5 Tricks To Keep Baked Potatoes Warm

Enjoy eating or serving baked potatoes but struggle to keep them warm? Potatoes are extremely versatile and can be cooked/baked into various meals for a party, any occasion, holiday celebration, or even at home. 

Potatoes can be categorized under meals that should be left warm and crispy even after cooking, to keep the taste and flavor locked in. Does this bring the issue of how you keep them warm at home or on the go? 

To keep baked potatoes warm, After baking in the oven, you are to carefully remove them, pick one each and cover them neatly with a foil. Then you can either use a bread warmer cabinet, crockpot, or a bowl infused with warm water, to store them until your guest(s) arrive or the family is ready to eat. 

Keeping food warm, especially potatoes is very important as it is most times enjoyed warm after cooking. If they are left out for too long the skin starts peeling or the flavor starts wearing off. So yes, we all need to know how to keep baked potatoes warm for an extra touch to our cooking. 

How To Keep Baked Potatoes Warm

Baked Potatoes are common to be served at parties, and gatherings, or to bring with them when visiting the family. There’s so much to make from potatoes, as you can cook them, mash them, fry them, turn them into chips or bake them as well.

Most importantly, if there’s a party to impress your guests, a potato dish is a favorite choice to serve. 

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Sometimes your guests, family, or friends invited may be running late, and you would need to keep your potatoes at a warm level or have them warm and crispy for your guests or family to enjoy when they are all settled down to eat. 

You can simply leave the oven running at a low temperature for about 10 to 20 minutes while you wait for the guest or person to arrive. Unfortunately, it does not work in all cases and you may need to think of a long-term plan. So let’s discuss other tricks you can use to keep them warm. 

There are various tricks to use, to keep your baked potatoes warm, either at home or on the go. Let’s explain a few briefly below: 

1. Using Cooking Foil

This is an easy and quick go-to method to keep your baked potatoes warm. You simply remove them from the oven, and immediately wrap each baked potato in a foil wrapper, carefully, as that would trap all heat or steam from escaping.

Ensure the potatoes are not pierced or cut open when wrapping them, and after foiling, you can store them in the oven or microwave to keep trapping heat until you are ready to serve. 

2. Using a Bread Warmer Drawer/Cabinet

For this method, begin by having the potato bake to the recommended internal temperature of 185 to 210°F.

You will remove them from the oven and start to wrap each potato in a foil wrapper. Then lastly, place the wrapped potatoes in a heated bread warmer drawer/cabinet and leave them there until ready to eat. This would keep them hot without affecting the texture of your potato.

Always remember to wrap your hands with a mitten or any covering available before picking each baked potato to wrap in foil, as they would be hot. 

3. Keep Baked Potatoes Warm Using A Crockpot

This is like a large electric cooking pot, and would also serve a good purpose of keeping your baked potatoes warm. After wrapping each of your baked potatoes in foil, you can pile them up into the crockpot and keep them warm until ready to serve. 

You can infuse in a bit of olive oil, to keep the moisture and prevent them from sticking. 

4. Using a Bowl Filled with Warm Water

Start by pouring hot/warm water into a big bowl for a few minutes, this should be before your baked potatoes are ready from the oven. After wrapping each potato with the foil, remove the hot water and place each potato into the bowl.

Cover them with a lid or blankets, to have them warm for a while. 

5. Using Portable Food Containers or Warm Containers

If you are on the go, or you are bringing baked potatoes along with you to gift a friend or for a holiday visit.

They also need to be nicely wrapped and kept warm throughout the journey. You can simply wrap them in foil and keep in warm coolers or containers and cover them with towels or blankets to trap all heat during the journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people salt the exterior of a baked potato?

By doing this, the salt helps to draw out the moisture or absorb the moisture of the potatoes while baking. The outcome is a dry, fluffy, good-looking potato.

How long should potatoes be baked for? 

This depends on the pound the potatoes weigh and how many you intend to bake. But it is best to bake your potatoes at a recommended internal temperature of about 210°F for about an hour. 

Can you make baked potatoes the night before? 

Potatoes are a highly versatile dish, and your baked potatoes can be twice-baked to keep them warm and crispy for the family or guests. Once you are done baking, transfer to a baking dish, cover tightly with plastic, and refrigerate overnight. 

Can you reheat baked potatoes?

Yes, they can be reheated in the oven without them drying. Just heat them up for about 10 minutes at 425 degrees. Try to do this method once, continuous process could leave them over-baked. 

How to keep baked potatoes crispy? 

You can keep them crispy, by brushing regular olive oil on the batch you are baking and adding salt to the exterior of the potatoes. It would keep them fluffy and crispy after baking. 


Potatoes are indeed enjoyable when cooked or baked and served as a main course or side dish for your friends and family.

Baked potatoes need all the warmth and heat they can get as they are much more enjoyable when warm than cold. 

There are various heating tricks you can use, which include: having them wrapped in foil and stored in a bread warmer drawer, a crockpot, or a bowl filled with warm water or reheated in your oven.