Superstar Croton Plant Care And Propagation Guide

The superstar croton is a bright and flamboyant croton houseplant. This croton makes a statement in any container it is placed in and produces a beautiful impression wherever it is placed.

It distinguishes itself from other houseplants by adding the appropriate finishing touch to the aesthetics of your home. Green and yellow colours abound on the foliage of this croton.

These plants are usually found in India and Malaysia, and they appreciate water, but not too much of it. In indirect sunlight, they gleam beautifully. Because it is a tropical plant, the superstar croton thrives in humid environments.

It’s simple to take care of your croton plant. We have provided for you, how to care for your croton as well as its propagation, with the basic information, care guide, and instructions in this article.

Superstar Croton Plant Basic Information

Here are a few key details about this particular croton variety and some of what makes it so special.

Plant NameSuperstar croton
Botanical GenusCodiaeum Variegatum
Plant FamilyEuphorbiaceae
Plant TypePerennial
OriginMalaysia, India
Classification Tropical Plant
Soil TypeEvenly moist
LightIndirect sunlight
WateringOn a regular basis 
Toxicity Highly toxic
Foliage ColorGreen and yellow

Superstar Croton Plant Care Guide

Crotons have a reputation for being difficult to maintain and care for, however, this is not the case if they are properly cared for. How do you properly look after your superstar croton? Follow the steps outlined below to help your superstar reach new and beautiful heights.

Superstar Croton Plant
Source: Naestreeo

1. Watering

Your croton plant should be watered once a week. If your croton starts to droop leaves, you know it’s parched and requires water. You should water your leaves frequently enough to keep them healthy, but not so much that they become waterlogged.

To see if your superstar croton needs water, place your fingers on the soil; if it appears dry and hard, you can give the plant enough water. If your croton plants are outside, you will need to water them more frequently.

2. Light

For your superstar croton’s growth and beauty, the amount of light it receives is a critical thing to consider. Not only that, but the direction in which your plant faces is crucial since it shows how much light your croton plant receives.

Every day, the superstar croton needs at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. However, you must avoid overexposing your plant to sunlight to avoid damaging it.

3. Fertilizer

Fertilizing is one way you will boost your plant effectively. Fertilizers aid the growth of your superstar croton. You should however watch for the product you will use, or the nutrients you feed your soil with; some will do your croton more harm than good.

During the drier and non-growing seasons, you should fertilize your soil more often than in other seasons.

4. Humidity

The superstar croton thrives in a humid environment, and when the air is dry, the leaves suffer. Sometimes, the plant might not get enough humid air in the house, so you should consider taking our plant out, but be careful not to cause discomfort by moving around too often.

If the atmosphere is really dry, you should consider trying a humidifier. Just be sure to regulate well, so it does not harm your plant.

5. Temperature

Be sure the temperature in your home is friendly for your plant, and you should try to keep it as warm as possible. Summer is the best time to plant your croton. You can however still grow in other seasons, just that the growth rate may be slower, and you will need to take proper caution in these other seasons.

6. Pruning

The superstar croton requires pruning at least four times a year. You should prune your plant also when you notice dead leaves. This will allow for new leaves to grow.

Pruning with clean and sanitized shears and then cleaning other equipment required for pruning is very essential, as it prevents the spread of other diseases that can plague your plant.

Superstar Croton Propagation 

Propagation is one of the easiest things you could do to multiply your plants. You should however note that not all propagations are successful, but when one does not work out, you can always try it out again. With this guide below, there is a high chance that your superstar croton’s propagation will be a success.

You can decide to make use of either the leaves or the stem for your propagation. We would make use of the stem for this guide.

Items needed for propagation

  • A mature and healthy Superstar croton
  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Earthworm castings
  • Pot (a small and big pot)
  • Sanitized shears

Step 1: Take a mature superstar croton plant and cut the stem off.

Step 2: Take some leaves off the stem, starting from the bottom, and peel off the skin.

Step 3: Place your peat moss in the small pot and add the earthworm castings.

Step 4: Place your stem in the soil. The leaves should start appearing after about a month or two.

Step 5: Remove from the small pot and transfer into a bigger pot.

How To Care For Superstar Croton Plant

  1. You can water your superstar croton or any type of croton from the root to the top. Some pots are specially designed to water the leaves of a plant from the root. This is something you should look into the next time you go to your local flowerpot shop!
  1. It’s natural for your croton plant to occasionally shed one or two leaves. Only when a large number of leaves fall at the same moment should you be concerned. It could be a symptom of a disease at this point.
  1. The superstar croton should be kept out of direct sunlight. As much as you want to expose your plant to full sun, about five to six hours of sunshine should suffice.
  1. To keep your superstar croton safe from crawling pests, don’t put it on the floor. It can be placed on a stand.


Superstar croton plant parent? You’ll find these answers useful.

Why isn’t my croton plant thriving?

Your superstar croton’s growth can be inhibited for a variety of reasons. Inadequate sunlight, either too dry or moist soil, change in season, uncomfortable temperature, and a change in the location of the croton plant can all cause your croton to be unhappy.

Is it possible to humidify my plant with A diffuser?

Yes. The diffuser can be a wonderful way to keep your superstar croton moist, but don’t use essential oils in the diffusers because this could hurt the plant. However, we recommend that your plant be exposed to naturally damp air.

Is the superstar croton houseplant safe to eat?

No, due to the plant’s toxicity, it is not safe to eat this houseplant. The celebrity croton will give you stomach and digestion problems if you eat it. This plant is also dangerous if it comes into touch with your skin, as it will irritate it severely. This plant should be kept out of the reach of youngsters and dogs.


The vibrant hues of the superstar croton make it appealing and a must-have in any home. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, or patio; as long as it gets adequate sunlight in any of these locations, it will thrive.

These plants grow when they are properly watered at the appropriate times, fertilized with the suitable nutrients, and exposed to the optimal quantity of sunlight and humidity.

Your crotons want to be looked after and not irritated by having to move around excessively. When you follow these techniques, maintaining your croton should be enjoyable and simple.

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