Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream: The Differences And Similarities

Choosing between frozen yogurt and ice cream can be a really tough decision to make and maybe this is the reason people who sell ice cream and yogurt from a counter sell one or the other and not both at a time, perhaps they knew mingling these two together, people are sure to spend an inordinate amount of time, comparing and contrasting the chocolate cookie ice cream on one end and the salted caramel yogurt on the other end, however, both differ in nutritional values.

There actually is a difference between these two desserts, in taste, how it is made and the nutritional benefit of each, both ice cream and yogurt are delicious treats but there is still the question of which to choose, it is helpful to know how ice cream different from frozen yogurt in terms of nutrition, you can munch up as much yogurt and ice cream as you want when you are sure of getting benefits from it.

Yogurt is quite similar to ice cream though, this article will provide all you need to know concerning these two delicious treats, you can spend less time choosing between these two next time after you are making a choice.

Is frozen yogurt better for you than ice cream?

Most frozen yogurts do contain less sugar and calories which might make them better than ice cream but this is not applicable to all kinds of yogurt and if you are going for low-fat ice cream, the calories and saturated fat are about the same as yogurt.

The flavor is also important when it comes to choosing the most beneficial of these two, some frozen yogurt flavors might have added more sugar than ice cream, many yogurt and ice creams now offer their nutritional value online, this will help you make a beneficial choice.

It is true that most frozen yogurt contains fewer calories and less sugar but is also missing those satisfying fats and protein that are meant for the body, however, it is rich in probiotics which are friendly to the digestive system and most especially for people with an intolerance to lactose.

frozen yogurt
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Is frozen yogurt better than ice cream for lactose intolerance?

Frozen yogurt is a tasty treat that is low in cholesterol, it offers the benefits of active live probiotics that support the digestive tract and immune system.

Compared to ice cream frozen yogurt contains lower levels of lactose and this is because probiotic bacteria break down some of the lactose reducing the amount per serving.

Frozen yogurt is also a better option for a diabetes individual, ice cream might be packed full of milk and sugar which is known as lactose but frozen yogurt contains live bacteria that can break down the sugar.

What Is The Difference Between Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt?

There are a few difference between ice cream and yogurt, which is limited to the ingredients and the nutritional benefits, frozen yogurt and ice cream are both tasty treats during the hot weather and if you are wondering what exactly makes these two differences, below is a detailed analysis of these two delicacies.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a frozen dessert made with a blend of dairy products which are milk, cream, sweeteners and along with added flavors while it freezes, ice cream could also be made more delicious by adding fresh fruits and some artificial flavors, this can be included to suit your preference or help you make a choice according to how you like it.

Ice cream can be served in cones, cups, and sundaes, you could also add toppings like nuts, wafers, fresh fruits, caramel, chocolate syrup, and more.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a dessert made directly from yogurt instead of cream but this is not regulated by the FDA so there is no a standard for how frozen is frozen yogurt and there is more tart than ice cream however frozen yogurt also includes sweeteners and other flavors. Frozen yogurt is cultured milk which is the reason why it comes with a sour flavor compared to milk.

Frozen yogurt is a sweet dessert with a hint of tartness while ice cream can serve as a dessert too but with a milk taste and contains more air, it is more likely taken with different artificial flavors and also yogurt is easier to digest than any other diaries.

Health Benefits Of Frozen Yogurt And Ice Cream

Many might easily go for a frozen yogurt believing it’s more healthy however while this might be true in most cases, it is not in other cases, both frozen yogurt and ice cream provide calcium, protein, and other vitamins and mineral.

There are other various benefits to be gotten from frozen yogurt, one of the frozen yogurt ingredients includes live bacterial cultures which are good for the body’s immune system.

Benefits of eating ice cream

  • Ice cream is a huge source of vitamins A, B-6, and E and it doesn’t stop there, it contains vitamin K which prevents blood clotting.
  • Ice cream is an incredible source of energy, ice cream is rich in fats, carbohydrates, and protein which fills the body with energy, it should not be consumed in excess though as you can easily gain weight with it.
  • Minerals like calcium and phosphorus are also found in ice cream, these nutrients help maintain strong bones and reduce the risk of kidney stones. It also contains thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.
  • ice cream is known to also help stimulate the thrombotic, which is a hormone for happiness and reduces stress in the body. It also helps prevent symptoms of insomnia.

Benefits of eating frozen yogurt

  • It contains good bacteria, which are called probiotics and are quite beneficial to your health
  • If you have lactose intolerance, frozen yogurt can be the best dietary option, it contains healthy probiotics which help break down some of the lactose reducing the amount per portion.
  • Frozen yogurts provide nutrient like calcium and protein that benefits bone health

In Conclusion

Frozen yogurt has an average of 100 calories and eating more than a cup a day and with toppings that contain calories might lead to weight gain hence it is advised to eat in moderation, ice cream has as many calories or more depending on flavor and toppings.

Some frozen yogurt can be really healthy for you and ice cream contains 10% milkfat minimum but can be healthier than yogurts sometimes. Ice cream and frozen yogurt can be a tasty treat, especially during the hot summer months.

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