icing on the earthcake

Icing on the earthcake! Icing on the earthcake! Finally, there is icing on the earthcake! Translation: it snowed here in Nyack this weekend. My husband Rob coined this term last winter. After all, doesn’t snow look a lot like icing? (That donut above used to be our fire pit.) This […]

spam: not just canned ham

One of the great things about blogging is getting clever, pithy, informative, and generally supportive comments from kind readers. On the other hand, one of the weird things about blogging is getting spam, in other words, fake comments generated by…well, I don’t know exactly who generates spam – I think […]

faux flowers and…feathers

I was at that craft super-store, Michael’s, the other day (returning some materials from a holiday project that didn’t quite work out) when I got drawn in by the fake flower department. I have never taken the time to stroll through these aisles – that stuff is crazy! I couldn’t […]

carrot soup, with a warning

I made my favorite carrot soup today and I’m dying to share this recipe. But first, I feel compelled to issue a warning backed up by a real-life anecdote. IF YOU EAT A LOT OF CARROTS, YOUR SKIN COULD TURN ORANGE. It’s an actual condition called Carotenemia, usually affects your […]

the problem with relaxation

Wow, I have just come off some serious R&R&R&R. (Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, and Ridiculous amounts of food.) And while it has been one of the more wonderful experiences of my life, and I highly recommend it, taking a break from your usually-busy life does come at a price. For example: […]

ready for christmas

Of course Christmas is an excellent time to celebrate the bigger aspects of life: family, friends, and everyone’s safety and good health. But there’s something to be said for all the details, too. We actually got ahead of the curve this year by decorating our house and trimming our tree […]

grandma’s scottish shortbread

Every year, as Christmas nears, I intend to whip up a few batches of my grandmother’s traditional Scottish shortbread. And every year, it’s the same story: time slips through my hands, I get a little too wrapped up in other holiday festivities, Christmas is suddenly about 10 minutes away, and […]

holiday chandelier

I hate to brag, but I think we have the coolest outdoor holiday chandelier on our block. (Note: there are no other outdoor holiday chandeliers on our block.) It is an Original Piece of Abstract Outdoor Holiday Ornamentation created by Elf Rob from wire, LED lights, and Christmas ornaments. It […]

loopy for lulu’s

How do you know if you have an addiction? At what point is a “pattern” considered an “obsession”? Does the fact that Rob and I have been going to breakfast at nearby Lulu’s Cafe every Sunday at 9:03 AM as if its church mean we have a problem? And if […]

stuffed 1.0

Turns out preparing a Thanksgiving feast isn’t rocket science. In fact, now that we’ve attempted our first one, I’m pretty sure that it’s more complex and labor intensive than rocket science. Fortunately, we had the good sense to call in a lot of help… For example, that gorgeous Pumpkin Pie […]

fall foliage blues

It would be nice if I could resist the temptation to quote the Mama’s and Papas right now, but that’s just not a possibility because “all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”  The best word to describe the view from our windows now is Bleak with a […]

leaf removal 101

Well, it’s late fall and here in the Northeast that means everything is a complete mess. Isn’t it a bit disrespectful the way the trees just let their leaves fall to the ground for others to pick up? I, for one, was taught to not drop my clothes all over […]

soup solves everything

Has life got you down? Has the impending gloom of winter taken the “spring” out of your step? I would like to hereby suggest that you have some soup. Did the Dow Jones just plummet and with it, all your hopes and dreams for the future? (Namely, retiring by the […]