Moka Coffee Pot Explosion Problem (Caution & Safety Tips)

If you love rich-tasting coffee that can be made from the comfort of your home then the Moka coffee pot is sure to become a best friend of yours after a single try. However, Moka coffee pots are known to sometimes undergo an explosion that occurs as a result of poor maintenance. But we’re here to help you tackle that. 

A Moka coffee pot explosion could happen as a result of a blocked filter basket, a stuck pressure valve, or the use of a low-quality pressure valve. However, with regular and thorough cleaning, replacing low-quality equipment, and using the right brewing settings, you can avoid a Moka coffee pot explosion.

If you’re worried that having a Moka coffee pot means that you would definitely experience an explosion, it is important to reassure you that a Moka coffee pot explosion is not common and can be easily averted as well.

Let’s walk you through how to avoid the Moka coffee pot explosion as well as the possible causes. 

The Moka Coffee Pot Explained 

A Moka coffee pot is an Italian brand of highly functional coffee-making pots, it could be a stovetop pot or an electric coffee maker. It brews amazing coffee by allowing boiling water that has been pressurized by steam to pass through ground coffee.

It gives your coffee an espresso-like taste without using expensive machinery. 

What Causes A Moka Coffee Pot To Explode? 

A Moka coffee pot explosion does not suddenly happen, even when you’ve been using a Moka coffee pot for years, it does not mean that an explosion is on the verge of happening.

Moka coffee pot explosions are usually due to ignorance or negligence on the path of the user which could trigger an explosion, below are the possible causes of an explosion; 

1. Coffee grounds blocking the filter basket

When the coffee grounds being used are too fine, they do not go through the filter easily, they could stick together too closely and end up blocking the holes in the filter instead. This blockage makes it impossible for steam or liquid to pass through the filter and pressure builds.

As this pressure builds and is unable to find an alternative release (where the pressure valve is blocked as well), there might be an explosion in a bid to release the pressure.

2. The pressure valve is stuck

Another reason why your Moka coffee pot could explode is as a result of having a blocked or stuck pressure valve. Whenever the pressure produced by the Moka pot is unable to pass through the coffee grounds because of a blocked filter, the pressure tries to escape through the pressure valve instead-but in some cases it could be blocked as well.

Coffee grounds could have made their way into the pressure valve and blocked it or the minerals present in your water can create deposits that restrict the movement of the valve and stop pressure from passing through, this would result in an explosion.

3. The pressure valve is of low quality 

In a bid to save money, many people would rather buy a cheap, used, or unoriginal Moka coffee pot instead of an original version. In most cases, these counterfeit Moka coffee pots would work just like the originals but is made with low-quality equipment, they would easily lead to complications such as an explosion.

If the pressure valve is part of the equipment that is of low quality, then it is certain that it might not work properly and result in explosions when there is a need for a release of pressure and it can not work as desired.

Caution & Safety Tips To Prevent A Moka Coffee Pot Explosion 

We are all aware that every piece of equipment, furniture, or item in the home can only last as long as its manufacturers predict when they are maintained properly.

That goes for your Moka coffee pot as well, by taking some simple safety and prevention tips into consideration and following them by the book, you can avoid a Moka coffee pot explosion from happening in your home.

1. Use coffee grounds that are suitable for your filter 

It is important to ensure that your coffee grounds are similar in size to those used for espresso machines, this way you are not taking the risk of triggering an explosion of your Moka coffee pot.

By using fine coffee grounds, there could be a blockage in the filters as the coffee brews, to avoid this, you need to purchase and use only coffee grounds that are identical to those used in espresso machines.

2. Ensure you thoroughly clean your Moka coffee pot on a regular basis

To avoid a possible explosion, especially one that occurred as a result of a blocked filter, it is important that you thoroughly wash your Moka coffee pot from time to time.

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Dismantle the coffee pot and soak the parts ( except the gasket) in a big pot of boiling water with vinegar and clean dey afterward, this is certain to dissolve water that might be blocking the coffee filter or valves and could less to an explosion later on if left to build up. 

3. Replace your low-quality pressure valve with a high-quality brand or get a new Moka coffee pot

If your equipment is in good shape, there is no way your Moka coffee pot would experience an explosion. It is important that you check that your pressure valve is of high quality and is functioning efficiently, if it isn’t then you should take it to be replaced with one of high quality to avoid pressure overload that would lead to an explosion.

In a situation where your pressure valve is simply worn out after being used for a long period, it is time to purchase a new Moka coffee pot as that would be the best way to avoid an explosion.

4. Avoid putting your Moka pot on high heat too often

To be clear of situations that could result in an explosion, it is best to be on the safe side of things by brewing coffee in your Moka coffee pot using low or medium-heat settings.

Using the high heat option too often sets you on a path that could end up triggering an explosion. You can brew a lovely cup of coffee using a medium heat setting, there’s no doubt about that. Using high heat too often would result in too much pressure building in your Moka coffee pot every time you brew coffee. 

5. Do not overfill your Moka coffee pot with water 

While filling your Moka coffee pot with water, your intention might be to brew a lot of coffee at once, while we understand that – unfortunately, it is not good for your Moka pot. Pour water until it has slightly passed the pressure valve, any more than that is too much for your Moka pot.

Too much water builds extra pressure and this means that the pressure would be looking for a way to be released, and in a situation where your pressure valve and filter are blocked, it would result in an explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you prevent your Moka pot from exploding?

To prevent a Moka coffee pot explosion in your home, stay away from cheap brand Moka pots, do not overfill your Moka pot, do not use fine coffee grounds, wash your pot regularly, and do not put it on high too often.

What causes Moka pots to explode?

When there is a build-up of pressure and no release for the pressure, an explosion is triggered. In a situation where the safety/pressure valve and filter of your Moka pot are completely blocked, an explosion could occur as well. 


Having a Moka coffee pot is like owning a pirate treasure chest if you’re a coffee-lover, it makes amazing tasting coffee, it is affordable, and it is not complicated to figure out. These all make it desirable and worth the money spent, but a thing of concern is the possibility of an explosion because it is a coffee maker that works based on pressure.

Once again, Moka coffee pot explosions are not common and they hardly happen because there are manufacturing plans put in place to regulate the pressure such that it has an escape when it needs one.

As long as you follow the safety precautions we have outlined and you pay attention to your Moka coffee pot, you might never experience a Moka coffee pot explosion throughout the duration you’re using your Moka coffee pot.

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