Lamp Day by Matthew Zapruder

Our friend Michael recently organized a poetry night here in Nyack. About 25 of us (or more?) got together and ate delicious soups, made by Michael from the Staff Meals from Chanterelle cookbook. Then, we all shared a poem that we love. I appreciate when Michael hosts these events because […]

faux flowers and…feathers

I was at that craft super-store, Michael’s, the other day (returning some materials from a holiday project that didn’t quite work out) when I got drawn in by the fake flower department. I have never taken the time to stroll through these aisles – that stuff is crazy! I couldn’t […]

ready for christmas

Of course Christmas is an excellent time to celebrate the bigger aspects of life: family, friends, and everyone’s safety and good health. But there’s something to be said for all the details, too. We actually got ahead of the curve this year by decorating our house and trimming our tree […]

holiday chandelier

I hate to brag, but I think we have the coolest outdoor holiday chandelier on our block. (Note: there are no other outdoor holiday chandeliers on our block.) It is an Original Piece of Abstract Outdoor Holiday Ornamentation created by Elf Rob from wire, LED lights, and Christmas ornaments. It […]

hats off to bye bye brooklyn

Look what we got from a fellow blogger! Last May, I discovered an excellent blog called, Bye Bye brooklyn, written by Brooklynites Leena and Bradley, who bought a 130 year old house in rural Pennsylvania. They are in the process of fixing it up themselves and documenting it every step […]

thrift store score: nice jug

I recently promised myself that every time I passed by a thrift store I would go inside and quickly scan for treasures. (After all, how else am I going to get my 15 minutes of fame on Antiques Road Show?) I also recently promised myself that I would not become […]

The Outside In: in nearby Piermont

I think I owe Bill Walsh and Joe Serra an apology. When I recently visited their store, The Outside In, in Piermont near Nyack, I know I behaved strangely. It’s just that their eclectic greenhouse/gallery/boutique made me so happy. I trotted around the place rather spastically ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I […]

guide to garbage picking

There is no shame in garbage picking. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture are items I plucked straight off the street on garbage day. For example, I recently picked up a great yellow table in Tarrytown, NY. And years ago, […]

jewelry trunk show

One of the things I love about living in Nyack is meeting interesting, multi-faceted people. One of those people is Sara Weiss: a talented writer, teacher, yoga instructor and….(drum roll) a fabulous jewelry designer. What’s great about Sara’s pieces is that they are both delicate and bold and she uses […]