How to Fix Money Tree Plant Turning Yellow

They say if you are in need of good luck, the plant to be grown is the Money tree plant. This houseplant stands out for its ability to grow with a braided trunk that is visible once the plant is fully grown in combination with its glossy leaves.

A braided Money tree plant is all you need to take your home or office to a better level of style. Although there are various myths surrounding this plant, what can be vouched for is its ability to transform unattractive into attractive.

Money tree plant which belongs to the Malvaceae family is an easy maintenance plant; provision of basic requirements for survival guarantees easy propagation.

This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors so long as the weather and temperature condition is suitable for the Money tree plant. When grown outdoors, they can grow up to 60 ft. Pretty cool, isn’t it? On the other hand, if they are grown indoors, they could grow 6ft. This is one houseplant that has the potential to be taller than you are.

Money tree plant growers are always keen on Money tree plant propagation considering the low-cost implications and easy maintenance. However, one of the hurdles to be crossed in the growth process is when the leaves start turning yellow.

When leaves start turning yellow, it is an indication that something has gone wrong with the foliage appearance of the plant. This is a huge cause of worry as growers are usually in the dark as regards the cause and what to do about it.

This article offers information on the reasons your Money tree plant is turning yellow and how to fix them.

Why are the leaves on my Money tree plant turning yellow?

Money tree plant turns yellow for several reasons. Check out the following to avoid such happening or to identify the reason your Money tree plant is turning yellow.

1. Improper soil moisture

Overwatering is the term for a situation when your plant is drowned in too much water. An overwatered soil is also called waterlogged or soggy. This soil condition does not allow for oxygen to exist within the soil.

Signs that the soil is overwatered are stunted plant growth, root rot, and these signs are usually followed by the leaves turning yellow. Improper soil is caused by poor drainage of water from the Money tree plant pot or container

Image: English Gardens

2. Humidity level

The humidity level of the Money tree plant is key to its thriving because it determines the atmosphere the plant would grow in. the humidity level of the plant should be at least 50%.

An atmosphere that is too dry is unconducive to the plant and affects it leading to a change in foliage appearance. In addition, the temperature should also be considered.

Severe weather conditions that range from too hot or too cold should be avoided; these weather conditions cause harm to the plant’s growth and is a cause for the leaves turning yellow.

3. Improper lighting

Improper lighting happens when the plant is receiving either too little or too much light. When a plant has been deprived of sufficient lighting, the plant is unable to receive adequate nutrients that would guarantee proper growth.

The change in foliage appearance usually starts from bright colored leaves becoming dull in an appearance before the leaves start turning yellow.

4. Pest infestation

Pest infestation occurs when the plant has been attacked by pests and insects. Common pests that affect money tree plants are aphids and mealybugs.

These pests if not controlled could damage your plant. These pests sap out nutrients from the money tree plant and when this happens, the foliage appearance begins to change by the leaves turning yellow.

5. Natural reasons

The reason your money tree plant may be turning yellow may be no other reason than it becoming old. A sign that your Money tree plant tree is getting old is the leaves may start turning yellow

6. Fertilization

Fertilization is an essential element of the growth process of your money tree plant. Over and under fertilization are conditions affiliated with fertilizing your money tree plant.

There are situations when the soil of your money tree plant is unable to supply adequate nutrients to the soil, refusal to adequately fertilize the soil would affect the plant’s foliage appearance because sufficient nutrient is not being supplied.

In a situation of over-fertilization, it means the grower has exceeded the adequate amount of fertilizer needed for the plant’s survival. The effects of over-fertilization manifest in the leaves turning yellow because the soil and rot have been affected.

How to fix Money tree plant turning Yellow?

Fixing your Money tree plant is dependent on the reason the leaves are turning yellow. From the several reasons stated above, identify what may have caused it. How to fix it is usually once the cause has been identified.

1. How to fix improper soil moisture

This is usually caused when the soil has been overwatered. If the soil has been overwatered for long, you need to adjust your watering schedule to cater to the watering needs of the plant. In a situation of overwatering, you would need to stay off the water for a while to allow the roots to recover.

If root rot has occurred due to overwatering, you would need to repot the plant and the soil. A major cause of overwatering is the pot or container used for the money tree plant. Ensure that the pot or container being used is well drilled to allow good drainage of water.

2. Raising or reducing humidity levels

If the humidity level is not appropriate for the money tree plant, you could make use of humidifiers. The humidifier is guaranteed for improving the humidity level of your plant.

Another way of improving the humidity level is to mist the leaves regularly. In addition to misting regularly, you could grow the money tree plant amidst other leaves. All these are assured means of improving the humidity level of your money tree plant.

3. Handling improper lighting

If improper lighting is the cause of the leaves turning yellow, change the location of the money tree plant to one where it can receive sufficient light. If natural light from the sun proves to be insufficient (this happens mostly to indoor growers), you could make use of artificial light such as bulbs and fluorescents

4. Pest infestation problems

Pest infestations should be combatted upon detection. Delay in combatting is very detrimental to the survival of the plant because these pests can potentially damage the plants. Cleaning the leaves and spraying with an insecticidal soap helps eliminate pest infestations at their early stage.

5. Natural reasons

If aging is the cause of leaves turning yellow, nothing has to be done other than just clipping off the affected parts to wait for new growth.

6. Fertilization

In either case of under or over-fertilization, the money tree plant grower should study the adequate amount needed for survival and should stick to the amount required.

Final note

After the cause of your money tree plant has been detected, the first step to take in fixing this houseplant is to clip off all affected parts.

Yellow leaves cannot change to the original green color of the money tree plant. Clipping off the affected parts gives room for new growth. After clipping off affected parts, you can then go on making other necessary changes for your money tree plant.

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