Refrigerator Runs Every 20 Minutes (Fixed)

Your refrigerator runs every 20 minutes and it is beginning to be quite bothersome. It is very important for the refrigerator to work perfectly without many interruptions as it plays a very crucial role in keeping our meals fresh.

However, it is common knowledge that the refrigerator is meant to turn on and off several times a day to balance the internal temperature of the fridge but it is quite unusual for this circle to take place every 20 minutes and we totally understand why you are worried.

An obvious malfunction such as this can happen for several reasons but the good news is that some of the solutions to this problem are fairly minor and it can be easily fixed.

This article provides comprehensive information on how long a refrigerator is supposed to run, the reasons why it runs every 20 minutes, and possible solutions to the problem.

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What Is The Normal Refrigerator Cycle?

The expected time limit a refrigerator should run depends on the model of the appliance, there are also several factors that determine the refrigerator cycle.

However, it is best to be sure how long your refrigerator should run to decipher when it is malfunctioning and prevent your meals from spoilage.

Generally, the refrigerator is supposed to run for about 5-8 hours before automatically going off. However, the usual standard run time is 30-40 minutes. This feature makes sure that the internal temperature is steady and balanced. It is best to understand that most appliances are designed to run 80%-90% daily.

Refrigerator Runs Every 20 Mins (Causes & FIX)

Reasons Why Refrigerator Runs Every 20 Minutes

The following are possible reasons why your refrigerator would run for 20 minutes;

1. Not Enough Space

If the fridge is too close to the wall or it is cramped up in a confined space, this can have a significant effect on the run time of the refrigerator. Simply put, when the fridge is very close to walls, it is going to heat up more often than usual which would also have a negative effect on the internal temperature of the fridge as well as causing the run time to drop to 20 minutes.

2. The Refrigerator Has A Faulty Thermometer

There is also a high chance that the thermometer of the refrigerator is malfunctioning or faulty and this will cause it to have wrong readings of the temperature of the refrigerator. This will not only cause the fridge to run every 20 minutes but can lead to other serious damages to the refrigerator.

3. The Seal Is Worn Out Or Broken

The refrigerator seal may look simple but it plays a very vital role in keeping the dry air produced by the refrigerator from escaping out of the fridge. Once the seal is broken or worn out the internal temperature of the fridge would be sabotaged and this would cause the fridge to run at an abnormal time.

4. Steaming Food Is Stored In The Refrigerator

It is well known that storing hot food in the fridge and even in the freezer can alter or affect the internal temperature of the fridge. When the amount of hot food stored in the fridge is too much the temperature would definitely fluctuate, and the heat from the food would cause the refrigerator to regulate its temperature in an attempt to cool the food.

How This Issue Can Be Fixed

Once you have identified the problem, you should be able to fix this troubleshoot with the following appropriate solutions;

1. Move The Refrigerator

The cause of this issue most times is that the refrigerator is in a confined area and would need a little bit of space to perform its job properly. If the refrigerator is too close to the wall, the best thing to do is to move it a few inches away from the wall. Also, if the fridge is in a cramped area of the room, it’s best to relocate it to a bigger space.

2. Reset The Thermometer

You do not necessarily need to replace the malfunctioning thermometer with a new one, all you need do is readjust the settings or reset the thermometer to get it working perfectly again.

3. Replace The Broken Seal

If this is the identified problem it is best to replace the seal right away as any further delay can be damaging the refrigerator. It is also certain that the foods stored are not safe and are at a greater risk of going bad.

To make this solution more durable it is best to replace the entire seal in the refrigerator as this is a clear indication that the seal is worn out.

4. Remove Hot Food

Hot food has a way of affecting the internal temperature of the refrigerator, the only way to solve this issue is by bringing out hot food stored in the refrigerator and allowing it to cool at room temperature before putting them back in the refrigerator.

In the long run, always let the food cool down before storage in the fridge.

Wrapping Up

We understand that the refrigerator running every 20 minutes can be a major cause of concern, however, the causes of this issue as well as the solutions are quite straightforward, simple, and easy.

Thankfully, this article contains all the information you need on how to manage this issue.