Epiphyllum Cactus: How to Grow And Care For This Cacti

Looking for a trouble-free houseplant? Epiphyllum is gotten from the Greek word ”upon the leaf” and they are gems of the cactus world. This plant is commonly called the orchid cactus which is due to its large bright bloom and growing habits. This is one of the best plants to grow indoors and it is loved for its range of colors.

Caring for this plant can reward you with an exotic range of colors.

The Epiphyllum plant is excellent for hanging baskets and also there are over a dozen cactus plants for you to choose from. This plant has large white fragrant flowers and their blooms and fruits are enough reasons to have it planted in your home.

These are not cool hardy plants and they can grow on other plants. However, as awesome as this plant is, there are certain guides needed to care for them. Epiphyllum Cactus can easily take the spotlight among your indoor plants due to its showy flowers.

This plant not only produces colorful flowers but fruits as well.

Epiphyllum plants are mostly epiphytic which means they grow on other plants but it is one of the few jungle cacti you can find. Knowing how to grow and care for these cacti can be quite rewarding. If pollinated, the flowers can grow into edible fruits.

Epiphyllum Cactus Information

Epiphyllum cactus plant is also known as orchid cactus which has an epiphytic nature, this means it grows on other plants as a hot and not as a parasite.

There are many varieties of epiphyllum plants to choose from, but the common one is the epiphyllum cactus and they are best planted in a heated greenhouse or indoors.

Epiphyllum Cactus Care
Image: Jim Evans / Wikimedia Commons

These cacti thrive in the right growing condition and it is best planted in long hanging baskets to accommodate their long pendant stems and it is quite understanding and undemanding too.

Indoor plants like epiphyllum cacti are easy to grow and caring for them is a water balancing act. The majority of these cacti can be found in trees while some are terrestrial.

Epiphyllum Cactus Growth And Care

The world of the epiphyllum plant is a really broad one as it comes in different growth sizes and colors.

However, the epiphyllum cactus is an easy one to grow, first, you need to choose a filtered light location. Epiphyllum cactus will thrive in a site where it can get full sun in the morning but they do best from indirect sunlight or cool afternoon sun.

These cacti can grow from either seed or propagation using the cutting stem method. You might want to go with the stem cutting method as this plant can take up to 5 years to bloom if they are grown from the stem. Plant in standard cacti soil.

The Epiphyllum cactus plant is just like every other houseplant hence it hates being overwatered. Morning sun is ideal for increasing the number of flowers on your plants but watering it too often can kill it. This plant hails from the tropical rainforests of Mexico and it is meant to live on the surface of other plants.

To grow epiphyllum cactus, you just need to balance its water and light needs. They are relatively trouble-free as well. Simply planted in a pot indoors or a heated greenhouse and place in bright filtered light with moderate or high humidity. Keep the soil moderately moist and reduce the watering in the winter.

Epiphyllum Cactus Care And Growth
Image: Göran Jönsson / Commons

How do I get my night-blooming cactus to bloom?

To get your night cactus to bloom, you need to provide it with enough light but keep in mind that too much sun can damage its foliage. Hence, avoid locations with harsh full sun and rather choose a spot that gets sun in the morning and shade for the rest of the day. To ensure it blooms well limits the amount of water and fertilizes properly.

How do you water Epiphyllum?

Watering is an important aspect of acting for epiphyllum plants but you need to make sure you don’t overwater it. The top of the soil should be moderately damp and ensure to water around the roots and not the leaves. Leaving water on the leaves or overwatering it can lead to root rot or fungus gnat.

How do you prune Epiphyllum Cactus?

Epiphyllum cactus does not require regular pruning and it should only be done if you need to control its size. This is a fast-growing plant but very easy to maintain. The best time to prune it is after it stops flowering and all you have to do is use a sharp clean knife to cut through cactus leaves carefully without crushing them.

Why is my cactus leggy?

If your cactus is turning leggy and stretchy then this likely means they are not getting enough sunlight. Cactus plant turning leggy always means it is trying to reach for more sunlight hence you should try to remove the stem at a growth rate.

Final Thoughts

Epiphyllum Cactus is considered an interesting houseplant and it doesn’t require much to care for and maintain this plant.

These plants thrive in cool temperatures so expose them to 50 to 60 degrees F and since it is a tropical plant, it loves moderate moisture and humidity.

It does have a few insects and disease issues but with good management, there is nothing to worry about and it will bloom for an entire season.