How to Boil Water In An Instant Pot

It is easy to boil water with an open kitchen appliance like a stove, but an instant pot is another entirely different appliance altogether, and it happens to be a multicooker that can be used in making rice, baking a cake, and many more things.

If you are tired of the regular method of boiling water, it might be time to consider an instant pot.

You can boil water in an instant pot although the method is quite different from using the regular method, this gets your boiled water even faster. An instant pot is a multicooker with lots of amazing functions, and it is just that one cooking appliance that can expedite the whole cooking process.

On days your electric pots got broken or just aren’t available for boiling water but there is an instant pot, it is a worthy option to consider. An instant pot comes with lots of preset buttons for different cooking, and it can be quite confusing what you are meant to use for boiling water.

There is no specific method or way water is meant to be boiled but this might not apply to the instant pot. An instant pot can help minimize the number of appliances you are using in your kitchen. So, stick with us to learn about how you can boil water in an instant pot.

Can You Boil Water Using an Instant Pot?

Yes, you can use an instant pot to boil water. Instant is versatile hence it can boil water in no time, and it also happens to have basic functions although many people find it confusing, it can come in handy for any kind of cooking task.

Instant pot can become the substitute for your electric kettle and since it works by trappings team in, it is considered faster than boiling water on a stove.

How to Boil Water In An Instant Pot

The saute mode on an instant pot can be used to boil 1-2 cups for around 3 minutes but if you are working with a larger volume then you have to boil it using the pressure cooker for 5 minutes. The instant pot comes with lots of preset options which must explain why some find it a bit confusing to operate.

Instant pot C8 Error
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Learning how to boil water with an instant pot might seem easy to those who have an experience with this appliance but this is not the case. Some common mistakes can happen with an instant pot and to avoid that, here are simple steps you can follow to boil water efficiently in an instant pot.

  • Put a cup of water into the inner pot but avoid filling it to the brim
  • Place the lid on the instant pot and turn it clockwise to seal the valve properly
  • Turn the valve from venting into sealing
  • Put the adjustable settings to high pressure before you select the cooking time. Water needs just 4-6 minutes to boil properly, so you can set this by clicking the timer button
  • Once it reaches the required pressure, it should start counting from 5 to 0
  • Next, it should beep after 3 minutes which means your water is boiled and your instant pot will immediately change the settings to warm mode
  • Turn off your instant pot and allow it time to release the pressure before removing the lid
  • You can pour out the boiling water after and ensure to be careful while doing this.

How To Use The Saute Option For Boiling Water

The saute option for boiling water in an instant pot is quite different from using the pressure cooker. The saute option is perfect for boiling a small amount of water, and it’s the option you get to use when steaming veggies. Here is how to use the saute setting for boiling water in an instant pot.

  • Simply press the saute control on your instant pot
  • Using the adjust button, set the temp to normal
  • Wait till the pot reaches the saute temperature mode
  • Once it reaches the saute temperature mode, the indicator should switch to hot, and you can start boiling your water
  • Add your water to the instant pot and allow it to boil. Each cycle should run for 30 minutes.

While the saute option seems simple enough, it might not boil your water properly hence it’s best to go with the pressure cooker option.

The saute option is more practical when you need to reduce water after a pressurized cook.

Is It Safe To Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

Yes, it is completely safe to boil water in an instant pot, and it also happens to be the first thing you learn when using an instant pot. The process of using an instant pot to boil water might seem a bit too much, but it is just as efficient as using your electric kettle.

Boiling water is not the only simple thing your instant pot can do, it can be used in baking cakes and steaming vegetables as well.

How Long Does An Instant Pot Take To Boil Water

Boiling water in an instant pot should take 4-6 minutes on average. However, it has been discovered that the cooking time can vary and this is mainly dependent on the volume of water you are using. It can also take some 8 minutes to boil water in an instant pot which makes it a bit slower than using an electric kettle.

Wrapping Up

Your instant pot can’t completely replace your electric kettle in the kitchen although if you already have an instant pot then you might as well stick to that till the electric kettle comes along.

An instant pot is a multi kitchen appliance so there is no reason it can’t boil your water to perfection and if you are looking to make soup or yogurts with it, it is okay to do that too.