Can Strawberries And Tomatoes Grow Together?

Can strawberries and tomatoes grow together? Tomatoes and strawberries are two common garden plants, but planting these two together is not beneficial to either of the plants. You can have both plants in the same garden but best to keep them far apart from each other. 

Companion planting means planting plants that can be of benefit to each other together, and figuring out what plant works for each other is important.

Strawberries are plants that are often prone to garden pests, which are enamored by their delicious fruits, hence it needs plants that can help repel these pests as its companion. Tomatoes are prone to pests too, and it needs companion plants that won’t compete with them for nutrients.

Tomatoes and strawberries are from different plant families, hence their growing habits are very different. Strawberries are loved for their delicious tasty fruits and tomatoes are no exception either. Any companion plants for tomatoes and strawberries should be aimed at managing pests in the garden.

Interplanting vegetables and fruits together sure takes some careful studying and consideration. While certain vegetables will thrive when planted near fruits, some will not. Companion planting should be targeted at improving the yield and health of your plants.

Can You Plant Strawberries With Tomatoes?

Tomatoes and strawberries can be planted in the same garden, but not close to each other. Tomatoes and strawberries need companion plants that can help improve their yield and growth. Strawberry is a great companion to many plants, as its low-lying spread can be an optimal cover to control weeds around plants like asparagus and rhubarb.

Strawberries and tomatoes have very different growing and requirements, but they do suffer from similar diseases.

Both tomatoes and strawberries are susceptible to certain diseases such as Anthracnose and Verticillium which is one of the major reasons to keep them apart. However, both can be planted in the same garden at a good distance from each other.

The greater the distance between these two, the less chance of accidental cross-contamination happening.

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What can I plant next to tomatoes?

Tomatoes might be one of the easiest garden plants to care for, but it is also the most prone to diseases, blossom rots, and lots of pests are attracted to it.

While running, weeding, and meeting all its nutrient needs will help solve some of these problems, companion planting can do most of the work naturally. Here are plants that will grow well with any variety of tomatoes.

  • Borage helps deter tomato hornworm
  • Asparagus wards off nematodes
  • Garlic helps repel spider mites
  • Parsley boosts growth and attracts predators like a ladybug to fee on the tomato hornworm
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Chives repel aphids
  • Marigolds
  • Carrots.

What to plant next to strawberries

Strawberries tend to grow happily with lots of plants, but not all are of benefits to it.

Strawberries are perennials and thrive when plants with similar attributes and requirements are planted near them. Growing strawberries can be quite rewarding and gardeners claim the right companion planting helps increase strawberry yields. So, here are plants that will be of great benefit to your strawberries.

  • Bush beans help attract nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the soil
  • Lupin attracts pollinators like honeybees
  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Sage repels harmful pests such as aphids
  • Onion’s pungent smell repels pests
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Catnip prevents cabbage loopers from feeding on your berries.

Here’s a complete list of compatible strawberry companion plants.

Growing Conditions For Tomatoes And Strawberries

Despite the amount of difference between these two garden plants, you can safely plant them together in the same garden provided they don’t cross-contaminate.

So, for gardeners who are planning on planting these two in the same gardener, it is important to know each plant’s growing conditions.

Growing StrawberriesGrowing Tomatoes
Grows in a wide range of well-drained soil.Grows in well-drained soil.
Slightly acidic soil pH.Slightly acidic soil pH.
Strawberries are perennial.Tomatoes are annual.
Requires 6 to 10 hours of direct sunlight.6 to 8 hours of sun is all tomatoes needs.
Strawberries require regular water to thrive, especially during their fruit-bearing season.Tomatoes typically need 1-2 inches of a week and once every 2 or 3 days in the height of summer.
Needs adequate space for sprawling as it will reproduce and spread runners.Tomato spacing requirement depends on the variety of tomato, but the ideal spacing should be between 24 and 36.

Are coffee grounds good for tomatoes and strawberries?

Coffee grounds provide garden plants a good amount of nitrogen hence they are good for both strawberries and tomatoes. Coffee grounds will provide your tomatoes with 2% nitrogen, which is a good amount of phosphorus and potassium, which are needed by tomatoes.

Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soil, hence adding coffee grounds to the soil provides the perfect amount of nitrogen it needs to strive.

Final Thoughts

Strawberries and tomatoes are two common plants every gardener wants, and the good news is that with careful management, you can grow both in the same garden.

Even though these two are not great companions, they do have similar companion plants you can plant to keep them apart. In addition, ensure to select tomato and strawberry varieties that are resistant to the disease in your area.