Can I Sprinkle Epsom Salt Around Strawberry Plants?

Can I sprinkle Epsom salt around strawberry plants? Making use of seemingly unusual things for the garden is not in any way new. Daily, there are discoveries on how many things that are not originally for the garden can be beneficial to the garden, either for repelling pests or for adequate growth.

An example of this is the use of Epsom salts for plants and gardens.

The use of Epsom salt for plants is not in any way a new concept, contrary to opinions, it has been around for many years now and there have been a lot of reviews on its potency. Although Epsom salt is good for plants, we cannot emphatically make this statement for all plants.

Strawberry plants can be referred to as relatively easy to grow. The strawberry’s basic requirements include full sun, good soil, moderate watering, and compost, to enhance its growth. Although strawberries do not require any specialized treatments, you might be required to take these measures to protect them from pests or boost their growth process.

Using Epsom salt for plants is one thing we all have agreed on; however, using Epsom salt for strawberry plants is another a lot of people have not come to terms with. Can Epsom salt be sprinkled around strawberry plants? Is it good for them? You should read on to get the best out of this information.

Can I Sprinkle Epsom Salt Around My Strawberry Plants? 

Yes! You can sprinkle Epsom salt around your strawberry plants. Epsom salt is indeed quite beneficial to some plants; it is exciting to inform you that the strawberry plant is one of those plants that enjoy the benefits of Epsom salt.

Did you know? Epsom salts contain magnesium, which is an important nutrient, which helps the plants to take in other nutrients such as nitrogen, and phosphorus, which are in turn beneficial to the strawberry plants.

Epsom salt is simply a chemical compound that is made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, also known as magnesium sulfate; the amazing natural salt got its name from the town, Epsom, where it was first discovered. Epsom salt has many uses, which include body pain remedies, beauty treatment, crafts, and gardening! 

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Benefits Of Epsom Salt To Your Strawberry Plants

Without nitrogen and phosphorus, the strawberry plant has no chances of staying alive, and Epsom salt contains these nutrients. Below are some benefits of Epsom salt to strawberry plants.

1. Fresh Look

One of the main nutrients that Epsom salt possesses is magnesium. Magnesium, however, can make the leaf of your strawberry plant greener.

This is because magnesium is important in the creation of chlorophyll, which is what determines the color of a leaf, a plant’s foliage, and a lush look. Alongside this, chlorophyll also contributes to the process of making food and energy; photosynthesis.

2. Repels Pests

Humans are not the only ones who are attracted to strawberries; slugs, snails, bugs, and other smaller animals find the strawberry attractive. Epsom salt can help keep these pests away and drastically reduce their numbers on your plant. You can sprinkle Epsom salt around your strawberry plant or make use of Epsom salt solution insect control.

3. Provides Micronutrients

Sulfur and magnesium are two main nutrients that Epsom salt contains, which are also very useful for the plant. Although some plants may not essentially need these nutrients, they can cope and thrive well with low magnesium levels.

However, plants such as strawberries, tomatoes, pepper, etc. require a high level of magnesium, hence using Epsom salt as fertilizer for your strawberries will produce a bigger bloom and better fruits.

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4. Neutralizes Soil PH

For soils with high pH, adding Epsom salt will help in neutralizing it. It is common that plants have difficulty in growing in soil, due to its high level of alkaline, hence reducing the oh of the soil with the use of Epsom salt will help in balancing the soil and make it suitable for plant growth.

Final Thoughts

Applying Epsom salt around the strawberry plant is good and beneficial to its growth, however, it is best that it is not used as the main fertilizer, because plants mainly require NPK (nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus) to grow and thrive, and Epsom salt has none of these, if your plant is in dire need of fertilizer, then you should get a proper one with these nutrients.

Although using Epsom salt can open the soil up to take in these nutrients, it is not a substitute for them.

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