27 Strawberry Companion Plants: Herbs, Flowers, Fruits

While strawberries are fairly easy to grow and can be planted alone, they tend to do a lot better with beneficial plants. There are various ways strawberries can be planted and as long you plant them in well-drained soil and provide it with full sun, they will thrive.

However, gardeners claim companion plants for strawberries increase yield.

Companion planting is an old gardening method and although there is no scientific research to back up companion planting, farmers have made use of it for years and can boast of how beneficial it is. The purpose of companion planting is to increase yield, deter pests from feeding on your plants and generally improve soil condition.

The companion planting practice has been adopted for centuries and since your strawberries are prone to lots of pests and disease, companion planting them with certain plants can help combat these issues.

Good companion planting can also provide shade for strawberries during winter. There are a few plants that don’t do well with strawberries, but not to worry this article contains a bogus list of plants that only has beneficial effects on Strawberries.

The Strawberries Companion Plants List

Strawberries are cold-hardy plants, but their growing condition is a reason to find suitable companion plants for them. Harmful pests are attracted to strawberry fruit hence planting it with plants that deter these pests will encourage tastier and bigger fruit.

Below are 27 companion plants for your strawberries.

Strawberry Companion PlantPlant TypeWhy Its The Perfect Companion Plant
GarlicVegetableThe pungent smell repels pests.
AsparagusVegetableMaximize nutrient return.
SageHerbDeters pests and attracts pollinators.
LettuceVegetableProvides good ground cover.
MarigoldFlowerAttracts pollinators.
RhubarbVegetableActs as ground cover.
BasilHerbAttracts pollinators.
Bush BeansVegetableFix nitrogen in the soil.
BorageHerb/VegetableAttracts beneficial insects.
RosemaryHerbWard off harmful insects.
OnionsVegetableKeep pests away.
LupinHerbActs as a repellent for bugs.
SquashFruitGood ground cover.
YarrowHerbBoosts yield.
CatnipHerbRepel aphids and cabbage loopers.
PeasVegetableImproves the soil nutrient.
Nasturtiums FlowerAttracts pollinators.
RadishVegetableLoosen the soil.
ThymeHerbKeeps pests away.
CorianderHerbKeep pests away.
BeetsVegetableLoosen the soil.
DillHerbKeeps pests away.
MintHerbImproves the flavor of strawberry.
Spinach VegetableGood ground cover.
CarawayHerb/VegetableAttracts parasitic wasps that feed on strawberry pests.
LavenderFlowerImproves strawberry flavor.
ChivesVegetableAttracts beneficial insects and deters pests.

1. Garlic

Garlic gets along with almost all plants, and it will do great planted alongside strawberries. The pungent smell of garlic is known to repel pests that feed on strawberries. It is also excellent for discouraging marauders from eating your berries. Garlic tends to have similar growing requirements to strawberries.

Garlic: Companion Plants For Strawberries

Plant garlic in spring while the sun is still cool and strawberries are known to do great planted in spring as well.

Garlic is not affected by hot weather and strawberries. Plant garlic in fertile well-drained soil with near-neutral pH ranging between 6.0 and 7.0. Depending on your climate, you can plant strawberries in winter and mulch over the bed, and add strawberries in spring.

2. Asparagus

Planting asparagus with strawberries is a modern gardening method worth adopting. Both thrive in similar soil and climate conditions hence this is one amazing pair you ought to try. Pairing asparagus with strawberries can increase yield and improve your garden’s health.

Strawberries and asparagus beds can last as long as you want and both don’t compete with each other for nutrients. Asparagus and strawberries have different roots but similar growing requirements which will result in healthier and higher yields for plants in your garden.

3. Sage

Sage is an excellent herb to pair with strawberries. The strong aroma from sage can wade off certain insects, slugs, and pests. If you are looking to enhance the flavor of your strawberries then you should consider planting them with sage.

Growing sage with strawberries enhances the flavor of both plant and sage tend to work with lots of plants. This herb can be a great addition to your garden.

4. Marigolds

Small french marigolds make an excellent team with strawberries. Marigolds have a distinctive aroma from the sunny bloom that can help deter pests such as root-knot nematodes that can be damaging to strawberries.

Marigold has a similar growing requirement to strawberries and the acrid smell from marigold is good for confusing pests that feed on strawberry fruits.

5. Lettuce

Lettuce is a common plant in many vegetable gardens and inter-planting it with strawberries and spinach can enhance the productivity of the three plants. You do need a leafy green in your garden and lettuce happens to be very easy to grow and can improve each other’s growth.

Strawberries and lettuce thrive in similar soil and climate. Lettuce’s large foliage protects lower booming strawberries from birds.

6. Rhubarb

Just as rhubarb and strawberries are good in the kitchen, they are ideal companions in the garden as well. Rhubarb has similar growing needs to strawberries hence it won’t compete with it for nutrients or space. Strawberries and rhubarb are of mutual benefit to each other.

Strawberries act as ground cover for rhubarb, and it tampers down weeds while rhubarb in turn improves the flavor of strawberry fruit. Both can be harvested at the same time.

7. Bush Beans

Bush beans are another common plant gardeners plant close to strawberries. Bush beans and other members of the legume family make great companions with strawberries, and they are quite easy to care for. To repel garden beetles and fix nitrogen in the soil, a bush bean is an excellent plant to help with that.

Both prefer soil rich in organic matter and prefer a slightly acidic pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Bush beans can help transform nitrogen in the soil to ammonia which can be of great help to your strawberries and veggies generally.

8. Basil

Basil is another herb that makes a good companion to strawberries. Basil is a useful companion for many vegetables, and it is easy to harvest as well. If you have space in your garden then basil is a plant worth considering as a companion for your vegetables. It can help attract beneficial crops to strawberries.

9. Borage

Borage is a plant that will offer protection to its companion plants. Borage grows in similar conditions to strawberries, and It’s also very easy to grow, and it can attract many pollinators to your garden as well. This plant is extremely beneficial to a vegetable garden, and it’s not particular about soil type but loves full sun.

This herb is one of the best herbs to consider for increased yield in strawberries. It brings helpful defenders of strawberries to the garden and repels several pests that can harm your berries as well.

10. Rosemary

fresh strawberries

Rosemary and strawberries not only taste great in dishes together but do well together in the garden too. The strong leaves of rosemary can ward off insects and the short or long trailing rosemary can also be of benefit to strawberries. Rosemary planted with strawberries is a great gardening strategy for improving fertility and helping strawberries grow.

11. Onions

The benefits of onions in your garden are similar to that of chives. Growing strawberries with chives are very beneficial and just like chives, the aromatic smell can help repel harmful pests. Onions make an excellent mulch too, and it happens to be one of the best companion plants for strawberries.

12. Lupin

Lupin is a legume that can help nitrogen to the soil and since it has a similar growing condition to strawberries, you can have them planted together. Lupin is a gorgeous plant that will compliment strawberries and its scent can act as a repellant to bugs and other pests that may damage your berries.

13. Yarrow

To boost the yield of your strawberry plants, yarrow can be a great companion plant. Yarrow pairs well with other meadow or prairie plants but with the right planting guide, you can have it grow with strawberries. Gardeners use yarrow to attract pollinators to fruits and vegetable gardens.

Yarrow is a hardy perennial, and it will thrive in low-quality soil, but it won’t compete with strawberries for space and nutrients. It is one of the few plants that will tolerate drought, humidity, and heat.

14. Catnip

The list of herbs to grow near strawberries won’t be complete with catnip on it. This herb is a compact plant, and it releases an odor that can help repel aphids and cabbage loopers. It is an easy plant to care for and planting it 5 or 6 feet along your strawberries will make sure aphids don’t get to feed on your strawberries.

15. Squash

Try planting squash with strawberries if you want a great ground cover. The vine of squash grows upward, so it won’t compete with your strawberries for nutrients, and it will hide your berries from pests. Both plants should not be planted with potatoes.

16. Peas

Peas are similar to beans, so they can be planted next to strawberries. Peas are legumes, and they do have a way of improving the soil nutrient there making growing strawberries easier and more efficient. This plant will improve the soil nutrient, and it won’t compete with strawberries for space either.

17. Nasturtiums

If beautifying your garden and attracting pollinators is what you are after then nasturtiums are the flower you need as a companion plant. Nasturtium is an annual flowering plant that can e highly beneficial to strawberries.

This flower attracts beneficial insects to strawberries, and it can help repel numerous pests that feed on strawberries as well. This flower is an ideal must-have companion in your garden.

18. Thyme

Thyme is the most common herb to plant near strawberries. Thyme works as a deterrent to worms which strawberries happen to be prone to it can help smother weeds too if planted between strawberry rows.

This herb will not just keep pests away but provide ground cover too. Thyme enjoys sunny areas, and it is drought resistant just like strawberries.

19. Coriander

Coriander is an ideal companion plant for repelling slugs that damage strawberries. It is a plant that belongs to the carrot and root family, it prefers full sun to partial shade and won’t compete with strawberries for nutrients. It is a fast-growing plant as well.

20. Radish

Strawberries will grow happily with radishes. Another companion plant that can help loosen the soil and also repel pests is the radish plant. Radishes are root vegetable that belongs to the Brassicaceae family and gardeners plant them for the optimal growth of their vegetable garden.

21. Beets

Beets can be started in spring just like strawberries, and they can help loosen the soil as well. If you are growing beets for the first time then strawberries are companion plants that make it easier.

22. Dill

Dill is another companion plant that works with strawberries in pots and ground. Dill help repel slugs and other pests. Keep in mind that dills are aggressive plants that can take over the place fast, so it’s best to plant them in pots before placing them near strawberries.

23. Mint

Mint is another herb that grows aggressively, but it’s an excellent companion plant for strawberries. It helps deter pests with its aromatic scent and improves the flavor of your strawberries.

24. Caraway

Caraway is an interesting plant to have in your garden, and it thrives in full sun, so it will do well planted with strawberries. This plant prefers a cool temperate zone but growing it from seed isn’t difficult provided you sow the seed in fall or spring.

Companion planting caraway with strawberries can improve your soil nutrient and enhance the strawberry crop. Caraway has long roots that can help break down heavy soil conditions which are often why many gardeners plant it.

25. Spinach

Spinach is another vegetable that can be paired with strawberries in your vegetable garden. Spinach will grow happily with lots of strawberry companion plants too and just like lettuce, the large foliage offers strawberries protection from pests.

26. Lavender

Strawberries and lavender grow well near each other and lavender plants are just as popular in the vegetable gardens as strawberries. Planting lavender and strawberries together can complement your garden landscape and they both make a wonderful flavor pairing.

27. Chives

The allium family generally makes an excellent companion plant with strawberries. Chive’s pungent smell can help repel pests, and it will grow happily with strawberries. Chives have been used as companion plants for garden crops for years and this is because they can add nutrients to the soil.

What Not To Plant Near Strawberries

Strawberries happen to be the best succulent fruit every gardener wants in their garden. It is also a good companion plant to many garden crops, but pests are just enamored of it as humans and they will feed on it without a good companion plant. So, here are plants you should not plant near your strawberries.

1. Potatoes

Avoid planting potatoes and strawberries together. Strawberries should not be planted in soils that potatoes have once been planted either as both are susceptible to diseases. Potatoes may harbor soil pathogens that may affect your strawberry plants.

2. Eggplants

Eggplant’s growing requirement differs from that of strawberries hence they should not be planted together. Eggplants are heavy feeders and require lots of nutrients before they can produce fruits hence they can compete with strawberries for nutrients.

3. Melons

There are no clear guidelines for planting melons near strawberries. There are also some melons that can be planted in the same garden with strawberries but not too close as it can contribute to the diseases that strawberries are prone to.

4. Fennel

Fennel should not be planted in proximity to strawberries. Fennel is not a plant that has many companion plants as it tends to compete with most crops for nutrients and it will stunt your strawberry growth.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and strawberries are both common garden plants but planting them together can create some garden problems. Strawberries do not grow well with tomatoes and this is because both are susceptible to diseases and tomatoes can contribute more to strawberries’ disease.

Strawberry Companion Planting FAQs

Can you plant blueberries with strawberries?

Blueberries and strawberries belong to the same family and since they are easy to care for then yes, you can plant them together. These two plants can act as a landscape plants and you can reap from these fruits for years provided they are well cared for.

How far apart should strawberries be planted?

To maximize strawberry yield, you shouldn’t plant them too close together. Space plants 12 to 18 inches apart to ensure they get enough full sun. Planting them too close can also have them competing for sunlight and nutrients, so as a general rule, space them 12 or 18 inches apart.

What to plant with strawberries to keep bugs away?

Garlic and chives are ideal companion plants for keeping bugs from eating your strawberries. Bugs and aphids do not like the smell of chives and garlic hence it’s the natural way to keep them away from your strawberry fruits. Marigold can also be planted among our strawberries to repel bugs.

Do strawberries need to be replanted every year?

Most gardeners plant strawberries as annual plants since they are susceptible to diseases. However, with proper maintenance and in most climates, strawberries are planted as perennials. For a disease-free strawberry, gardeners plant new crops after every harvest.

How many years will a strawberry plant last?

With the right companion and ideal growing conditions, strawberries can live for 5 to 6 years. Strawberries are perennials but to avoid diseases gardeners grow them as annuals they also go through a period of dormancy in winter but with the right guide, they can live up to 3 years.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of companion planting are to improve pollination and increase their resistance to pests. Hence, why companion planting can be of great benefit to strawberries.

The optimal growing condition of strawberries is an easy one, but some things like pests and diseases remain out of control. This is why you need companion planting as it helps keep things at bay. So, above are plants that will happily grow with strawberries, deter pests, and increase yield as well.