Can You Shoot A Pellet Gun In Your Backyard?

Discharging a firearm without any reason is illegal within city limits in most jurisdictions.

However, air gun shooting happens to be a popular sports activity in some countries especially the United States which can explain why many homeowners and enthusiasts are asking if you can shoot a pellet gun in the backyard? Pellets guns are quite popular in hunting and pest control but can be just as dangerous.

Many people underestimate the power of a pellet gun when in fact, missiles from pellet guns can penetrate the skin, and thorax abdomen and even cause bone fractures. Hence, you have to be careful with it and it does a great job of hunting for games, from the size of a turkey to a squirrel.

Yes, you can shoot a pellet gun in your backyard if you are of legal age and if it’s lawful in your state. Also, before doing that, there are certain safety measures that have to be put in place, and keep in mind that the shooting should not disturb neighbors in any way. In addition, you should consult your local government and check up on gun laws.

Shooting any form of a firearm has a lot of risks attributed to it and pellet guns are no exception. Its purpose is for sport, hunting, or training and has gained popularity in American Hunting Community but there is still a strict law guiding it.

Pellet Guns And Its Uses

A pellet gun is a suitable type of gun for beginners, it uses a slightly undersized projectile, and there are several uses for it. These guns tend to make less noise when shooting hence why they are used in shooting small games as they are very unlikely to damage it compared to using shotguns.

Pellet guns are often compared to BB guns but they are not the same.

BB guns are considered less powerful while pellets are the stronger ones. A pellet gun is mainly a gun or rifle that uses air pressure to shoot non-spherical projectiles which are known as pellets. Pellet guns were first introduced as early as the 16th century and they were meant for hunting but have since moved on to be used for sports and in warfare.

One of the reasons pellet guns are popular is that they are more friendly to the pocket and easier to maintain compared to rifles. The ammo used in pellet guns is cheaper and lighter which makes carrying around a lot easier.

Can You Shoot A Pellet Gun In Your Backyard?

You can shoot a pellet gun in your backyard but before you do that, there are a couple of factors you have to put into consideration. Pellet guns can cover a maximum range of about 400 yards so they can’t cause serious damage over 150 yards however this doesn’t mean you can shoot it in your yard without safety measures in place.

It is legal for a Citizen to own a pellet gun provided he/she is an adult but it is strictly illegal to discharge a firearm in your backyard in the vast majority of states. In some states, you are allowed to display your firearm but shooting in public space is highly prohibited.

Note: It is prohibited to sell, transport, receive, purchase or gift a gun to someone who does not have a license. It is mandatory and obligatory to have a permit in place before one can purchase or sell any type of firearm.

There are different views concerning shopping pellets in your backyard. If you do reside in the UK or the US then this is quite an easy question to answer as it is considered legal provided you are of age.

However, it is not acceptable to use it in any illegal ways or in public areas like school grounds, universities, or colleges.

Before diving into shooting your backyard, you should first consider the safety rules, next is your locality and property type. If there are any safety, legal or social concerns stopping you from shooting pellet guns in your backyard, the best alternative is to join a gun range or club where you can shoot in a safer environment.

Things To Consider When Using Pellet Guns

Each state and countries have its rules that guide the use of pellet guns however many countries allow its use at the legal age of 18 and a permit. Pellet guns can only be used on properties or land where the user has full permission to shoot hence this should be the first factor to consider.

If shooting in your state is not prohibited, there are other things you have to put into consideration for safety.

  • Read the information about the pellet gun and ammo carefully before using
  • Look for a safe location in your backyard where there is nothing that can be harmed under your firing range
  • Keep the gun unloaded when it’s not in use
  • Ensure you are not disturbing your neighbors or state laws
  • Take note of all the rules and regulations of shooting range and firing range
  • Follow the laws of the state placed on the use of pellet guns or other firearms
  • When your target has not been confirmed or you are not sure, do not shoot
  • Check your firearm and ensure it’s loaded properly before shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to shoot rats with a pellet gun?

Animals such as rats that are considered pests can be hunted on the property of the owner and in Florida, an air gun is not considered a weapon or firearm so anyone 16 or older can use it. According to the AirGunDepot, animals such as mice, rats, raccoons, pigeons, and European starlings are pests that can be hunted but within your property.

Can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard in Texas?

BB guns are the legal type of guns in Texas in almost all settings. However, the law states you need to have at least 10 acres of land for you to shoot a gun in your backyard except if there is an emergency. Texas law permits people to fire guns when they or their families are at risk.

Can I shoot a gun in my backyard in California?

There is no specific prohibition on shooting guns in your backyard in California however their law forbids any public display or use of guns. The country does not prohibit ownership of guns for adults and it does not regulate shooting on private properties provided, it is safe and does not cross over to another person’s property.

Wrapping Up

Pellet guns are considered legal for shooting pests animals like rabbits, rats, or gray squirrels in your backyard in the UK and US but where ever you shoot, ensure all the pellets remain within the boundary of the land that your shooting permission applies to if you don’t, you risk breaking the law.

Every country has its own ways of dealing with things especially when it comes to firearms so if you ever decide to buy a pellet gun to shoot in your backyard, first find out what your state law says about it.