I highly recommend it, taking a break from your usually-busy life does come at a price. For example: […]

loopy for lulu’s

How do you know if you have an addiction? At what point is a “pattern” considered an “obsession”? Does the fact that Rob and I have been going to breakfast at nearby Lulu’s Cafe every Sunday at 9:03 AM as if its church mean we have a problem? And if […]

stuffed 1.0

Turns out preparing a Thanksgiving feast isn’t rocket science. In fact, now that we’ve attempted our first one, I’m pretty sure that it’s more complex and labor intensive than rocket science. Fortunately, we had the good sense to call in a lot of help… For example, that gorgeous Pumpkin Pie […]

Snowy Halloween in Nyack

Gather ’round and I’ll tell ye a terrifying Halloween tale… The sun was shining and the leaves were still on the trees, sporting their Autumnal shades of red, yellow and mostly green. Suddenly, snow began to fall from the sky at an alarming speed. These were big, boulder-sized flakes. With […]

mushrooms around town

In case I haven’t already convinced you that the Nyack area is a hotbed of mushroom activity (shroomtivity?) (sorry), I hereby present you with more evidence. For example, this outcropping, above, appears every so often on the ugly stump in our front yard. Of course, they’re not lemons and this […]

thrift store score: nice jug

I recently promised myself that every time I passed by a thrift store I would go inside and quickly scan for treasures. (After all, how else am I going to get my 15 minutes of fame on Antiques Road Show?) I also recently promised myself that I would not become […]