Ceramic vs Mica Heaters: What’s The Difference?

Ceramic and mica heaters might have been on the market for a while now but not everyone knows the difference or if there is one between the two. Heating systems are not exactly necessary but they can provide you with needed heat either for forming a heating mat or heating the room, especially in the cold winter months.

There are lots of heaters on the market but it’s not surprising that there is a lot of confusion between ceramic and mica electric heaters.

With winter around the corner, you are likely to wonder which heater you should be going for. While your choice of the heater is very important, your choice of heater space is too. Ceramic and mica heaters have increasing popularity in the heater these days.

The main difference between ceramic and mica heaters is the amount of heat each of them can provide to available space. Micathermic heaters directly heat objects and it doesn’t make much noise since it has no fan while ceramic heaters do have a fan, unlike ceramic heaters. A ceramic heater is portable and more affordable than a micathermic heater. However, the differences between these two are mostly technical.

There are three popular types of space heaters and they are ceramic, mica, and infrared. Each type of heater has its uses and other heaters use no electricity but are just as great and efficient. All types of electric heaters have specific insulators for the heating element.

Customers have been discovered to have a hard time deciding which to pick between mica and ceramic heater. This is likely to happen if the difference is not known or what each can do is not properly understood. Read on to learn about ceramic and mica electric heaters and their differences.

What Are Heaters And Type Of Heaters Explained

A heater in a basic terms can be a large or portable system or device meant to provide heat to a particular space.

Electrical heating is not new and it sure comes in handy during the cold winter months. They are commonly used in places where heat is needed and this central heating element was first introduced in the year 1919. Space heaters come in different sizes and units.

The main job of the heater is to raise the temperature of either a room or various items, materials, or equipment. There is also a convection heater that uses convention to transfer heat rather than a fan-like some heaters do.

While ceramic and mica are the popular types of heaters and this is because they are electric heaters and very easy to operate. Generally, there are so many heaters out there which include; kerosene heaters, non-electric, electric, natural gas, wood-burning space, and radiant heaters.

How Does A Ceramic Heater Work?

Is mica and ceramic the same?
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A ceramic heater warms up quickly and instantly, this is one of the first things to note about ceramic heaters. Ceramic heaters are electric heaters that have several ceramic plates attached to some coils of metal and it utilizes a positive temperature coefficient (PTC).

In simple or basic terms, ceramic heaters work by passing an electric current through a ceramic element which explains why they can heat up any item or equipment very fast.

The ceramic heater is highly efficient and very portable too, it is best for heating small rooms and offices.

How Does A Mica Heater Work?

Micathermia Space Heater
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A mica heater is shortened from Micarthemic and it is a popular type of space heater just like the ceramic heater. Mica itself gets heater to a certain temperature and it is the electromagnetic rays from this that heat the room. This basic term can be referred to heat the room like sunlight would.

Micarthemic heaters can provide radiant heat but that can be soothing as well which is lots similar to that of an infrared heater.

It is an electrical heater that simply uses an electrical resistor to convert electricity into heat when it is switched on.

Ceramic vs Mica Heater: What’s The Difference?

Ceramics and mica heaters have the same purpose and use which is to heat the place they are being placed using electricity. However, there are still specific differences between the two and one very vital one is that ceramic heaters are more efficient and they can withstand higher temperatures than mica heaters.

When it comes to the band heater as well, ceramic heaters are lots more efficient than mica heaters but note that this doesn’t make ceramic heaters better than mica heaters.

Mica heaters can be trusted for stability and they use a different heating element that gives them the ability to heat larger areas faster than ceramic heaters.

Ceramic HeaterMica Heaters
Ceramic heaters are efficient and can withstand higher temperaturesConverts electricity into heat so they are 100% efficient and can withstand high temperatures
Portable design hence can only heat small areasSuitable for heating large areas
Have to constantly use or run on electricity to release heatMica heaters are a cross between ceramic and infrared heaters
Portable and lightweightCan be very heavy
AffordableMore expensive than a ceramic heater
Absorbs electrical heat and releases it into the air making it very fast and simpleProvides radiant soothing heat just like an infrared heater or sunlight
Safe for kids and can be moved around easily. Can’t be moved around easily, especially if mounted to a wall.

The mica heater is not that different from a ceramic heater but only in what it does which is to heat a room. Mica heaters provide radiant and convective heat while ceramic heat provides a simpler version of heating by simply using a fan or none to blow heat into the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our ceramic heaters better than others?

Every heater has its advantages and disadvantages and ceramic heaters do too. Ceramic heaters are a popular type of heaters if you want instant heating of a room, they are portable and easy to move around but some models might have to run for a very long time to generate heat. Noise from the fan can be disturbing too.

Are Micathermic heaters better?

Mica heaters are one of the most efficient space heaters out there and they provide radiant heat for the air and surfaces. One of the benefits of micathermic heaters is that it is safer compared to other heaters.

What type of heater is the most energy efficient?

Most heaters are considered energy efficient but the best ones in that line will be the infrared, oil-filled, and storage filters. Their running cost is low and infrared heaters provide the lowest heat wattage which makes them the cheapest to run.

Is mica and ceramic the same?

Mica’s healing process is a lot different from that of ceramic but they have similar functions. Ceramic heaters are portable and suitable for small rooms while mica heaters can heat large rooms. Mica heaters can go hot though which makes ceramic safer for kids.

Wrapping Up

The space electric heater you choose to go for is going to depend on how large the room it will be placed in, your budget, and convenience as well.

According to the differences above, mica heaters are best for large rooms and industrial use while ceramic heaters are more suitable for offices and small room use.

With winter around the corner, it is expected that you pick out a heater and if you are looking to decide between a ceramic and mica heater, we are sure with this article, you should be able to narrow down which is best for you between those two.