Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

Instant coffee has been popular for almost forever, because of how affordable and simple it is to whip up, especially for persons that have no mastery of a coffee maker. If you’re making a switch from instant coffee to trying out a coffee maker and you’re wondering if you can use instant coffee in your coffee maker, let’s smooth that out for you.

No, you can not use instant coffee in a coffee maker because it will cause complications when you try to brew ground coffee. It could leave bits of the dry instant coffee stuck in parts of the machine and make it hard for you to make fresh coffee.

Many people prefer the fast route to prepare a cup of coffee to start their day and that’s to settle with one made simply using instant coffee. That’s something that works for many people because it is a flexible and easy option especially if you’re new to coffee.

However, if you prefer to make a fresh cup of coffee to start your day, it is best to get accustomed to operating a coffee maker.

Using a coffee maker might be tricky at first, but when you get a hang of it, you’ll always look forward to mornings for your freshly made cup of coffee. If you still have an attachment to instant coffee and you think using it in your coffee maker is a good idea, let’s clear that up for you.

Instant Coffee Explained

Instant coffee which is also known as powdered coffee or soluble coffee is a type of coffee or beverage that is derived from dried coffee extracts.

Instant coffee is made from brewed coffee that is why it can simply be poured into a hot cup of water, stirred and you would have a ready-made cup of coffee in less than a minute.

Instant coffee could be made in different flavors to make it taste better, this makes it easy for different coffee consumers to try out diverse flavors while deciding which flavor best suits them.

Can You Use Instant Coffee In a Coffee Maker? 

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On some days, you’re feeling up to the task of making coffee from the scratch using a coffee maker, while on other days you’re in a hurry or a cranky mood and you would rather settle for tearing open a packet of instant coffee and getting about your day in the next minute.

Both of those days show that having a coffee maker and a lack of instant coffee at home is important and the need for one doesn’t strike the other out.

However, on some days you’re in the mood to try out something new and you have your cup lying on the kitchen counter while you ponder if making instant coffee using your coffee maker would be a good choice.

Well, the answer is no and you should not attempt it just for the sake of experimenting, because it also has consequences. 

When you decide to use instant coffee in your coffee maker it might be because you want to add flavor to your coffee which is something instant coffee brands offer. But this will only cause problems in your coffee machine and lead to complications when next you want to brew ground coffee in your coffee maker.

Instead of getting a better-flavored coffee by putting instant coffee in your coffee maker, it would end up tasting worse especially since it does not get stirred properly while in a Coffee maker as you would while stirring it in a cup. 

Instant coffee made with a coffee maker would taste stale and bland because your coffee maker wouldn’t even brew it right since it does not have the smooth texture of ground coffee beans, it has a dried or frozen texture instead which does not go well with a coffee maker.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use instant coffee in a drip coffee maker? 

No, instant coffee should not be used in any type of coffee maker because it is not designed to be compatible with any type of coffee maker. Using an instant coffee maker in a coffee maker could ruin it and also give you a bad-tasting cup of coffee. 

Can you mix instant coffee with ground coffee? 

No, it is not advisable to mix instant coffee with ground coffee and use it in a coffee maker. Instant coffee is dry while ground coffee has a smoother consistency that works best with a coffee maker, mixing them would only ruin the taste of your coffee and probably clog your coffee maker.


There will be so many hands in the air when we try to count how many people have tried and enjoyed instant coffee. There will equally be many hands when we try to count how many people enjoy freshly made coffee using a coffee maker. 

Many people enjoy both, depending on how much time they have or if they’re in the mood to whip up fresh coffee or instant coffee. No matter how your mind convinces you that putting instant coffee in a coffee maker would be a good choice, you should go against it.

If you’re in the mood for instant coffee, simply open a pack into a cup of hot water and stir it properly to enjoy. Because when you try to make instant coffee using a coffee maker, the chances are that you would not enjoy the results and your coffee maker might develop complications that would make it impossible to make fresh coffee until it is fixed.