10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow (If You’re New to Gardening)

It is such a delight to get your vegetables from your farm when you need them. Apart from the obvious fact that it saves you money, you can guarantee that you are eating healthy and what you just harvested is organic, unlike grocery store-bought vegetables.

In most cases, vegetables at stores are kept fresh by different chemical preservatives which nullify the nutrients in the vegetables. One way to ensure what you are eating is organic and will give the right nutrients is to grow them yourself.

Vegetables are one of the easiest plants to grow and harvest, you also do not need a lot of space or garden to have your vegetable farm, containers around, deck, balcony are all good places to start a vegetable farm. 

Best Vegetables to Grow For Beginners

These vegetables have their requirements; however, they are not as tasking or stressful as other vegetables and other plants.

1. Kale

Growing kale cabbage close up
Growing kale cabbage close up

Top on the list of the easiest vegetables is the beloved kale. Kale is from a group of cabbage cultivars that is grown more for the edible leaves and also for ornamental purposes. The annual plant whose origin is the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor is identified and loved for its purple and green curly leaves.

Kale is quite a fast-growing plant; you can have your kale vegetable after 2 months of planting its seed. The best time to plant kale is in late winter/early spring, it can also be planted in the late summer, and it will grow just well.

The most important part of kale care is sunlight, although it can tolerate growing in part shade, the vegetable will thrive well when grown in full sun. The vegetable will also thrive best in rich, high in organic matter soil, with a slightly acidic pH.

2. Lettuce

lettuce plant in field
lettuce plant in field

Looking for a plant that grows almost anywhere? Lettuce is your go-to veggie. Lettuce is an annual plant that is from the daisy family, it is grown for its stem; leaf, and even seed, however, a lot of people make use of its seed more.

The fast-growing vegetable enjoys being placed in cool weather and will reach maturity in 30 days or less. Lettuce should be planted in a location that receives full sun, during spring and fall, however during summer; lettuce should be planted in partial shade.

The veggies will thrive in loose, rich soil, with a good drainage system. It is also sensitive to low Ph, and should not be grown in any ph less than 6.0. Overwatering of lettuce is one of the causes of diseases; hence you should be moderate in providing water for your vegetable.

3. Beans

a basket of beans is in the garden with bean bushes
a basket of beans is in the garden with bean bushes

Regardless of what variety you find or are growing, beans are one easy-to-grow vegetable in the world. Beans are the seed of several genera of a flowering plant family, known as Fabaceae.

The varieties of beans come in various colors, while green is the most common color of beans, other colors include purple, red, yellow, and even streaked.

The bean plant is an annual one and is known to be fast-growing. Beans require full fun to produce the maximum, full sun, not only helps in production but also helps keep the plant dry and prevent infection i.e., fungal diseases.

Beans enjoy being grown in rich, loamy soil, full of organic materials. The soil has to have good soil drainage, and also must be slightly acidic. Beans enjoy being moderately watered, it has shallow roots, hence should not be overwatered. The vegetable will not tolerate under-watering as this can result in stunted growth.  

4. Spinach

Crispy spinach for sale
Crispy spinach for sale

Also known as Spinacia oleracea, spinach is an annual leafy green vegetable that belongs to the amaranth family; the plant is native to central and western Asia.

The spinach leaf is cultivated to be eaten, both raw and cooked. Spinach, when consumed, is known to supply various nutrients to the body.

There are many varieties of spinach; it is also characterized by its smooth, dark green color. One reason spinach is loved by many gardeners is that it is fast-growing and less stressful; you can be assured of a harvest in one month after planting its seed.

Spinach will grow well when it is provided full sun to partial shade, it enjoys organically rich loamy and well-drained soil, it also prefers a neutral soil Ph. Spinach will grow well when moderately watered to keep the soil moist, however, it will not tolerate being overwatered.  

5. Peas

Woman with freshly picked green pea pods peeling and eating peas in vegetable garden
Woman with freshly picked green pea pods peeling and eating peas in vegetable garden

A favorite for a lot of people; Peas are the small spherical seed of the pod fruit Pisum sativum. The pod has in it several peas which come in colors ranging from green to yellow.

Peas are an annual plant and they are found in many parts of the world. Peas come in various variants such as peas for shelling and then edible peas like sugar snap and snow peas.

For farmers, peas are one of the many easy vegetables to grow, however, these lovelies require little care. Like the rest of the vegetables, peas will grow well when placed in full sun and well-drained, organically rich soil. Add compost to the soil before planting.

6. Cucumber

Growing cucumber in the garden
Growing cucumber in the garden

A little different from leafy vegetables, cucumber is a fantastic plant to grow as a beginner. The cucumber is a tropical vegetable that thrives best in warm weather.

A healthy cucumber is given a lot of water and sunlight. Cucumbers will grow only in the hot season and at a soil temperature of 70 degrees. The plant has varieties, i.e., vining and bush, all of which are easy to grow.

Grow your cucumber in rich, well-drained soil and provide about an inch of water every week. We recommend that you also feed your plant with water-soluble plant food to boost its growth and productivity. Cucumber grows fast and requires little care; hence if you are a beginner at gardening, this is your go-to.

7. Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes from the garden
Cherry tomatoes from the garden

Tomatoes are one of the most loved vegetables in the world. Tomatoes are used for various dishes, not only this, the plant is one of the easiest to grow.

The tomatoes are the edible berry of the plant Solanum Lycopersicum from the nightshade family, and it is native to South America. The vegetable has a whole lot of nutrients in it and is found to cure a lot of diseases and infections.

Tomatoes come in various varieties and you must observe and grow the best variety that is not prone to infection and diseases. Select a sunny spot in your garden to grow your tomatoes, ensure the soil is well-drained and rich in organic matter.

Tomatoes are planted from seed and grown indoor first, before moving outside. Ensure you water moderately and feed with an organic fertilizer. Tomatoes are one easy-to-grow vegetable, and apart from problems from pests and diseases, your tomatoes will have a smooth ride growing.

8. Swiss Chard

The colorful leaves of swiss chard on a sunny day
The colorful leaves of swiss chard on a sunny day

Belonging to the Chenopodiaceae family, alongside beet and, Swiss chard is not just an amazing vegetable to grow; it is also known to be a packed store of nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

The vegetable is characterized by its long, elegant leaves, with beautiful stems in red, yellow, orange, and white. Swiss chard is not only beautiful but is easy to grow, the plant will grow well when planted directly into the soil and provided with full sun.

Although it enjoys being in full sun, if you live in a hot climate, it is best to provide a shade for it in the afternoon.   

9. Carrots

Fresh carrots. Harvest organic carrots on the ground.
Fresh carrots. Harvest organic carrots on the ground.

Another vegetable on the list is carrot, apart from being a delicious vegetable, carrot is an easy vegetable to grow, which yields produce in no time. Carrot is a root vegetable that is typically orange in color.

The plant originates from Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds; however, the most common part is the taproot. Carrots grow best when placed in sandy, loose soil and preferably during spring and fall.

Carrots will take about 2 to 4 months to reach maturity, ensure that your carrot is placed where it can get enough sunlight daily.

10. Pepper

Red bell peppers in the vegetable garden
Red bell peppers in the vegetable garden

Last on the list is pepper, these red vegetables are one of the easiest to grow. The plant grows best in moist, well-drained soil. Pepper grows best when placed in a warm, sunny spot.

Not only is pepper easy to grow, but it is also a fast-growing plant. Pepper will grow well as long as it is properly watered and given adequate sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Growing vegetables isn’t so hard after all. Growing your vegetables assures you that you are eating healthy. 

Although these plants are easy to grow, they also require little care, such as water, sunlight, and rich soil. It is important that you provide this basic care to them, and also protect them from pests and diseases.