Can You Microwave Guacamole?

What a quick healthy and delicious way to add an enjoyable addition to your nachos, burritos, tacos, or toast, then using guacamole. It is quick to make, healthy for all diet types and leftovers can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Most times guacamole is served cold, but do you have some leftovers and want to what it up? Or wonder if it’s safe to eat heated or microwaved guacamole? 

Yes, you can microwave guacamole, even when added to another meal. It is a quick way to heat up any leftover guacamole. To microwave, place guacamole in a microwave-safe container, and heat for about 20-30 seconds. However, heating guacamole leaves it slightly softer and gives a slight change in taste. 

Whether you enjoy guacamole cold or warm, this writer would discuss easy steps to safely microwave guacamole; made of avocado, lime juice, onion, garlic, salt, and cilantro.

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Can I Eat Microwaved Guacamole- Is it Safe? 

Guacamole is an easy-to-make, healthy dish consisting of avocado, lime juice, garlic, spices, cilantro, and any extra preferred vegetables. Because it’s a perishable fresh dish, where and how it is stored, how long it’s been made, and the ingredients used to make it, are regarded when eating reheated leftover guacamole. 

Try to make enough guacamole needed at the moment, or ensure that the leftover guacamole shouldn’t last more than 3 days in the refrigerator. The next step is to keep leftover guacamole stored in an airtight container and squeeze some lime on it to retain its freshness. 

Check that your guacamole hasn’t changed color, appearance, or smell since you last ate it, also it’s important to heat and eat the guacamole within 2-3 hours, out of the refrigerator.

Can You Microwave Guacamole?
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For safety and health reasons, it is best not to reheat a guacamole portion more than once, as this increases the risk of bacterial growth, and food poisoning, and according to the USDA guacamole from the refrigerator, left at room temperature for more than four hours shouldn’t be eaten or used again. 

Lastly, yes it is safe to eat reheated or microwave guacamole. The texture of the dish may change, so as its appearance, and taste, but you will enjoy the quality taste of warm guacamole mixed with other tasty dishes.

How To Microwave Guacamole 

Microwaving guacamole is the best option for a which heating method to have your dish warm with ease. Compared to other heating methods, microwaving is faster, kills off bacterial contamination, and takes about 30 seconds to have ready. 

Here’s a simple three-step method to safely microwaving guacamole; 

1. Heat With A Microwave-safe Container

Place cold guacamole into a microwave-safe container or bowl. The best way to microwave dishes without melting their container is to use a manufacturer-advised microwave container or ceramic container. 

2. The Microwave Timer

The next step is to heat your guacamole for about 20-30 seconds on medium power heating. Best in mind that frozen guacamole should be thawed briefly first, and set to medium power heating if it is heated with other foods. Or choose low-power heating if you’re warming solely the guacamole.

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3. Added Heat Until Guacamole is Heated

After the first 20-30 seconds, if the heat level of the guacamole isn’t to your desired temperature. Then you can choose to add heating for extra 10 seconds on an interval, until the desired temperature. 

Extra Tips For Microwaving Guacamole 

  • Try to sprinkle lemon or lime juice on the guacamole before storing or cooking and refrigerating it, to prevent oxidation or the dish from turning brown.
  • Store your guacamole in an airtight container in the fridge to prevent bacterial contamination, and thaw it briefly, before microwaving.
  • Do not microwave a portion more than once, to prevent change in texture, taste, or appearance. Always check for signs of spoilage, mold, or contamination before reheating your guacamole dish. However, if the dish shows signs of mold, sour smell, or taste, discard the meal.
  • Do not forget to microwave for a short period first or low or medium heat, then decide to increase the interval timing until you reach the desired temperature.


Guacamole is such a versatile dish; it is healthy, nutritious, tasty, and used to revitalize many other favorite dishes.

Also, guacamole is a perishable meal and should be consumed as soon as possible, if there are leftover portions, they can be microwaved under low or medium heating for about 30 seconds, or continue microwaving until desired for temperature. 

It is best not to microwave a portion, more than once and refrigerated guacamole shouldn’t be left at room temperature for more than 3 hours.