Weigela Varieties: 10 Common & Rare Types Of Weigela

With a wide range of about 30 varieties, the Weigela is one plant that has the credibility of producing brightly colored flowers when they bloom.

They are popular as garden plants and outdoor houseplants. Their primary foliage design is not as attractive as the flowers they exude when they bloom. But when the Weigela blooms, you are sure to have an entire mass of colorful bushy leaves that can do wonders to any home or garden.

Growers usually use attractive containers to improve their aesthetic effect, although they would not grow as bushy as their counterparts grown as ground covers. 

These needs include regular watering, bright indirect sunlight, NPK fertilizer, a pest-free environment, and regular pruning. 

Just for you, we have collated the most colorful Weigela to propagate in your garden or as an outdoor house plant. In addition, we have provided valuable tips that would surely aid your journey as a Weigela grower. 

Weigela Plant Basic Information and Care

Get to know the Weigela plant with this concise and helpful profile: 

Botanical nameWeigela spp.
OriginNorth China, Korea, and Manchuria
LightBright indirect light
WateringModerate watering
ToxicityNon-toxic to pets and humans
FoodNPK Based fertilizer
HumidityLow humidity
Flowering foliage colorPink, red, burgundy, blue, white
Primary foliage colorGreen
Susceptible Plant IssuesRoot rot, Yellow/ Brown / Dried Leaves, Gray Mold, Pest Infestations from Mealy Bugs, Aphids, Spider mites.

A bushy and colorful Weigela shrub is the result of proper care of the plant; these tips would ensure you have a successful propagation. 

  1. Ensure you follow the specific instruction on your NPK fertilizer.
  2. Fertilizers are applied to Weigela in early spring and mid-summer to help them reach their full potential.
  3. The plant must be grown in an area where it can receive bright indirect sunlight for about 5 hours daily.
  4. Snip early pups to enhance bushy growth.
  5. Regularly water their flowers to keep them healthy-looking.
  6. If you have a garden, regularly lookout for weeds that can impede the growth of your Weigela plant.
  7. Frequently inspect your garden to ensure it is pest-free.
  8. Replenish your soil with organic elements such as mulch or perlite moss.
  9. Sterilize pruning equipment before use and do not share.
  10. Combine your favorite Weigela with other varieties for a colorful garden.  

 Weigela varieties: Types Of Weigela To Grow Today

Contrary to popular thought, they are low-maintenance plants suitable for beginners. Before their bloom time which is spring, their growth needs must be adequately provided. This is a list of the most colorful Weigela varieties.

1. Weigela Monet Sunset 

Weigela Monet Sunset 
Source: Garden Crossings

The Monet Sunset is popular and grown for its colorful foliage. Some varieties have a mixture of peach and pink, while others are green and white. Some varieties are even tricolored. The Monet Sunset is oval-shaped with slightly wavy edges. During their bloom-time, they produce pink rose-like flowers.

They can be grown as ground covers and pot-grown houseplants. This variety can grow up to 18 inches in height and 17 inches in width. They thrive when grown in areas they can receive bright indirect sunlight.

They should not be kept in a poorly lit environment as this can affect their foliage color and vigor. This variety requires moderate watering to survive.

After watering, the soil must always end up moist and not soggy. Soggy/waterlogged soil can be prevented by checking the dryness level of the soil before watering and using a well-drilled that allows proper drainage of water. In the case of overwatering. This variety grown outdoors is prone to leaf and bud eelworms so regularly watch out for them. 

2. Weigela Sonic Bloom Pearl

Weigela Sonic Bloom Pearl
Source: Great Garden Plants

Unlike other Weigela varieties, the beauty of the sonic bloom pearl does not lie in their foliage appearance but in the flowers they produce when they bloom. During their bloom time, they produce a variety of colors that range from white, pink, and blue petals.

Due to their attractive flowers, they are mostly propagated as outdoor houseplants because Sonic bloom Pearls propagated indoors can produce flowers even during their bloom season. Spring and summer is their growing season, their growers are advised to apply fertilizers during this season to enhance their growth and beauty. 

This variety can grow up to 5 ft. in height and 150cm in width. Amongst house plant growers, this variety is deeply appreciated for its ability to produce colorful flowers in large quantities. You can picture how attractive your garden would look with a full mass of the Sonic Bloom Pearl.

Their growth needs are adequate watering, loamy soil, a well-drilled container, proper lighting, and a warm temperate environment. 

3. Weigela Crimson Kisses

Weigela Crimson Kisses
Source: Gardeners Dream

This variety is marked with red trumpet-like flowers. This attractive lot can change the exterior outlook of your home, especially during its bloom time. Most growers are eager about the bloom time of this variety because of the full mass of colorful flowers.

So your hard work over this plant is likely to pay off when your Weigela Crimson Kisses blooms! You can propagate more than one variety if you want a colorful garden. Although they are best propagated as an outdoor plant, you can use colorful containers for potting.

They thrive best in organic soil which can be supplemented with perlite moss or mulch. The Crimson Kisses should be moderately watered. Growers now make use of a moisture sensor to gauge the amount of water the soil needs.

This helps prevent dry soil or over-watering. Mist the leaves regularly to keep the flowers fresh and attractive. In addition, ensure they receive adequate sunlight; they should be grown in areas where they can receive bright indirect sunlight. 

4. Weigela Magical Fantasy 

Weigela Magical Fantasy 
Source: Vineyard Gardens

The Magical fantasy is one of the unique varieties of the Weigela plantThe foliage is a mixture of green and white. The unique markings on the foliage surface make it a good option for indoor and outdoor propagation. However, this variety is widely propagated as an outdoor plant for its bright, colorful flowers.

The foliage colors of the flowers are hues of pink and white. These flowers usually appear during bloom time. To get brightly colored flowers, the plant should be grown in an area between 65◦F-80◦F. When properly nurtured, they can grow up to 4ft in height and width.

If you want a mass of their leaves, prune them regularly to enhance bushy growth. An interesting fact about this plant is its lifespan extends up to 30 years when the growth needs are adequately provided. Their basic growth needs are moderate watering, proper soil, appropriate temperate condition, and a pest-free environment. 

5. Weigela Wine and Rose

Weigela Wine and Rose
Source: White Flower Farm

If you want a shrub with striking flowers, the Wine and Rose variety is your best bet. With multi-colored foliage, this variety is at its best during bloom time and when they are bushy. A sparse-looking wine and rose variety would exude the excellence of this plant.

They can be grown as ground covers and in containers. Growers usually propagate them alongside other flowering plants to complement the aesthetic outlook of their home. This variety should be pruned regularly to maintain a beautiful shape as desired by the grower and to enhance bushy growth.

The Weigela wine and rose should be watered regularly to preserve and enhance their foliage color and vigor. This variety must be kept away from your pets as they are likely to nib on them due to their attractive flowers.

Growers should regularly look out for mealy-bugs infestation should not linger as they can attack the growth of the plant. Spraying the plant can help wade off mealy bugs.

6. Weigela Golden Jackpot 

Weigela Golden Jackpot 
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the varieties that its flowers are not its only attractive features. The foliage color of this variety is bright yellow leaves. During their bloom time, they exude beautiful burgundy roses. This variety has its origin in North China. The plant is most attractive when it is pruned to a particular shape. Pruning should occur only after the flowering season has ended.

Growers must ensure this variety is grown in a location where they can receive bright sunlight. They should not be grown in shaded areas as they can be deprived of adequately light. If your Golden jackpot has retained its original foliage color, then it has been receiving sufficient lighting.

Their other growth requirements are moderate watering. The fastest way to damage their flowers is to deprive them of adequate watering. Water the plant and the flowers regularly.

Watering them not only enhances their growth but also wades off pests and specks of dust. Although they are not toxic, keep your pets and kids away from your Golden jackpot. 

7. Weigela Czech Sunny Side Up

Weigela Czech Sunny Side Up
Source: Garden Crossing

With the white and yellow flowers this variety produces when it blooms, the Sunny Side up plant remains a striking plant. This attractive lot can be grown in nursery beds and containers. This variety is sure to have a bountiful bloom when properly tended to. They can be up to 4 ft in height and width.

Some growers grow them as outdoor plants then once they bloom, they are repotted and moved indoors to complement the interior design of the home. This plant is inexpensive and can be purchased from nearby nurseries or online stores.

To remain attractive, this variety must be watered regularly to preserve their flower’s foliage appearance. A group of this variety would do wonders to the exterior design of your home. This variety should be grown in areas where they can receive bright sunlight.

To enhance their growth, apply fertilizers during their growing season but ensure you it is applied in the appropriate measures. Growers should abstain from fertilizing them during winter as they go dormant during this period. 

8. Weigela Trilogy

Weigela Trilogy
Source: Plantaddicts

To some growers, this is the most attractive Weigela variety. During its bloom season, this plant produces bright red, pink, and white trumpet-like flowers. This colorful lot has its origin in the Czech Republic. The hard work of their growers is usually paid off during their bloom season.

This variety can be grown as ground covers or in containers. For this variety to thrive, it must receive a minimum of 4 hours of bright sunlight daily. Proper lighting preserves their foliage color and vigor. The Weigela variety is popular for its easy propagation and low maintenance.

All they need to thrive in the provision of adequate watering, proper lighting, regular pruning, persistently misting their flowers, and appropriate fertilization.

Growers must ensure they are grown in a pest-free environment as an infestation can damage the plant. If you notice a change in the foliage appearance of the plant, look out for pests; eliminate them with water if not severe. 

9. Weigela Snippet Dark Pink

Weigela Snippet Dark Pink
Source: Spring Meadow Nursery

To growers big on bright colors, the flowers of the Snippet Dark Pink are unmatched against flowers of other varieties. This variety is popular for the bright pink flowers it produces during the bloom season. Although the foliage is quite unattractive, their flower complements it with captivating flowers that can accentuate the outlook of any home or garden.

This variety can only grow up to 2ft. in height and width. The Snippet Dark Pink is often referred to as a dwarf planet because it does not grow as wide as other varieties.

Their bloom time is during spring and mid-summer. This variety can be grown alongside other brightly colored varieties if you need an attractive garden.

Their growth needs are moderate watering, proper lighting, appropriate temperature, fertilization, and pruning. The best time to prune the Snippet Dark Pink is after the blooming season has ended. 

10. Weigela Fine Wine

Weigela Fine Wine
Source: Proven Winners

This variety is popular for the beautiful pink and purple flowers it exudes when it blooms. The Weigela fine wine can be grown as ground covers or in containers. Growers must bear in mind plants grown in containers do not grow as wide as those grown as ground covers.

This variety is best appreciated when they are bushy. To enhance bushy growth, snip off their early pups. Their flowers should be watered regularly to preserve their color and vigor. Growers must be cautious when applying fertilizers as this can do more harm than good to the plant if not appropriately applied.

You are advised to check the instructions on the fertilizer package before application. Ensure that this plant is regularly watered to enhance healthy growth.

The Weigela fine wine should be grown in areas where they can receive about 5 hours of sunlight daily. This variety should be kept away from kids and pests. After their blooming season, you can take a portion of the beautiful flowers and move them indoors.

Final Note

Which of these Weigela varieties caught your attention? Any of these varieties is a good option, especially when you want to add pops of color to the exterior outlook of your home.

You must however exercise patience as its bloom time may take a while after propagation. Your hard work is sure to pay off during the bloom season as their colorful flowers would seal the deal on your garden or home’s exterior.

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