Do Biodegradable Tea Bags Have Plastic?

Are biodegradable tea bags plastic-free? It can be a bit surprising and confusing as to why tea bags have plastic in them. Fortunately, there are now biodegradable tea bases that are plastic-free and hence safer for the environment.

There are lots of unanswered questions on why there is plastic in tea base in the first place. This post can help you understand better.

Standard teabags are not free of plastics so you might have to rethink those. Teabags are the last thing you will think of when it comes to plastics and it’s really surprising how much damage these tea bags can do.

Plastic is a huge problem and it comes from a variety of products we often think we can’t do without.

Most tea bags have been discovered to contain about 25% of plastic and unfortunately, they are considered a bit toxic too. Paper tea bags can be a bit of a problem as they contain a certain chemical called epichlorohydrin which can leech into hot water and can be dangerous.

It’s best to search for brands that make teabags without using any plastic which is a lot safer for the environment. The bags are enough reason to be worried about your favorite brew. Read on to understand if biodegradable tea bags are better options.

Why Is Plastic In Tea Bags?

It might come as a surprise to discover that there is plastic in tea bags. The reason plastics (Polypropylene) are found in teabags is that it is added to help seal or keep up the shape of the tea bags in hot liquid.

Do Biodegradable Tea Bags Have Plastic?
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So, this means that teabags that are composting will leave a bit of plastic in the soil. Even though the amount used is small, conventional teabags won’t still decompose completely and it is bad for the environment and your body.

Do Biodegradable Tea Bags Have Plastic?

Several brands do not include plastic in sealing up their teabags, hence they are safe for the environment and biodegradable tea bags do not have plastics either.

While some common teabags are simply made of paper, some have some plastics material used in them hence it’s best to switch to biodegradable teabags or brands that make teabags without plastic.

There are plenty of ways you can avoid teabags with plastic in them. Loose leaf is another alternative if you are not so into biodegradable teabags. Biodegradable tea bags are simply made of paper and in the past, it used to be with a bit of polypropylene which is still a form of plastic until recently, a butter replacement was found.

How do you dispose of biodegradable tea bags?

Biodegradable tea bags can be composted at home by using your home composter although this is likely to take a bit longer but eventually help dispose of it. Since they are biodegradable, you can easily dispose of them in your waste bin.

How long do biodegradable tea bags take to decompose?

Biodegradable bags take 6 months or less to decompose completely. Most biodegradable teabags will decompose in 3 months or 2 weeks in the right conditions like air and definitely moisture. Air and moisture are important if you need biodegradable teabags to decompose faster.

Do tea bags go bad?

Yes, tea bags can go bad but one of the great things about teabags is that they can stay fresh for a very long time. When teabags are stored properly, they can last up to three months or four if stored properly. Teabag only goes bad only when the natural oils in them evaporate which makes the leaves less flavorful.

Wrapping Up

If your most loved brand doesn’t offer a plastic-free teabag then you should consider something like loose leaf tea or a biodegradable option.

Composting biodegradable teabags is also a lot healthier for the environment and your plants can benefit from this as well. Fortunately, some brands offer biodegradable teabags and compostable ones too so you can deal more with safe options for your body and environment.

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