The Best Pet Safe Weed Killers For Your Lawn (2022)

How do you get rid of weeds without harming pets? Most of the weed killers in the market are considered toxic to pets and while there are simple methods you can try to get rid of weeds but there are safe weed killer options available. Having a lawn filled with weeds can be quite annoying and while you can hire a professional to make your lawn weed-free, this is not cheap.

Fortunately, there are weed killers that can easily stop these weeds from sticking out everywhere, however, if you have pets around the house, you need to choose weed killers that are considered safe for them.

To safely remove weeds from your lawn, there are two options, one is to manually dig the weeds out while the other is to spray a chemical weed killer. Digging out the weeds seems easy and fair but you will have them grow back in no time while spraying chemicals will get rid of the weeds and prevent them from growing back.

Weeds are unavoidable no matter what type of lawn you have. keep in mind that weeds love dry weather conditions so you might want to make sure your lawn is watered properly. While weed killers will make your lawn weed-free in no time, you need to make sure the chemical is safe for your dogs and won’t kill the grass you have either.

Weeds are invasive plants that can compete with the grass on your lawn and can easily take over if not maintained properly. The perfect time to work on your lawn is summer since weeds appear more from lack of enough moisture. So, to get rid of the weed on your lawn and also provide nutrients to the grass while at it, we have compiled a list of pet-safe weed killers for you.

Benefits Of Using Safe Weed Killers For Your Lawn

Proper maintenance of your lawn will not only keep weeds away but there is also less competition for the grass which allows it to grow better. Weeds in your lawn are likely to deprive your grass of valuable nutrients and prevent desired plants from thriving.

Boiling water might be enough to get rid of common weeds but not enough to keep your lawn spotless. So, here are reasons why using a natural weed killer is ideal for keeping those pesky weeds from growing on your lawn.

  • It aims at suppressing weed growth while helping your grass thrive
  • You can control what plants are removed
  • Natural organic weed killer can be just as safe as spraying weed with vinegar
  • It is easy to apply
  • It promotes optimal soil health

6 Best Pet Safe Weed Killers For Your Lawn

There are lots of chemical weed killers o the market but not all of them are considered safe for your pets and the environment either. The best method of weed control is pulling by hand but this can be extremely tiring and difficult. However, there are organic weed killers which contain none of the toxic ingredients that can be found in chemical weed killers.

Weeds are an inevitable annoyance, hence we have compiled the 10 best weed killers that will keep your lawn spotless and are safe for your fuzzy friends.

1. Preen Extended Weed Preventer- Best Overall

Preen 246422 Extended Control Weed Preventer - 13.75 lb. - Covers 2,245 sq. ft.

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Comes with an applicator scoop for easy application
  • Organic and safe for pets and kids
  • Prevents weed for up to six weeks
  • Works on plants 3 inches tall
  • Glyphosate free
  • Safe for use on crops.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for seeded areas.

This formula contains pet-safe ingredients hence it’s the first on our list of best pet-safe killers to buy. Although it is not strictly a weed killer and rather prevents weeds for a period of time but it’s worth investing in. It is a pre-emergent herbicide which means it will stop weed seeds from growing in the first place. It is best used several times a year for the best results. This weed preventer should be kept away from any seeded areas in your garden then it is safe for you on your lawn.

Preen Extended weed preventer can be used to prevent common weeds such as dandelion, chickweed, foxtail, bluegrass, and crabgrass. This product is made with corn gluten meal and it’s Glyphosate-free. To give you a great deal of latitude, use it on all plants up to 2 or 3 inches tall.

Another interesting feature to take note of is that this product claim to be safe for around 600 plants which include daylilies and ivy. You can have this used on all kinds of lawns and it is made with just one natural ingredient which means you know exactly what you are getting.

Convincing Review: Does exactly what it says it does. Pulled out all weeds including their root systems, sprinkled Preen, then sprinkled water over top. 8 weeks and not a single weed has returned. I put this in an area that gets grass blown into it after cutting our grass and no grass or weeds have grown there yet. Very happy with this! Gpandlead Via Amazon.

2. Natural Armour Weed And Grass Killer- Best Value

Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer All-Natural Concentrated Formula. Contains No Glyphosate (1 Case of 4 Gallon Refills)

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Comes with 30 days money back guarantee
  • Easy application
  • Fast results
  • Glyphosate free
  • Can be used on all types of lawns including pool areas and walkways.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t work on deep roots
  • The spray bottle get broken easily.

This is a fast-acting weed killer for not just your lawn but your garden as well. This formula is considered safe for your pets and kids, you can also use it around the yard, walkways, pathways, and poolside areas. This is a concentrated formula that can stop weeds in their tracks. This all-natural weed killer can work really fast and you should get results within hours and one day. It is recommended to use this product on a hot sunny day.

To improve the effectiveness of this weed killer, you will need to break up the roots after using the solution. It is not just considered safe for your pets but also very safe for the environment. However, reviews claim the spray bottle that contains this liquid tends to leak easily hence ensure to have it used carefully and keep in mind that this product is corrosive so you need to wear gloves when spraying.

Convincing Review: Easy to use and apply nearly instant results. This is a fabulous product, especially when you want to control weed growth in areas that are utilized and accessible to your pets. I Will purchase again. Some re-application was necessary on some types of weeds, but overall… a great success in ridding those pesky weeds in beds.

3. Harris 20% Vinegar Weed Killer- Best For The Enviroment

Harris Vinegar Weed and Weed Grass Killer, for Organic Production, 1 Gallon with Sprayer

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Gets rid of weed and weed grass quickly
  • Can be used on large variety of weeds
  • Works within an hour
  • Natural and light fomular.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The spary bottle can get jammed up
  • Weeds grow back quickly.

Harris weed killer contains 20% of vinegar formula which makes it quite safe for your pets and kids. It is stronger than average vinegar though and just like other organic weed killers, it is Glyphosatefree as well. This weed killer works for a large variety of weeds such as chickweed, crabgrass, dandelions, clovers, and moss. If you want a formula that is safe for your pets and very affordable then is the best weed killer to get.

This weed killer is not just effective in getting rid of weeds but is also considered safe for the environment. It contains an organic acid that has weeds degrading promptly into the soil. However, reviews claim the weeds grow back really fast hence it needs to be used more often.

The product is recommended to be applied two days before harvest if you are using it to get rid of weeds in your garden. It can be used to keep down weeds in all types of lawns, botanical gardens, and private association ornamental gardens.

Convincing Reviews: The product came promptly and safely. It was extra sealed to prevent leakage. I used it on a large area of leafy and thorny vines. Leaves were killed within a day. Thus far, I cannot comment on how effective it has been on the vines themselves. Judging from the effects on the leaves of vines, I think it is at the very least effective for grass. Aunty Bee Via Amazon.

4. Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer- Best Organic Weed Killer

Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer, 20 Ounces, 652400

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Fast result
  • Comes with quality sprayer
  • Suitable for spot treatmenst of weeds
  • Controls 75+ types of lawn weeds
  • Kills persistnt weeds
  • Extremely powerful.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive.

Gordon’s SpeedZone weed killer is one formula that works really fast in getting rid of all kinds of weeds in your lawn while it is also safe for your pets and kids. This product is a rapid and effective weed control that kills pretty much any type of weed growing on your lawn. Even hardy weeds are known to succumb to this formula within an hour.

Although this is an expensive option for getting rid of lawn weeds, it is generally safe for your pets. This comes with a 4-way herbicide blend but it is important to be careful when using it during the hot summer season.

Convincing Review: I would give Speedzone 10 stars if I could. I’ve had a lawn in southwestern Connecticut for over 25 years, and this product is far and away from the best weed control spray I have ever used. It kills all the bad stuff (with a vengeance) and leaves the grass untouched. If you are baulking at the $30 price, keep in mind that an ounce of concentrate makes a gallon of spray. I have a half-acre property and this purchase should last me at least 2 or 3 years. Bob Gercak Via Amazon.

5. Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed And Grass Killer- Best Weed Preventer

Green Gobbler 20 % Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer | Natural and Organic Weed & Grass Killer | 5 Gallon

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Ideal for home and garden use
  • Made with con deribved vinegar
  • Safe to use near pools
  • Gives fast result
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent Customer service.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non-selective, kills all types of grass and plants.

Another fast way you can get rid of weeds in your lawn is using Green Gobler 20% vinegar weed, killer. This formula works really fast and it happens to be one of the most recommended weed killers that are safe for your pets. This is a weed killer worth considering for any type of lawn and reviews claim it kills all types of weed in less than 24 hours. One of the notable features of this weed killer is that it is biodegradable and gets neutralized in a couple of days or after rainfall.

Green Gobler weed killer is considered safe to use on flower beds and patios. This formula is 4 times more powerful than the regular vinegar but it is very safe to use around your pets. It is not just made for killing weeds but can also deface concreates and other surfaces so be careful not to spill it.

This product arrives ready to use and no chemical is found in it. You just need to have it sprayed on generously on the weeds, best used in the sunshine. If you are on the lookout for a budget-friendly and effective weed killer then Green Goblwr Weed Killer is worth investing in.

Convincing Review: I have used Round-Up for years. Mainly for its fast and effective results. Recent news about Glyphosate made me looking for more natural alternatives. The Green Gobbler product has a rather high concentration of vinegar, which caught my attention. We used it about 3 weeks ago and within 24 hours the weed was defeated. I decided to continue with this product and now bought the 5-gallon bucket, which saves a lot of money over the 1-gallon container. Ready for the next round. Some of the treated areas are showing signs of fresh weed again. Not sure yet, if this is from the weeds I had plugged by hand. I’ll keep using the Green Gobbler for another round and keep an eye out. Michael S Via Amazon.

6. ORTHO WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer- Best Ready To Use Weed Killer

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready to Use with Trigger Sprayer: For Northern Lawns, 1 gal.

What We Like About This Weed Killer:

  • Kills weed without harming your lawn
  • Can be used on all varieties of weeds
  • Completely safe for pets
  • Works fast
  • Break up roots.

What We Don’t Like:

  • New weeds tend to grow easily.

ORTHO WeedClear Lawn weed killer ensures your lawns are weed-free while it is also safe for your fuzzy friends and the environment. This weed killer claims to deliver results within 1 hour however for the best and fast results, opt for a sunny day if you can. Sunshine is known to help the acid burn through the leaves thereby making your weed killer work faster and better.

This formula can be used to get rid of over 200 varieties of weeds and weed grass as well. This is also ready to use weed killer, all you need is to simply attach the trigger sprayer from the sides of the bottle, and with the nozzle setting, you can easily target the weeds you want to get rid of.

This is also regarded to be a great weed killer for all types of grass lawns. In addition, this weed killer comes with a sprayer that lets you target the weeds you need to get rid of meaning it won’t spread beyond the area in which it is applied.

Convincing Review: Most weed eliminator products have one active ingredient 2-4D. This ‘weed begone’ has three active ingredients and attacks the weeds listed on the information brochure. CAREFUL…do not apply with temps above the recommended levels on the instructions…the mixture will obliterate your grass as well as the weeds. I learned the hard way. Anofors Via Amazon.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Weed Killer

There are factors to consider before choosing a weed killer for your lawn. Even if a weed killer is considered safe for your pets and environment, it is important to put certain factors into consideration before buying. To maintain a healthy lawn, weeds are something you want to avoid. So, before investing in a weed killer, here are important factors to consider.

1. Ingredient

If you want a weed killer that is safe when used around kids and pets then the first thing to consider is the ingredient used in this product. Most weed killers do not come with a complete list of ingredients and while there is nothing much you can do about this, ensure to look for one with a more comprehensive ingredient list.

When choosing pet-safe weed killers, watch out for the active ingredient which in the case of commercial weed killers is Glyphosate. Experts recommend looking for vinegar-based or salt-based solutions.

2. Reaction Time

The reaction time is another very important factor you might want to consider. You need to know how fast you want to see results before choosing a weed killer. If you are after immediate results then you need to select a weed killer that works with sunlight to create a burn-on contact.

3. Stage Of Growth

Another very important factor to consider is the stage of growth the weeds are to properly select a weed killer that can prevent it at that stage. Some weed killers are formulated to target weeds at the seedling stage while others can only kill weeds after they have sprouted.


Does vinegar kill weeds permanently?

Vinegar is definitely effective in getting rid of weeds permanently but take note that this will not work on a deep-rooted plant or weed. Vinegar can be used on your lawn to effectively get rid of weeds and it is considered pet safe as well.

How do pet-friendly weed killers work?

Most pet-friendly weed killers make sure of vinegar as their first ingredient and it simply draws moisture out of weeds causing them to shrivel and die. Some weed killers are also designed to prevent weeds from growing.

How long after weed killer Is it safe for pets?

To make sure your pets are safe after spraying your lawn with weed killer, keep your pets off the lawn for 24 hours or more. Some of these products can be dissipated by water so to make sure it’s completely safe, you can water your lawn.

Is pulling weeds a waste of time?

If the weeds are not out of control then pulling might be the fastest way to get rid of them. Pulling dry weeds and out of control can cause a sudden onset of back injuries and you might snap the weeds above the root as well, thereby causing them to grow back.

How do you kill grass without harming pets?

There are simple ways you can kill grass weed without harming your pets. You can have hot boiling water poured over the desired area and another easy and effective solution is vinegar. You may be able to control weed with the use of Epsom salt as well.

Does baking soda kill weeds?

Yes, baking soda can be used to kill weeds growing on your lawn. It kills weed by drawing water from the plant cells thereby causing the foliage to fall off. To kill weeds with baking soda, mix it with water and have it sprayed on your lawn.

How do I stop weeds from growing in my garden?

To stop and prevent weeds from growing in your garden, you need to cultivate with caution. A natural way to get rid of weeds is the use of mulch. Mulch your beds with a thick layer of organic mulch and it can take of your plants base which in turn can prevent weeds from growing.

Is it better to pull weeds or spray them?

Pulling weeds is going to have the whole thing from root pulled out from the ground and it can be really effective. However, spraying is the faster way to get rid of weeds without hurting your back in the process. Pulling weed is considered the best option though if you want to ensure your plants are not accidentally killed in the process.

Is there a tool to pull weed?

There are definitely tools that can help pull weeds out faster and efficiently. The perfect tool for removing stubborn weeds is a weeder/cultivator. If your soil is dry then a hoe is the best option. For baby weeds, a trowel or garden fork comes in handy.

Can weed killer kill a dog?

If your dog were to ingest a large amount of weed killer then it can lead to serious damages and deaths. Chemicals used in weed killers can be dangerous hence you need to make sure weed killers and other chemical households are kept somewhere safe and away from your pets.

Final Thoughts

Pet-safe weed killers might not be as effective as harsh herbicides but they stop certain weeds from growing and make sure your pets are safe. Keep in mind that some pet-safe weed killers are more effective than others hence keep in mind that the faster a weedkiller works then the more powerful and corrosive it actually is.

Finding an effective pet-friendly weed killer that is also budget-friendly isn’t easy but above are products that are sure to snuff out weeds in no time while making sure your environment is safe as well.

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