Do Strawberries Grow Back Every Year?

Do Strawberries grow back every year? Yes, strawberries do come back every year, but they do go through a period of dormancy in the winter but are still likely to return every spring. This is a common fruit in many gardens and as long as you take good care of them, they will come back. 

The major reason strawberries are easy to plant is that they are hardy plants and can survive winter more than other fruit vegetables.

Taking time to learn what makes strawberries thrive is important as this will ensure it is properly cared for, thereby providing you with big, tasty fruit every harvest. Although strawberries will grow well in winter, they still require protection, especially in areas where the temperature drops below 25 F.

Strawberries are widely cultivated for their fruit and characteristic aroma. This fruit makes a healthy addition to our diet as well, and it is even more enjoyable when you have it planted in your garden, and you can enjoy it fresh.

While a growing guide is important to maintain your healthy strawberries, it is one of the easiest fruit to plant in an indoor garden. Strawberry comes in many varieties, and it’s common for gardeners to have different varieties planted together and to ensure proper care of them, you need to learn its growing method.

Strawberries Growing Guide

There are lots of ways you can grow strawberries but to effectively grow this fruit, there are simple guides you need. A good rule of thumb for every plant is to research what area it is likely to thrive most.

When it comes to homegrown fruits, strawberries are hard to beat, which is why you need all the tips you can get to keep them healthy. So here are some helpful suggestions that can teach you how to keep your strawberries from dying.

  • The first step to growing strawberries is picking a variety. Consider the characteristics of the strawberries and pick one considering how you plan to use your strawberries. Considering the varieties will help determine which one is best for you.
  • Strawberries do best in well-drained high organic soil and make sure there are drainage holes at the bottom if you are using a container.
  • Strawberry plants need full sun to thrive, at least 6 hours of sun a day.
  • Do not plant your strawberries with companion plants such as pepper, eggplants, tomatoes, and potatoes have been grown
  • It should be planted in holes large enough for it to spread its roots.
  • Strawberries need regular water. It needs an average of 2 inches of water in a day and increases it during its fruit-bearing season.

Do Strawberries Grow Back Every Year?

The choice to grow strawberries as perennials is not up to the fruit itself, it can return year after year if it is cared for properly. Strawberries are hardy plants that can produce fruits for up to four or five years. Knowing when if strawberries are perennials or annuals makes caring for them easier.

Once your strawberries have finished fruiting, it is tempting to neglect them till next year, but with little care, they are likely to regrow year after year.

fresh strawberries

The variety of strawberries you are growing also determines if it will regrow itself year after year. Most strawberry varieties are traditionally grown as perennials, and they can be grown as annuals in hotter parts of the south as well. Growing strawberries doesn’t require so much work hence you can have them planted as perennials.

Most people have strawberries planted as an annual to prevent them from getting any diseases from the soil. To ensure a disease-free harvest every season, strawberries are best dug up, and a new crop is planted. However, if your strawberry plant is healthy, just have it prepared ahead of time for the next fruit-bearing season.

Will potted strawberries survive winter?

Strawberries planted in containers or pots need just as much care in winter, the ones planted in the ground. Potted strawberries happen to be the easiest to overwinter but will survive if they are well covered and the number of nutrients they can get. They are hardy perennials but do not have the woody barks other perennial has, so they will need all the help they can get in winter.

Is strawberry a permanent plant?

Once you ensure your strawberry is well cared for and free from diseases, it can live for up to 5 to 6 years. Strawberries will thrive under an ideal condition, but unfortunately, they won’t last forever. After 4 or more years, strawberry is going to lose its vigor and the production will decline rapidly.

Are strawberries perennials or annuals?

Strawberries are naturally perennials but they are best grown as annual plants for the best crop yields and an overall healthier garden.

Wrapping Up

You do have to replant your strawberries if they are growing in a container, you just need to take proper care of them, so they can regrow.

While strawberries are a great and easy plant that will regrow itself if cared for, you should not replace them after 3 years to make sure it keeps producing healthy berries.

Well-maintained strawberries will give you abundant harvest every year, and keep in mind that it needs constant moisture as much as it needs sun.

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