The Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants (2022)

What LED grow light is best for indoor plants? LED grow lights are fast becoming essential for indoor plants and it happens to be what most gardeners need to keep their plants hale and healthy.

There is really no doubt that LED grow lights are efficient and they are not just meant to shed some light on your indoor plants but they also offer you a low energy-saving option compare to fluorescent lights and incandescent lists.

There are several reasons to choose LED to grow light and there are so many LED grow lights in the market these days. However, you need to ensure you are choosing the right one that is of benefit to your indoor plants.

LED grow lights are not only effective but very efficient as well. They can last for up to 50,000 hours. It is ideal to have a LED grow light for indoor plants as most indoor plants are susceptible to pests and disease. You need to also make sure your plants are getting enough light.

The plant you are growing indoor is going to determine the type of LED grow light you need. So, to make this easy and help you grow any type of plant in any situation, we have compiled some of the best LED grow lights and exactly what LED grow lights are.

LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants Explained

If you are a beginner then it’s okay to wonder why you need a LED light for your indoor plants. To help you choose the best-LED light, you need to first understand what plant grow lights are and why they indoor plants need them. Indoor LED grows lights are artificial lights that can help stimulate plants growth.

A plant often doesn’t get enough direct light and it might struggle with blooming hence why LED lights are used.

LED grow lights comes in really handy for any indoor plant that needs direct light. Grow light is not just for stimulating plant growth but it enables you to start seedling indoors however you do need to know certain equipment with it such as a built-in timer which allows the plant to have control over the type of light it chooses.

The LED grow light can be really right so you need to make sure there is a timer to give it shade when it needs it.

One of the major benefits of LED grow light is that it can easily adapt to limited space and still help your plant thrive. LED grow light also reduces the need for chemical and pesticides treatments for your plant as they are less prone to pests with this grow light.

9 Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Choosing a LED to grow light for your indoor plants is just as important as choosing the type of indoor plants to grow. LED grow lights are really great options of grow light for your indoor plants and since the plants are indoors and can’t get the right amount of sun they need.

In addition to the amazing benefits of LED grow light, it doesn’t contain any harmful mercury so you don’t have to dispose of them specially. So to make sure you are getting the best grow light, below are our top picks to help you shop.

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1. Vivosun T5 6500K LED Grow Light– Best Overall

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Lights 2 ft, T5 Light Fixture Bulbs, 6500K HO Fluorescent Tubes, High-Output T5 Bulbs for Indoor Plants, UL Listed, 2 Bulbs, 8 ft Power Cord, 2 Hanging Cables, On/Off Switch

Choosing a LED to grow light that is suitable for indoor plants is not complicated if you have options to consider.

Vivosun LED grow lights are rated as the most sought out brands and this can be attributed to their quality product. Vivosun T5 6500k LED grow light does a good job of distributing lights to all your indoor plants no matter the space it is placed in. It is not just a quality LED light but happens to be very affordable too.

It is a very high-power LED light with its high output T5 bulbs you can easily start seeds indoors every year. It is energy efficient as well and reviews claim it does a good job for its price. If you are a beginner then this might be worth considering as it is easier to use and understand.

The unit of this LED light comes with two, four, or eight tubes lights that can’t be missed by your plants so you can hang it from a ceiling or attach it to a shelving unit.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Comes with dual switch for different needs
  • Suitable for stand racks, grow tents or grow houses
  • Ideal row light for beginners iindoor gardening
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient

What We’d Change:

  • Too bright for some plants
Why we recommend it
This is one of the best LED grow lights to get on a budget. This is recommended if you need a simple LED grow light that gives fruiting plants the exact light they need to grow. This grows light can be installed vertically, overhead, or horizontally. This light is also very easy to install and another major reason is the amazing customer reviews. It also produces constant brightness that doesn’t flicker on and off.

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2. Roleadro 600W LED Grow Light– Best Value

Roleadro 600W LED Grow Light 3rd Generation Series Full Spectrum Plant Light with ON/Off Switch and Daisy Chain for Indoor, Greenhouse, Hydroponics Veg and Bloom

Roleadro LED grow light is one of the most popular types of grow light. It is designed to stimulate the natural sunlight thereby providing your plants with the light it needs to grow. The brand that produces this product happens to be quite popular for its unique and long-lasting LED grow light.

This is a full spectrum that includes 420nm-720nm. This comes with easy-to-understand instruction as well.

This LED grows light is designed for more than one plant. It maximizes the light brightness for the growth of your plants and it comes with a power cord. You don’t have to worry about pests or diseases affecting your plant as it comes with the right equipment to help your plants grow better. It is ideal for keeping your indoor plants happy all year long.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Provides te right spectrum and and light nutrition for plants at all growing stage
  • Makes plants grow healthier and rapidly
  • Suitable for food plants
  • Energy efficient and easy to maneuver
  • Maximizes light coverage for indoor plants
  • Speedy quiet fan.

What We’d Change:

  • No off switch, timer alone.
Why we recommend it
Roleadro is recommended if you are planting tomatoes and vegetables. Some reviews claim this LED grow light helps their indoor food plants thrive better. Indoor garden plants need just as much light as outdoor garden plants. This LED grow light helps you start vegetables indoors and it is equipped with a Sunflower radiator system that disperses heat.

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3. KingLed 1500w LED Grow Light– Best Energy Efficient Light

KingLED Newest 1500w LED Grow Lights with LM301B LEDs and 10x Optical Condenser 4x4 ft Coverage Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Veg Bloom Greenhouse Growing Lamps

KingLed LED grow light is designed for small and tall indoor plants. It provides indoor plants with full spectrum lightening of natural light that is sure to stimulate and keep pests away. It is considered to be a durable LED grow light and it is perfect for a medium grow area. It supplies our plants with 12 wavelengths of light during its growing process.

The intensity of the LED is one of the factors to consider before buying. This LED grow light provides your plants with a stronger and more stable light and it can conveniently work in a low setting so your plants won’t burn.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Long warranty period
  • Desgned with multiple high speed mute fans
  • Low heat emmision to make sure your plants don’t burn
  • Provides the right light during the plant growin stage.

What We’d Change:

  • Expensive.
Why we recommend it
This is another quality LED quality to grow light worth buying. This is quite pricey though but it is regarded as an investment worth it. The installation process is an easy one and it comes with equipment that makes growing for your plants easy. It can double your plant’s output whether used indoor or outdoor.

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4. Ankace 5 Dimmable LED Grow Light– Best Budget

Grow Light, Ankace 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Red Blue Spectrum, 3 Modes Timing Function

The build and quality of this Ankace 5 Dimmable LED grow light are made to e ideal for indoor plants. It comes with a blue/red Led combination to ensure your plants get the necessary light to germinate. Another notable feature is that it has 5 dimmable modes to suit each growing stage of your indoor plants.

This LED light doesn’t just have amazing features but it is very affordable as well.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Comes with three timer setting that is used according to what the plants needs
  • Can be used to speed up the growth of potted plants or flowering plants
  • Easy to install and use
  • Help improve taste of cucumber and tomatoes

What We’d Change:

  • Not for intense light seeding
  • Instructions on how to operate is not clear enough.
Why we recommend it
While it is recommended to go for a LED light with a really bright light, you do need one that is not so bright for some plants during winter. The light from this LED light is not an intense one which is perfect for plants such as tomatoes, cacti, and cucumber. It is designed to automatically turn on and off each day and also provide lights to your plant in any direction of the room.

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5. BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light– Best High Power LED Grow Light

BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light 3x3ft Coverage Upgraded SMD Diodes Aluminum Reflector Full Spectrum Grow Lamps for Greenhouse Hydroponic Higher PPF Indoor Plants Growing Lights

If you need a LED to grow light with more intense light then this BESTVA DC Series with the 2000w is a perfect choice. This panel is made to deliver full-spectrum light to your indoor plants. This might be a higher power LED but it is energy efficient as well and it also comes with a dimmer feature to void your plants burning or cause LED light bleaching.

This high-power LED grow light is not just impressive but considered worth the price. It’s a good start LED light for any beginner indoor gardener. You will need an external timer with this to switch off the lights at intervals and enable some cooling.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Affordable
  • Ideal LED grow light for beggining indoor gardeners
  • Designed with useful light dimmer features
  • Double LEDs output more light but comnsumes less energy.

What We’d Change:

  • Lower quality build compared to other high power LED grow light
  • Requires a timer for the coolin off period
Why we recommend it
This is simply recommended for its high power LED and although it is not the best on the list of high power LEDs, it can contend with them and is pretty affordable as well. There is no huge cost of investment needed to keep it operating and reviews claim it has a long life span.

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6. RElassy 300w LED Grow Light– Best For Vegetables And Flowers

Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Relassy LED Grow Lights for Seed Starting, 338 LEDs, 22" Large Grow Panel Light, Full Spectrum Indoor Plants Grow Light for Veg and Flower Greenhouse Hydroponic

RElassy 300wLED Grow light is another common LED grow light for indoor plants. This grow light is quite easy to use and really affordable compared to other high-power grow lights. It adopts the natural sunlight full spectrum to give your vegetables and flowers the required light to bloom.

It is designed to deliver 24 hours of light and the major feature is no sound from the fan. It can support all types of plants during their growing season.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Equipped with 338leds that produces high power light while consuming less energy
  • Features a small heart sink for easy heat dispersion
  • Afordable
  • Long life span
  • High end product and reputable brand

What We’d Change:

  • None that we could find.
Why we recommend it
This LED grow light will have your vegetables and flowers blooming in no time. This RElassy 300w is a good run for its money and there are really amazing reviews concerning it. Research also shows it is engineered to keep the balance with a good PAR output and still maintain a suitable coverage.

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7. Gooseneck Dual Clip On LED Grow Light– Best For Seedlings

LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant, Gooseneck Dual Head Clip-on Plant Lights for Seedlings Succulents,Timer Function with 3 Modes & 10-Level Brightness

This cute LED grows light for indoor plants is another mini grow light with so much to offer. This LED grows light is designed with a dual-head to help you solve the problem of setting up and it is very convenient to be used at home or the office.

Gooseneck Dual Clip-On LED grow light is ideal for plants at any growing stage and it can be used in greenhouses, balconies, darkrooms, offices, and any other convenient places for your plants. It can be rotated 360 degrees thereby making sure every plant at all angles gets light.

What We Like About This LED:

  • The timin function is easy and every palnt gets enough light at any growing stage
  • Easy to adjust the angle between the plant lamp and indoor palnts
  • Suitable for all stages of indoor plants.

What We’d Change:

  • Some users complain of timer going wonky after a while.
Why we recommend it
If you want a LED to grow light with lots of light options and a timer then this is the one to go for. This LED grows light is rated as the best light if you are starting seedlings indoors during winter. It emits all the wavelength from 380nm to 840nm just like natural sunlight and still saves energy.

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8. Roleadro 1000w LED Grow Light– Best For Winter

Roleadro Grow Light, 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Galaxyhydro Series Plant Light for Indoor Plants with IR for Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Seedlings, Veg and Flower

This is one of the coolest LED grow lights you can get. One of the interesting features of this LED grows light is that it can help achieve a balance between efficient utilization and energy efficiency. It is an infrared LED grow light that is perfect for indoor plants.

It is also designed with 2 high-power cooling fans to disperse heat from the inside to the outside efficiently. It is the ideal LED light for starting your plants in winter.

What We Like About This LED:

  • Designed to help you row all types of plants indoor durin winter
  • It si pretty quiet with lon life span
  • High power grow light while being energy efficient
  • Enviromentally friendly

What We’d Change:

  • Most users complain the light is too bright and can hurt the eye.
Why we recommend it
The results users claim to get from this grow light is one of the reasons we are recommending it. It can help you grow your plants all season and gives the most needed plant nutrition as well. It is suitable for indoor and commercial planting.

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9. Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light– Best LED Bulb

Apollo Horticulture 12W LED Grow Light w/Red & Blue LED Spectrum for Indoor Plant Growing

These bulbs are the standard LED to light your flowers and vegetables need to thrive. This is ideal if you are on a budget and still have an efficient LED grows light. It is designed just like every LED light and it’s a decent option if you don’t have much indoor plant and want a cheap grow light. This LED bulb is a full spectrum so it will deliver just the right light for your plants to grow.

Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light is a bit heavy but can be placed in one place and it is suitable for grow tents and greenhouses. It is also ideal for all the growing stages of vegetables and flowers.

What We Like About This LED:

  • They produce less heat than other LED bulb
  • Suitable for plants during all their grwoing stages
  • Good customer service.

What We’d Change:

  • Users claim it has short life span.
Why we recommend it
This LED bulb is perfect if you need something cheap but efficient. It will give you a good sense of what you need a LED to grow light to be and also it can be placed closer to the plant canopy than other LED lights.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A LED Grow Light

There are a couple of factors you need to put into consideration before choosing a LED to grow light. There are lots of advantages to getting LED to grow light and compared to incandescent lamps, they are energy efficient and emit less heat too. LED grow lights are available in different sizes, intensities, colors to suit your plants.

So to make sure you are choosing the right one for your indoor plants, here are factors to consider.

1. Power Consumption

Since LED lights are designed to emit less heat then you need to make sure they are energy efficient. Although they are made to consume less energy but high-power LED lights should be chosen carefully. But typically you should expect energy savings to the tune of 25% to 30 %.

2. Light Spectrum

The colors produced by the LED grow light plays an important role in the growth of your indoor plants. LED grow light needs to be user-friendly and not so bright that it hurts your eye. Ensure you are choosing one with quality light and easy-to-operate features.

3. Duration

How long the light is going to last is also another very important factor. It is important to go for one that can provide your plants with light for a period of 24 hours and also ensure it can be controlled. A programmable timer should come with it so you can easily turn the lights on and off.


Here are some of your burning questions about buying LED grow lights for your houseplants answered.

Can I use normal LED lights to grow plants indoors?

Yes, a regular LED bulb can be used to grow plants indoors but you have to make sure it delivers enough PAR lights to your plants. Regular LED light may not emit some of the necessary wavelengths your plant needs so it’s best to go for high-power LED light.

What color LED grow light is best?

The best type of light color for indoor plants is the Red and Blue LED grow light. Red and blue are more important than a bit of yellow and green. Your indoor plants must get the right wavelength.

What is the ideal light strength for growing indoor plants?

Indoor plants tend to require more hours of light than outdoor plants but you shouldn’t leave the light on for the whole of 24 hours. The ideal light strength for growing indoor plants should be 14 to 18 hours of light each day.

Do LED lights attract bugs?

LED lights do not attract bugs rather they can help repel them. LED lights produce a low wavelength of light and low heat so bugs can be attracted to them.

How many watts of light do indoor plants need?

The kind of indoor plant you are growing is going to determine the watts of light you need. Generally, low light plants should receive between 10 and 15wats of fluorescent light and the space is also going to determine how big a bulb you need. You will want 20 to 40 watts per square foot.

Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

Any LED light can be used to grow indoor plants as long as it is emitting enough to help them grow.

What kind of LED lights grows plants?

LED grow lights are generally designed to provide your plants with full-spectrum light and it does include some colors that have specific uses. The blue light stimulates vegetative growth while the red can help stimulate flowers to bloom and plants to produce fruits.

Final Thoughts

LED grow lights can definitely be used to grow your plants indoors and it gives you a chance to keep planting in winter. There are different types of LED light and keep in mind that some are better than others. Your indoor plants do need as much sunlight as the outdoor plants so you need to choose your LED to grow light carefully.

The type of LED grow to light your choose will also determine the quality and amount of growth your plants will experience.

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