moon, meteorite or mushroom?

This Sunday, Rob and I had one of those days where we intended to get 50,000 house-related errands done and ended up staying home in our pajamas instead. Not that we were unproductive: I worked on various writing projects at the dining room table and he worked on his art […]

mushrooms on a foggy morn’

‘Twas a foggy morn, Errands were on the docket. I pulled into a parking space. My car? I was about to lock it. When I looked out the windshield And lo and behold, I spotted these strange mushrooms, See, I heart fungi as you’ve oft been told. These were odd […]

mushroom whisperer

(Pinkmottle Woodwax/Hygrophorus Russula?) As I may have also exclaimed in my last post, Happy National Mushroom Month! Today, I will celebrate by sharing the following tale. It is a tragedy containing a very important lesson… She’s on her way home from running errands around Nyack when she glances to her […]