How To Clean A Burnt Pan With Salt

We all love the stir-fry dishes we make using our pans and saucepans, but it’s a real hassle to clean the pans or use them again when they are burnt. We all have most likely burnt a pan when cooking, especially when trying a new recipe or not being attentive enough and we are looking for a simple DIY trick to wipe off the mess.

Burning a pan is one of the most common mishaps when cooking, but this shouldn’t discourage or make us throw away our favorite cooking pans. This article would be discussing a simple at-home remedy of cleaning a burnt pan and cleaning the burnt marks of your pan with salt. 

An effective way to clean your pan is to Fill it with warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of salt and allow soak, then heat up this mixture for about 15 minutes, then use a scrub sponge to get the rest of the burnt residue and lastly wash the pan with hot soap and water. There you go, a simple way to get rid of the burnt residue in your favorite pans. 

As we all say “do not cry over spilled milk”, we shouldn’t worry so much over a burnt pan. This article would be discussing an easy at-home way of cleaning your burnt pans and also burnt marks from your pans. 

How To Clean A Burnt Pan With Salt

Cleaning up after cooking could be stressful and could take up some time. Now the task gets more daunting when you have to clean up a burnt pan or pot, it could lead to scrubbing for hours which could in turn leave scratches on the bottom of the pan. 

We all need to make cooking and cleaning, less stressful and more enjoyable for ourselves, so in a 4-steps routine method, this article would be explaining how to easily clean a burnt pan with salt or how to get rid of the burnt marks. 

What You Need:

  • The Burnt Pan (obviously)
  • Warm Water
  • Table Salt
  • Scrub Sponge
  • Dish Gloves (optional).

Now follow these steps for a clean pan: 

Step 1: Soaking The Burnt Pan 

Pour some warm water into your burnt pan, and sprinkle in 2-3 tablespoons of plain salt. Stir the salt gently, until it mixes evenly with the water. Now, let the pan soak. 

Step 2: Boiling The Pan 

After soaking the pan for about 2 minutes, clean up any extra water from the bottom of your pan, then heat the pan up on your stovetop and allow it to boil for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 3: Salt Scrubbing The Pan 

Sauté Pan vs Skillet vs Fry Pan
Image: Envato Elements

Boiling the pan with the mixture should get most of the burnt residue off the pan, but if there’s some left, the next step is to salt scrub.

Pour out most of the hot saltwater, leaving some water left. Simply pour in some tablespoons of salt and use a scrub sponge to clean off the rest of the burn. You can either use a dish glove or wait till the hot water is cool.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry 

Wash the pan with hot soap and water and leave the pan to dry. Viola! You have your clean pan back in your kitchen without breaking a sweat. 

How To Clean Burn Marks From the Pan Using Salt

A burnt pan sometimes leaves its mark, and it’s not easy to completely get that out of your pan. Some of us do not like to see the burn marks when cooking or notice the food is sticking to the pan when cooking, cause of its burn marks. Let’s discuss 3 easy techniques to completely remove burn mark traces in your pan. 

Method 1: Sprinkle some salt on the affected burn mark area, then use a wet scrub sponge and rub it through the burn mark area. Wash the pan with lukewarm water until satisfied. 

Method 2: If the burn mark is on the pan sides, you can use this method. Take a large potato, and cut it in half. Now pour some salt into the cut side of the potato, then rub the salted side of the cut potato into the burn marks, then rinse afterward. 

Method 3: This is a simple method of sprinkling some salt on the burn mark area, then you cut a juicy lemon in half and rub the lemon on the salted burn mark. rinse it and that’s it.

Alternatives to using when cleaning burnt pan asides from using salt: You can also clean a burnt pan by using: vinegar and baking soda or use cola or coke, you can also use cream of tartar (as an abrasive substitute to baking soda), or lastly use washing liquid and dryer sheets (as a good alternative to salt). 

To use either of the formulas mentioned, you simply mix each one with lukewarm water, and then you heat up the mixture for about 15 minutes till it bubbles. Then you pour out some of the mixtures and use a scrub sponge to clean off any burnt residue left. 

How do you clean a badly burnt pan? 

By pouring water and some vinegar into the pan, bring the mixture to boil and add baking soda, after heating for 15 minutes, pour out the water and use a scrub sponge to wipe off any burnt residue left. 

How do I get the black stuff off my burnt pan? 

You can either use vinegar and baking soda, salt, or washing liquid and dryer sheets. Heat each solution with water and allow to bubble, then pour them out and scrub till satisfied. 

Can I completely clean my burnt pan? 

Yes, and you can also remove burn marks from the pan as well. You can either use salt and a wet sponge, salt and potato, or salt and lemon. Just rub it on the burn mark and rinse it off afterward. 

Is it safe to use a burnt stainless steel pan? 

Yes, just ensure you thoroughly clean the steel pot or pan. You can re-use them afterward and they are not toxic, even after being burnt.


We all want a hassle-free clearing up of the dirty dishes after cooking and eating.

But it could turn stressful and annoying when you have to deal with a burnt pan. Nobody wants to scrub and scrub for hours with their hands soaked in water. 

Thus, this article has helped introduce us to a simple easy way of cleaning our burnt pan in about 20 minutes. It’s hassle-free and one would scrub less. After reading the article, it is certainly sure this DIY trick would make cleaning up dishes way easier.