Does Instant Pot Turn Off Automatically?

Any home appliance that makes life easier is worth the money being spent on such a purchase, an instant pot is one of such appliances. Instant pots make cooking easy, reduce cooking time and it makes cooking safer while providing you with well-cooked food. But several people wonder if an instant pot turns off automatically. 

Yes! an instant pot can turn off automatically after cooking a meal as long as you made sure to set the timer before you begin cooking, it also keeps your food warm until you’re ready to take it out of the instant cooker, this is one of the various safety functions of an instant pot.

Instant pots are lifesavers in every home, by using steam to cook food quickly and safely in a tightly shut pot. However, wondering whether you need to monitor it often while cooking as you would do while cooking on a gas stove is what we’re concerned with providing an answer to.

Let’s help you understand how an instant pot automatically turns off by reading further. 

What Is An Instant Pot? 

An instant pot is a type of multi-cooker that is manufactured and sold by instant brands, it is an electronic pressure cooker that has various cooking functions such as steaming veggies, slow cooking, sautéing, cooking rice, and reheating cold food.

As a multifunctional electric cooking device, the instant pot is used in many homes across the world owing to its ability to perform several cooking functions and how user-friendly it is such that every member of the family can easily make use of it to cook fast dishes.

Does Instant Pot Turn Off Automatically? 

Just like every electric appliance, an instant pot has certain things you need to figure out to ensure that you enjoy using it and get your money’s worth. Knowing how best to use a device ensures that you maintain it for as long as possible and avoid needing repairs too often.

An instant pot is user-friendly but you still need to get a hang of things to have a smooth user experience each time you use it to prepare food at home. 

It’s no secret that burnt food is not a delicacy anyone enjoys, so it’s normal to wonder how much time is just right for your food to stay in an instant pot as well as how to ensure the instant pot goes off after the appropriate cooking time for whatever delicacy you choose has elapsed.

This is where the question “ does instant pot turn off automatically?” stems from and we’ve got just the right answer to put your mind at ease. 

Yes! Instant pots have a feature that ensures they can turn off automatically after a certain period of time has elapsed. However, you have an important part to play in ensuring that this feature works, to ensure that your instant cooker goes off automatically after some time, you need to set the timer to end at a particular time that is perfect for any meal you are cooking. 

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This means that you are free to go and handle other chores or relax somewhere else in the house until your food is ready and you need not worry about it getting burnt at any point as long as the time was set right.

Don’t worry about your food going cold either after the instant pot goes off and you’re still relaxing or busy doing something else, this is owing to the fact that the “keep warm” function will be triggered when the instant pot goes off and your food will be kept warm until you are ready to take it out of the instant pot. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I leave the instant pot on overnight?

Yes, you can leave your instant pot on overnight, especially if you’re just using it to keep your food warm. The “keep warm” option is safe and you are in no danger if you leave your instant pot on overnight to make use of this feature. 

Does an instant pot turn itself off? 

Yes, an instant pot can turn off by itself, by setting a timer before leaving your food to cook, you’re ensuring that the instant pot stops cooking after a particular time goes by. This function ensures that your food does not get burnt and it also keeps it warm. 

Can I leave my instant pot on and leave the house? 

The instant pot is a favorite of many because you do not need to monitor it throughout the cooking process. However, leaving it on while no one is home is not a good idea, it is unsafe to leave certain electrical devices unattended while you are out of the house. So, it is best to switch off your instant pot or wait till your food is done before leaving home. 


Anyone that owns an instant pot knows that they have it real good, the luxury of being able to perform multiple cooking techniques using an electrical and easy-to-use device is simply amazing.

Instant pots have various safety measures to ensure that it is safe for use in all homes and they can be left unattended when the need arises. 

An instant pot is meant to make cooking easier and more flexible for you, that is why it can turn off automatically after your food has cooked. This feature is one of many favorites for everyone who has had the opportunity to own or use an instant pot, and it makes it worth the buy.