on the subject of eggs…

We’ve got eggs on the brain here at the home tome. And not just because my own eggs are rapidly aging, declining, disappearing and/or shriveling up into tiny little Yodas. Feel the force around you… Anyway! We also have eggs on the brain because of Easter and this funky grey […]

salt and pepper party

Please join me in celebrating salt, pepper, and the shakers that contain them. Who is invited: Six lucky guests who also appreciate these tasty condiments and sprinkle them excessively onto foods that probably don’t need them (of course, you’ll never know whether these foods need more flavoring or not, since […]

carrot soup, with a warning

I made my favorite carrot soup today and I’m dying to share this recipe. But first, I feel compelled to issue a warning backed up by a real-life anecdote. IF YOU EAT A LOT OF CARROTS, YOUR SKIN COULD TURN ORANGE. It’s an actual condition called Carotenemia, usually affects your […]

grandma’s scottish shortbread

Every year, as Christmas nears, I intend to whip up a few batches of my grandmother’s traditional Scottish shortbread. And every year, it’s the same story: time slips through my hands, I get a little too wrapped up in other holiday festivities, Christmas is suddenly about 10 minutes away, and […]

loopy for lulu’s

How do you know if you have an addiction? At what point is a “pattern” considered an “obsession”? Does the fact that Rob and I have been going to breakfast at nearby Lulu’s Cafe every Sunday at 9:03 AM as if its church mean we have a problem? And if […]

stuffed 1.0

Turns out preparing a Thanksgiving feast isn’t rocket science. In fact, now that we’ve attempted our first one, I’m pretty sure that it’s more complex and labor intensive than rocket science. Fortunately, we had the good sense to call in a lot of help… For example, that gorgeous Pumpkin Pie […]

soup solves everything

Has life got you down? Has the impending gloom of winter taken the “spring” out of your step? I would like to hereby suggest that you have some soup. Did the Dow Jones just plummet and with it, all your hopes and dreams for the future? (Namely, retiring by the […]

grilled watermelon?

Something happened recently: I discovered grilled watermelon. My SIL Marcy and I were lounging on the beach on Cape Cod earlier this summer, flipping through magazines. In the Martha Stewart June 2011 edition, we found this recipe for watermelon that’s grilled on skewers then paired with a big hunk of […]

happy b-day America

Well, U S of A, we didn’t bake you a cake or sing you a song, but we engaged in many other activities in your honor this weekend. First of all, we purchased round flags (actually, lanterns) at the local dollar store and hung them from our pergola. Next, we […]

three cheers for chia

First it was our friend Ed, when we visited the Dorseys in Puerto Rico. Then it was another friend, Omar. Both of them were raving about these chia seeds. As in: ch-ch-ch-chia, the very same seeds that grow such lovely green fur on Chia Pets. Apparently, these tiny seeds are […]


Thank you to my husband: his collaboration with Betty Crocker resulted in the above magnificence. And thank you to WordPress: freshly pressing my couch riff resulted in my highest site hits ever…on my birthday. Smiley face.

video: real banana muffins

Nothing saddens me more than a fake banana muffin. Why must they insult these baked goods by injecting them with so much artificial flavoring, when the real fruit makes them so much better? Whatever “their” reasons, I stopped buying this breakfast treat long ago and decided to take matters into […]