Can Dogs Eat Eggshells? Is It Safe?

Yes, dogs can eat eggshells and it is safe for them. Eggshells provide nutritional value to dogs; however, they have to be prepared the right way.

For a lot of people who love and own dogs, identifying the right meal for your dog is one of the many things you have to do to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Although dogs are hardly picky with food and will eat whatever is placed before them, it is expedient that your dog eats what is healthy and beneficial to your health. There have been various questions on the safety of different food for dogs, and topping the list is eggshell.

Although it is safe for dogs to consume eggs, a lot of people are skeptical about the shells that come with eggs. This article answers all the questions you have concerning eggshells and their safety for your dogs.  

What Is An Eggshell Made Of?

An eggshell is the hard, outer covering of an egg. It is mostly made up of calcium carbonate, which is about 94%, some amounts of magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, protein, as well as some other minerals.

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

Yes, dogs can eat eggshells and it is safe for them. Eggshell is a good source of Calcium protein for dogs; however, they need to be properly prepared for them to avoid any harm.

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?
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The Benefit Of Eating Eggshells To Dogs

  • The most notable benefit of eggshells to dogs is that eggshells are full of valuable nutrients such as calcium and protein, which helps in building healthier and stronger nails, bones, and teeth. Phosphorus and magnesium in eggshells also help build their heart health and also boost their immune system. They also help in cellular repair.
  • Another benefit of feeding your dogs eggshells is that they can serve as a living garbage disposal, cleansing the environment of dirt and also adding valuable nutrients to your dog.
  • Eggshells are also full of amino acids that are important to a dog’s health. Dogs need about 10 amino acids to stay healthy, eggshells have 8 of them, which is a reasonable amount for good health.
  • In a study that was conducted in 2017, it was discovered that eggshells have anti-inflammatory properties, which will help in healing wounds.

How To Serve Your Dogs Eggshells

It is advisable to rinse the shells first; this is to wash out every raw egg that might be on the shells.

Then you crush them into smaller pieces, as when not broken, it can harm their esophagus when they swallow them.

You can either make use of a blender/food processor to crush them with your hands to tiny pieces. It is safe for the dogs to eat the eggshells in these tiny pieces, however, you can blend them to become smooth and add them as supplements to your dog’s regular meal.

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Risk Of Eating Eggshells

Although eating eggshells is safe for your dogs, we suggest that you be aware of the risk that might be associated with feeding your dogs eggshells.

  1. Consuming raw eggs can lead to salmonella infection in your dog. The eggshells must be properly washed and given to your dog to consume.
  1. Excess eggshells can cause a buildup of excess calcium for your dogs and can lead to less dense bones, weakened joints, skeletal malformations, etc. it is important that you feed them according to a vet’s prescription.
  1. Ensure the eggshells are well crushed before giving them to your dogs, as large pieces can harm the dogs in their throat and esophagus.  
  1. Ensure to purchase eggs that are from organic sources as there are some eggs whose shells are chemically bleached, this can rid the shells of their nutrients and is toxic and harmful when it is consumed by dogs.

How To Make Eggshell Powder

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you make your own eggshell meals for dogs.

  1. Rinse the eggshells with water and then boil them, to reduce the risk of salmonella infection.
  2. Bake the eggshells for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Grind them in a food processor or blender or coffee grinder.
  4. Pour in an airtight container and store.

Final Thoughts

It is very safe for your dogs to consume eggshells, as we have seen above it is beneficial to their health.

Ensure that your dog is fed strictly according to a veterinarian’s description. It is also important that while you are all about providing eggshells for your dogs, ensure your eggshells are not chemically bleached.