Can Indoor Plants Live On Artificial Light?

Yes, Indoor plants can live on artificial lights. In fact, they grow better and bigger under artificial light. You only have to get the right type of light.

Indoor gardening has become a common thing in our world; it has become hard to come by home and not find at least one plant. This is good, considering all of the benefits that plants contribute to the home and environment. However, this doesn’t push aside the care and growth requirement that houseplants require.

One of the requirements of every plant, to grow to its maximum potential is light. Light, for plants, is as important as water and every other required thing.

And although, in the absence of light indoor, there is usually the suggestion of placing the plant outdoor to receive natural light for specific hours, however, what happens during cold seasons? There have been questions about the use of artificial light, and although many have embraced its use, a lot of people still have questions about its use.

Can they be used for plants? Will the plants grow and become healthy? All you need to know about this is right here.

Why Light Is Crucial For Indoor Plants

Light is an important part of every plant’s growth and the absence of light will hinder your plant’s growth.

Light helps in the process of producing carbohydrates through photosynthesis, necessary for the general growth of the plant. Light is regarded as a source of food for plants, little wonder; plants grow towards it, in search of food. This importance indicates that it is impossible to successfully raise a plant without the use of light.

What Happens When Your Plant Gets Insufficient Light? 

There are two notable indications that your plant is suffering from insufficient light and they are: 

  • Loss Of Color: An absence of light makes the plant go dark, especially if you are growing plants with beautiful foliage, you might notice that your plants aren’t producing colors and they are getting darker than they should be.
  • Loss Of Leaves/Buds: In addition to less colorful leaves, your plant will begin to lose leaves and buds. It starts off with the leaves turning yellow and then eventually falling off.
Calathea Orbifolia Care
Source:Better Homes And Gardens

Can Indoor Plant Grow Under Artificial Light? 

Yes, Plants can grow healthily under artificial light it is surprising to know that plants will grow better in artificial light.

This is because artificial light can be regulated and you can provide the right amount of light that your plant requires, without fear of scorch or burns. The purpose of artificial light is to increase the intensity of light for your plant indoors; hence your plant can produce photosynthesis and grow as healthily and big as it can be.  

Types Of Artificial Light For Your Plant 

Although artificial light has been recommended for your plant, you must pay attention to the type of artificial plant you use for your plant. Below are some types of artificial light we thought you might want to know about. 

1. Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent light comes in compact bulbs. They are known as the most economical and the easiest choice for your houseplants. They do not heat up and in addition, do not affect the room’s temperature unlike some other type of light. A lot of people prefer to use fluorescent light because of its cost effect on the utility bill.

Although they are great, they are not suitable for placing in small spaces or windowsills. We recommend that you place the light about a foot away from the plant. 

2. Incandescent Lights

Incandescent light is not recommended as a light source for your plant. This is because, it is known to produce lots of heat, which can burn your plant’s leaves and hence cannot be placed close to the plants. Also, they do not have blue spectrum waves in their waves and this is important for the production of photosynthesis.

Although they are cheap, they are not utility-friendly. However, incandescent lights can be used as a complement alongside a fluorescent light, especially in small greenhouses. They will provide additional air heating for your plant. 

3. Horticultural Grow Lights

These are usually packed tubes for fluorescent fixtures. They have in them the required wavelengths for a plant’s bloom. They are popularly used by many for propagation via seeds or cuttings.

4. LED Lights

LED lights are known to produce low heat and save energy, they are in fact, perfect for your plant. Also, LEDs are customized and they come in different colors, hence you need to ensure that the one you use has the required light, necessary for your plants’ growth.

LEDs can be used in any situation and place. LEDs are suitable for succulents, and plants in small pots. 

Houseplants That Can Be Grown With Artificial Light   

  • Pothos 
  • Philodendron 
  • Parlor palm 
  • Peperomia 
  • Geranium 
  • Peace lily 
  • Chinese evergreen 
  • Dracaena Trifasciata 
  • Cast-iron plant.

Final Thoughts

If you have been confused about how to provide light for your indoor plants, we just brought you a solution.

You do not have to worry about your plant’s heath in a dark room or during the winter. Artificial lights will provide your plant all the health benefits natural light will and even with better regulation. Artificial light can be used in the home and greenhouses.

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