note to the babysitter re: gnomes

Dear Babysitter, Hello! Thanks for coming a bit earlier today so that I could attempt to call the dentist, the pediatrician, the gynecologist and the car dealership before work without a toddler hugging my knees and repeating “readyreadyready” 1,453 times with extreme urgency and a complete lack of specificity. (Ready […]

memo: to the groundhog

To: Groundhog From: Jocelyn and Rob We have been observing you for quite some time now. We see you across the street on our neighbor’s lawn. We’ve also seen you at various locations on our yard. But it wasn’t until a few days ago that our suspicions were finally confirmed […]

moon, meteorite or mushroom?

This Sunday, Rob and I had one of those days where we intended to get 50,000 house-related errands done and ended up staying home in our pajamas instead. Not that we were unproductive: I worked on various writing projects at the dining room table and he worked on his art […]

gnome gnews

Okay, so I have been jetsetting around the world on my whirlwind book tour (read: driving around on the weekends in my ten year old Hyundai), but some interesting things have been going on here at the home front, too. Namely, with the gnomes. Many of you are already acquainted […]

diy shed: rusty to rustic

RUSTY SHED, BEFORE: We had every intention of painting this eyesore at the side of our house. We even bought the paint. I shouldn’t be too disrespectful because this shed is extremely useful: it houses our lawnmower, garbage cans, snow blower, rakes, shovels, etc. It just looked a little creepy […]

peonies: when polka dots explode

WARNING: Do not look at the following photo essay if you are sensitive to beauty, or easily overwhelmed by the splendors of the natural world or if you are a polka dot purist. What you are about to see are explosions of a vibrant nature. They occurred over the last […]

mushrooms on a foggy morn’

‘Twas a foggy morn, Errands were on the docket. I pulled into a parking space. My car? I was about to lock it. When I looked out the windshield And lo and behold, I spotted these strange mushrooms, See, I heart fungi as you’ve oft been told. These were odd […]

the pollen report, achoo

It has been utterly gorgeous here in the Nyack area the last several days: blue skies, slight breezes, temperatures in the 70’s. And yet. Some of us have ACHOO been under the weather…quite literally trapped under a layer of pollen. That green dust is covering absolutely ACHOO everything, including our […]

the lambs ear is listening

Have you ever had the singular, unique and life-altering opportunity to touch lambs ear, a.k.a. Stachys byzantina? Or, rather, shall I say “pet” lambs ear? Because, just as no one can eat just one potato chip, no one can simply touch lambs ear once without getting sucked into a weird […]

i planted something…

…and it grew. I present minnow daffodils: This is nothing short of miraculous. My friend Josie gave me these tiny little bulbs last fall – they were surplus that she didn’t have room for in her Brooklyn community garden. I put them in the ground and then, voila! They poked […]

Go 3G: Glamour Gardening Gloves

I was wondering: Why-o-why do all my flowers die? Why do all the weeds I pull grow right back? And what about those bulbs I planted – nothing ever appeared! Alas, I have finally figured out that it’s because…I didn’t have these: Glamour Gardening Gloves! (a.k.a. the other 3G) These […]

how to make a weed bouquet

The arrival of spring means that a lot of beautiful things are about to bloom. It also means that some not-so-beautiful things are about to arrive as well… I’m talking about every lawn’s enemy: weeds. We have have a cringe-worthy abundance of these, but I’ve figured out how to make […]

gnome news

Here is what Rob said when he spotted this billboard in the city last weekend. (He saw it first.) “Uh oh.” He knew that he’d have to pull over (he did) and that I’d want to take several photos (I did) and that there would be quite a bit of […]

put a bird in it

We bought this little birdhouse a few months back and hung it in a tree outside our kitchen window. I spotted it, of all places, at the Drugworld on Rt 59 in Nyack. It was the only one like it, and was tucked, randomly, at the end of an aisle […]

The Outside In: in nearby Piermont

I think I owe Bill Walsh and Joe Serra an apology. When I recently visited their store, The Outside In, in Piermont near Nyack, I know I behaved strangely. It’s just that their eclectic greenhouse/gallery/boutique made me so happy. I trotted around the place rather spastically ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I […]

memo to the ants in our mailbox:

to: ants from: jocelyn and rob This is just to let you know that tampering with other people’s mail is a federal offense. It is a crime to walk, dance, or hold raves on mail intended for anyone but yourself. It is furthermore uncool for you to sneak into other […]