Do Deers Eat Carrots? (Complete Guide)

Carrots are one of the most popular root vegetables, and they are suitable for both humans and animals. If you are one of those who has made it a habit to actively feed deer then you might wonder if this carrot is suitable for them.

However, gardeners will do anything to keep deer out of their garden especially if they grow vegetables for their consumption, this is because deer will not hesitate to feed on them and keep coming back.

Yes, deers can eat carrots, although it’s not a primary food source for them, they do love it. Deers will gladly feed on garden-grown carrots which can explain why gardeners always find a way to keep them out of their garden. Carrots offer no nutritional value to deers but this doesn’t mean they can’t eat them.

It has also been discovered that most farm feed outlets carry specially formulated rations they can provide for deer and this can keep them, from feeding on your veggies as well.

There are advantages and disadvantages attached to feeding deer. There are a variety of foods deer will enjoy but if you are decided to feed them then you have to be aware of some of these foods. If you are curious about how deer supplement their nutrients or plan to feed them carrots, stick with us to learn more about deer and their diet.

Can Deer Eat Carrots?

A garden full of carrots has always been found to be attractive to deer so yes it will eat carrots and any vegetable or fruit it founds. Deer however will avoid any fruit or vegetable with a pungent smell but will gladly feed on carrots, apples, and many assorted vegetables and fruits.

But this doesn’t mean that carrots or vegetables are suitable for their diet.

Deers have been found to enjoy digging through the carrot garden when they are hungry, and they will eat the leaves with it as well. Carrot has a lot of nutrients but this is best for humans and not deer, so if you plan to feed deers, carrots might not be the ideal food to give to them.

Hunters use carrots as bait for hunting deers, and it has proven to be an excellent choice.

Giving large carrots to baby deer has been found to not be so good for them, it can result in death as well. So while deer can eat carrots, it has no nutritional value to them and while digging up carrots can be lots of fun for them, eating a large amount of it is not advised either.

 Do deer eat carrots?
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What to Feed Deer In Your Backyard

What deers will prefer to eat is called whitetail foods which include barks, twigs, weeds, leafy green, nuts, leaves, and other vegetation native to the area.

Deer sare woody browse eaters, and they do find these foods easier to digest as well.

They do have a way of adjusting their diets, but they do need foods like fruits, nuts, and mushrooms which are high in protein and nutrients to build their fat reserves and replenish their energy. Deer tend to seek out foods that are rich in carbohydrates to provide energy.

Is It Okay To Feed Carrot To Deers?

Carrots are great to treat for deer however it doesn’t mean they get any nutrition from them. Carrots are low in supply of vitamins for deer, so it is best to feed them things like nuts or mushrooms instead.

A hungry deer will be glad to eat anything, but you shouldn’t supply it with too many carrots. Carrots are great root vegetables for humans, but it’s like giving candy to kids for deer so avoid giving them too much.

So, yes it is okay to feed carrots to deer, and they are best for them, especially in cold weather where there will be lots of carrots available for them. Deers are attracted to carrots and will love to nibble on them. Deer will also enjoy eating bananas, tomatoes, berries, oranges, cabbages, and broccoli.

Wrapping Up

Deers will enjoy anything they can find in your vegetable or fruit garden but this doesn’t mean it’s healthy or suitable for them.

Deers love eating fruits, and they will enjoy digging them up as well, so you can as well feed them some pieces of carrots. Note that when deer are maturing or growing their antlers, they need high-energy foods, so they will look towards consuming foods like pears apples, and other fruits.