What Does C8 ERROR Mean On Instant Pot?

If you have just gotten your Instant pot, or it’s been around for a while, but just like the rest of us, you are unfamiliar with some technical issues well you are in the right place. C8 errors on Instant pots have seemed quite confusing to a lot of people, and before you panic, know that this can be fixed.

Instant pots are electronically controlled which is also what makes them versatile, easy to use, fast and convenient.

Instant pots have become extremely popular, and we can understand why. Instant pot is a worthy investment as it certainly keeps you from going out to eat, and you also get to have dinner in 45 minutes without the need to stir or keep an eye on it.

Quick answer: C8 error on instant pot means ”Wrong Inner Pot”. This can occur when you are trying to use the wrong inner pot with the housing pot or two, the inner pot is not inserted on the seat properly. The common reason the C8 error will occur on the instant pot is that the inner pot and the housing pot are not compatible.

Instant pots are multi-cookers, so they are good for quite a lot of things, but you have to maintain their ability to function by taking care of them. It does have tons of functions which include slow cooking, warming, sauteing, and steaming, so there are quite a lot of reasons you need to take care of your instant pot.

The C8 error is a common issue many people experience with an instant pot. Instant pots come in many designs and more features have been included so using them can be quite confusing for several people. So, if you are currently facing a C8 error on your instant pot, this article contains all you need to know and how to fix it.

What Does C8 Error Mean on Instant Pot?

C8 on instant should be expected if the inner pot is not compatible with the housing. The C8 error will cause your Instant pot to start beeping nonstop and this is because the instant pot sensor just detected that the inner pot is not the one you should be using and oftentimes, it can simply happen if the inner pot hasn’t been inserted properly.

One of the amazing features of instant pots is that they will alert you when something is wrong.

C8 error is unfortunately fairly common and can be a bit frustrating, but this mainly means ”Wrong Inner Pot.” So, you must have mistakenly gotten the old inner pot mixed with the new one and if this is not the case then the conclusion will be that the inner pot is damaged.

Instant pot C8 Error
Source: Macy’s

If your Instant pot is new and the inner pot hasn’t been swapped with any other, and you still get the C8 error, this can only mean the appliance might have been damaged during the shipping process or there is a faulty sensor.

A damaged or faulty inner instant pot is not uncommon in fact, most C8 errors reported are a result of this. So, a C8 error on an instant pot can also mean the instant pot is damaged or there is a faulty sensor.

How to Fix C8 Error on Instant Pot

Multiple errors can occur on instant pots and not to worry, each has its code, The one associated with C8 often means the inner pot hasn’t been placed properly if this is not the case, do not worry, we have simple ways you can try to fix it.

1. Adjust the Inner Pot Slightly

If your instant pot is new, and you are sure it hasn’t been swapped, then you have to adjust it slightly to place it in the housing the proper way. A slight nudge might be all you need to fix the C8 error and try adjusting the instant pot itself on the kitchen counter. Make sure all the components inside the housing have been placed properly.

2. Ensure its The Right Pot

There has to be an emphasis on this since it’s the common reason you can get a C8 error on your instant pot. If you have been using your instant pot for a while, make sure someone hasn’t mistakenly placed the wrong inner one in it. After adjusting the pot slightly, next, make sure it’s the right pot before trying anything else.

3. Damaged Inner Pot Or Faulty Sensor

So, if it’s the right pot then the inner pot is likely damaged or there is a fault with the sensor. Appliances like instant pots can get damaged while being shipped so if your instant pot is brand new this might be the obvious reason. You should try getting it exchanged with another one.

However, it can also be a faulty sensor if you have been using it for s while so best to call in a professional to take a look at it and pinpoint what the exact issue is.

Can You Mess Up Instant Pot?

While instant pots are built with lots of amazing features and are durable as well, this doesn’t mean, you can’t mess up your instant pot especially if it is not maintained properly. There are a couple of mistakes you need to avoid when using instant pot if you don’t want to mess it up.

Instant pots are like every other cooking appliance, but they have multiple functions that make people overuse them. Below are common mistakes that can mess up the instant pot.

  • Not adding enough liquid to your instant pot
  • Forgetting to deglaze
  • Adding all the recipes ingredients to the pot at once
  • Overfilling your instant pot can lead to a messy kitchen and an undercooked food
  • Forgetting to turn the knob from venting to sealing
  • The opening valve on a pot that is still under pressure
  • Underestimating the cooking time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Instant Pot?

Instant pot is not that difficult to reset. If there is an error on your instant pot, you can reset it by holding and pressing the cancel button for 2 to 3 seconds until the unit beeps. To reset to factory default, hold the adjust button for 3 seconds.

What is C7 on the Instant Pot?

C7 on the instant pot means that the heating element has failed and in some cases, it can also mean there is not enough liquid or the quick-release switch is set to the vent position.

Why did my Instant Pot stop working?

If your instant pot won’t turn on, it can be that the outlet is faulty, you should check the cord and make sure it is pulled all the way in. A faulty power surge or electrical issues can cause the instant pot to stop working.

Final Thoughts

Do not get overwhelmed when you get a C8 error from your instant pot, this is a common issue and can be fixed in no time.

The new instant pot has also been designed efficiently to identify any kind of error and indicate it with a code and beginners are going to need help understanding it. But not to worry, the C8 error is the common one and most people claim to have this fixed by slightly adjusting the positioning.