let the sun shine in

Thank you to Tori @ The Ramblings for awarding me with the prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award – her blog is ha!-larious, so I am of course quite honored. How this works is that I have to answer 11 of her questions, then pass on 11 of my own questions to […]

on the subject of eggs…

We’ve got eggs on the brain here at the home tome. And not just because my own eggs are rapidly aging, declining, disappearing and/or shriveling up into tiny little Yodas. Feel the force around you… Anyway! We also have eggs on the brain because of Easter and this funky grey […]

spam: not just canned ham

One of the great things about blogging is getting clever, pithy, informative, and generally supportive comments from kind readers. On the other hand, one of the weird things about blogging is getting spam, in other words, fake comments generated by…well, I don’t know exactly who generates spam – I think […]

the problem with relaxation

Wow, I have just come off some serious R&R&R&R. (Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, and Ridiculous amounts of food.) And while it has been one of the more wonderful experiences of my life, and I highly recommend it, taking a break from your usually-busy life does come at a price. For example: […]

hats off to bye bye brooklyn

Look what we got from a fellow blogger! Last May, I discovered an excellent blog called, Bye Bye brooklyn, written by Brooklynites Leena and Bradley, who bought a 130 year old house in rural Pennsylvania. They are in the process of fixing it up themselves and documenting it every step […]

sick computer

I am sorry to report (from Rob’s laptop) that my computer is in the hospital. She began to behave strangely earlier this week. After she seized up a few times and experienced a frightening blackout, we rushed her into the ER. Despite several surgeries, her condition has not yet improved. […]

mushroom whisperer

(Pinkmottle Woodwax/Hygrophorus Russula?) As I may have also exclaimed in my last post, Happy National Mushroom Month! Today, I will celebrate by sharing the following tale. It is a tragedy containing a very important lesson… She’s on her way home from running errands around Nyack when she glances to her […]