Radish Companion Plants (What Not to Grow Near Radishes)

Radish isn’t only good for culinary dishes. This vegetable plant has therapeutic effects when eaten. It contains antioxidants that prevent Foreign Bodies from getting into the body. Most farmers grow this vegetable on the farm because it saves them the stress of fertilizing. 

It is an easy-to-grow plant that softens the soil. Radish also enhances the flavor of plants grown with it. You will be at a loss if you don’t have this beneficial vegetable in your garden. There are several ways to help this plant thrive well in your garden. One of such methods is companion planting

The plant that belongs to the family of Brassicaceae is packed with vitamins that will repair your cell and give you other health benefits. You can choose to eat it roasted, raw, or baked.

Whichever way you choose to consume it doesn’t deplete the nutrients you will get from it

20 Best Radish Companion Plants

You enjoy many benefits when you have radish as one of the vegetables in your garden. Radish contains antioxidants that get rid of free radicals and Foreign Bodies. It gives you immunity to diseases and replenishes your body with vitamins and cells. You don’t want to mess up your cultivation and be deprived of these benefits.

Some plants that grow well with Radish are;

1. Cucumber

Cucumber plants
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Vegetable plants are good companion plants to grow on the same patch. Cucumbers are one of the best vegetables to plant with radish.

They contribute to its growth by acting as shade while radish returns this favor by keeping cucumber beetles and flies at bay. Adopting this method on your farm saves you the cost of pesticides. Radish has the same growing condition as cucumbers. Adding peas to the duo on the patch will give you an amazing result. 

2. Peas

Cover crops are a source of nitrogen to your soil. Once a soil has been depleted of nutrients as a result of planting nutrient hungry plants continuously, grow peas in that garden to replenish the soil. Peas are legumes and these plants are the best companions to grow with a plant that requires sufficient nutrients.

Radish will feed well from the soil which will improve its growth. 

3. Borage

Flowers are plants that should not be given a second thought before planting in your garden. They attract predators that destroy insect pests. That is, they contribute to your plant’s pollination and also protect them from diseases. Borage is an example of such a flower. Borage can keep pests away from your radish and encourage its pollination. 

4. Chervil

Chervil can also be called French Parsley. It belongs to the Parsley family. If you have planted Parsley in your garden, you’ll know that it enhances the flavor of your plant or meals. Chervil will not act any different when you plant it with Radish. It is characterized by a curly leaf. It can be eaten fresh or dry. When planted with Radish chases pests from it.

 5. Nasturtium

Nasturtium Companion Plants
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Nasturtium will effectively repel any pest that comes close to your Radish just like other flowers. Nasturtium can also be used as a trap crop. This implies that it can be planted some meters away from Radish to attract aphids to itself. This method prevents your Radish from getting eaten. 

6. Rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic herb that companions with many plants. It releases a scent that keeps insect pests at Bay. Plant rosemary with your radish to keep bean beetles and carrot flies at bay. 

7. Marigold

Marigold is found in most gardens because of its pest repelling attribute. It is a low-maintenance flower and won’t need to be monitored frequently. Grow your radishes with marigold to give your garden an attractive look and invite pollinators. 

8. Mint

Mint is used in everyday life. It is used in making, toothpaste, biscuits, and other meals. Mint has a great effect on pests too. That means you can plant it in your garden to get rid of pests. It can also give your radish a good flavor. Grazing animals stay steer clear of your radish when you grow mint in your garden. 

9. Squash

Squash Companion Plants
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Squash benefits from radish planted close to it. Squash is susceptible to squash borers that destroy its stem and eventually stunt its growth. A perfect way to prevent this is by planting radish on the same patch. Radish also acts as a self-sacrificing crop when planted with squash. Miners are drawn to squash but with radish in the same garden.

The squash will be ignored while radish will be eaten. 

10. Brassicas

It might surprise you that brassicas go well with radish. Brassicas are heavy feeders and are bad companions for many plants. However, they will make the soil more suitable for radish to thrive. Rather than fight for nutrients with your radish, they contribute nutrients that radish feeds from to grow well. 

11. Beans

This should be the first most recommended plant for radishes. Radishes take up many nutrients from the soil thus it needs a plant that will keep replenishing the soil with nutrients to have an incessant supply. Pole beans fixed nitrogen in the soil and will give radish a continuous supply of nutrients. It can also act as shade or mulch for your radish

12. Dill

This herb is found on the list of good companions. It attracts parasitic wasps that feed on pests attacking radish. It is good for attracting pollinators to your garden. 

13. Parsnips

Parsnips’ major role is to invite beneficial insects to your garden that will feed on radish pests. Pests like root maggots will stay away from your radish when you plant parsnips because spiders lurk around them. These predators feed on root maggots. 

14. Oregano

Oregano releases a strong scent like mint that keeps pests at bay. Oregano is an easy-to-grow plant so you will not encounter problems companioning it with radish. It keeps cabbage moths away from radish. 

15. Eggplant

Eggplant Companion Plants
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The relationship between eggplant and radish is symbiotic. Eggplant acts as a shade for radish. Radish on the other hand keeps eggplant pest-free. 

16. Onions

Except for beans and a few plants, onions go well with many plants on the patch. Its scent is strong enough to repel radish’s most dangerous pests. 

17. Lettuce

This vegetable plant acts as a cover for radish. It helps it conserve soil nutrients and moisture. Radish requires so many nutrients to survive and grow well. Plant lettuce with your radish to prevent depletion of soil nutrients. 

18. Pepper

There are different species of peppers. Whichever variety you plant with radish plays the same role other capsicum plants will play. They keep insect pests at bay. 

19. Tomatoes

Tomatoes could be dangerous for some plants because they can contaminate the soil with fungal diseases like blight. Albeit, radish will benefit from tomatoes. Tomatoes are responsible for making the soil more suitable for radish. 

20. Spinach

Lettuce acts as a cover for radish, spinach is another vegetable plant that will perform this role perfectly. It also conserves the moisture of the soil for radish. 

What Not To Plant With Radishes

Just as there are good companion plants for radish, there are some plants that radish will cause harm to if planted. While some of these plants are equally bad for radish. 

1. Corn

Corn Companion Plants
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Never make the mistake of Planting corn with radish because corn goes well with many plants. Radish is an exception and will be deprived of sufficient sunlight if planted with corn. For radish to thrive, it requires 6-8 hours of exposure to sunlight. Corn will compete with it for this nutrient. 

2. Kohlrabi

This is found on the list of bad companions like fennel. Kohlrabi deprives your radish of getting enough nutrients it needs to grow properly. They both feed on the same nutrients. Planting both together will result in a competition. 

3. Sunflower

Sunflower is a bad companion for any plant that needs much exposure to direct sunlight to thrive. From the name, it implies that sunflower requires sufficient sunlight. Growing it with radish is preparing both plants for disaster. 

4. Hyssop

Hyssop can prevent radish from growing well. It causes stunted growth when planted with radish. 

5. Turnips

Turnips are another plant that can hinder the growth of radish. They should not be found together in the garden. 

Radish Companion Planting Guide

Here are some companion planting tips for growing radishes in your garden.

  • Clear away unwanted materials from the soil
  • It’s important to ensure that the soil is positioned to receive direct sunlight
  • Radish thrive well in well-drained soil of about 6-7pH 
  • Pick the best variety of radish plant and mix the soil with compost for better growth
  • Radish grows best in spring and fall
  • Radish need not be planted indoors before transplanting outside because of its timid roots
  • Radish seedling needs a spacing of 1 inch to prevent competition
  • Water your plants frequently. Radish plants need moisture to thrive
  • Uproot weeds growing around your plant.

What can you not plant with radishes?

Radish doesn’t go well with every garden plant. Some plants can hinder their growth. It can also stunt the growth of some plants. Thus, it is important to know these plants and keep them away from radish. Hyssop, melons, kohlrabi, and corn are examples of plants that should be far from radish in the garden.

Can you plant tomatoes and radishes together?

Yes, tomatoes are good companion plants for radish. Although, tomatoes can spread fungal diseases and certain pests. Radish won’t get affected by these diseases and pests.

Can you plant radish next to Peppers?

Peppers are good at repelling pests from any plant cultivated with them. Radish will benefit from this pest repelling attribute of pepper if they are planted together.

Can radishes and carrots be planted together?

Radish will help carrot get rid of carrot rust flies. Yes, you can grow them together.

What should I plant next to radishes?

There are many plants you should be in proximity to radish. Peas, beans, lettuce are some of the best plants to grow with radish because they act as cover crops and conserve moisture. Peas and beans being leguminous crops also add nutrients to the soil for the benefit of radish. 

What should I plant after radishes?

The best plants to grow with radishes are those that replenish the soil with nutrients. Plants like beans and peas are the best plants to grow after radish has been harvested in a garden. They replenish the soil with nutrients that have been lost.

Why do farmers plant radishes?

Radish helps in softening the soil. They also add organic materials to the soil. It saves farmers the cost of buying pesticides.

How do you grow Cucumbers with radishes?

Cucumbers and radishes benefit each other by acting as shade and repelling pests from each other.


Radish benefits your plants and soil in different ways. Companion planting is an ancient practice that can help other plants benefit from another plant by transferring its benefits. Radish benefits many plants than it receives from them.

To prove the yield of your plants, try growing them with radish in the garden.

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