5 Ways To Fix Cracked Flower Pots

How do you fix cracked flower pots? This is one question every gardener needs an answer to at some point. A cracked flower pot is inevitable as accidents do happen but not to worry, this can definitely be fixed.

Mending cracked flowers pots is not much of a trouble as it sounds although is going to require the right tools and patience. Cracks are common in ceramic flower pots but they can be fixed just like every other type of flower pot.

Flower pots are considered easier to maintain than planting a whole garden. However, despite the relative durability of materials use in making the pots, accidents are inevitable and this is likely to lead to a crack. Fortunately, cracks in flower pots can be fixed.

Many of the tools needed in fixing crackpots can be found around the house. There are different ways you can fix a crack in a flower pot and this article explains 5 common ones.

5 Ways To Fix Cracked Flower Pots

There are cost-effective ways you can fix cracked flower pots and keep in mind that flower pots do not have to fall to get cracked. Ceramic flower pots tend to get cracked when the potting sand freeze and expands. Terra cotta flower pots are also easy to fix although you might need a drill for this one.

However, here are 5 ways you can fix cracks in all kinds of flower pots.

1. Use Shoe Goo

To fix a cracked or leaking flower pot, shoe goo is considered very effective. You will be surprised how much shoe goo can hold your beloved flower pots together. Shoe goo is the number one adhesive you should definitely consider for your flower pots. This glue is best for clay-type flower pots.

  • Remove the flowers from the pots and set them aside to be placed back when the repair is done.
  • If they are cracked pieces, pack them all together but ensure to have your pots cleaned properly first. If the pot has any trail of soil in it then it won’t stick. Rubbing alcohol can be used as a cleaner
  • Start applying the glue from the bottom up which means you should start applying the shoe goo from the lower pieces of the flower pots.
  • Make sure you don’t apply too much goo. Less is more.
  • When you are done applying the goo, wait for about 5 minutes, then wrap some elastic fabric around it to apply a small amount of pressure.
  • After 24 hours, your flower pots should be looking all new and ready for planting again.
cracked flower pot
Image: Jocelyn Jane Cox / TheHomeTome

2. Wire The Pot Together

You can simply wire the pot together and you are good together. This method works for all kinds of flower pots but is mostly used for terra cotta flower pots. This is an old method and it works perfectly for your flower pots. Here is how you can fix cracks by wiring the pot together.

  • Wash the flower pots thoroughly in the sink using mild detergent and water
  • Examine the crack to know where it starts and where it ends and once you find the end of the crack, mark with chalk.
  • Drill small relief holes to stop the crack, if it’s terra cotta, you are definitely not going to have much trouble drilling the hole but stoneware is likely to take time.
  • After this, drill holes for the wire, drill the holes on both sides of the cracks and after this, wire the pot together. Wire each set of holes together and have it twisted.
  • The best type of wire for this is copper wire. Try to evaluate the size of the wire carefully and note that a standard wire will be easy to conform and bend.

3. Use Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is another way you can fix your cracked flower pots with no stress. This is quite an easy method. Simply run a bead of epoxy glue along the crack of the flower pot, make sure the glue covers the entire crack and select an epoxy that is not a quick-dry variety. Be very careful when using this glue type to avoid it getting on your cloth, hands, or surface.

4. Apply A Sealant

If the flower is not too far gone then you can simply have it fixed using a concrete fix sealant, silicone chalk or mortar. This method can easily be used to rejoin flower pots container and make sure the parts you are fixing are clean from any soil and smooth as well.

After the pot is clean, apply a thick layer of mortar, this will act as an adhesive to hold the pot together. Wait for 5 days after the pot has dried before applying a sealant for a stronger hold.

5. Use Heavy Duty Tape

For a plastic flower pot, you can simply have it saved by using heavy-duty tape to mend the cracked area. This is a method that is best for plastic and terra cotta flower pots. Your flower pot is sure to look new and last for many years with this simple but effective method.

Wrapping Up

Take note that flower pots are made from a variety of materials however a shoe goo will work for all kinds of flower materials.

Most gardeners have a favorite flower pot and it can be a really great loss when it’s found with a crack but not to worry, you can go with any of the methods above to fix it or repurpose them in a more unique way.